Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 24 Jun to 23 Jul 2005
David Collins: (Basequote Ltd) You know it makes sense.
Mael Caldas: (JFarm) I tried to learn software development before, and, only now, by following the Agile way, I believe software development can be productive! Thanks for open my mind!
Reto Jeger, Switzerland: ( For years, I have developed software by primarily taking care of my customers (not necessarily academic processes). And I made sure - together with my clients - that the final product worked. The mutual trust between my clients and me was the best sucess factor in all of the projects. Whereas, whenever a legal attorney defined technical deliverables the project failed miserably... Now, I just found out that this common sense has a name: The Agile Software Development Manifesto. I strongly support your manifesto!
Dean Wampler: (Aspect Programming)
Ashoka Ekanayaka: If one is to summarize decades of human experiance in software development and practical wisdom im few lines, one would arrive at something very similar to Agile manifesto. Probably the best and most important thing about XP/Agile is that that it make sense.
William Hurley: (whurleyvision)
Mary Bennett.
Luis Salazar: (Intergrupo)
Jayakanth "JK" Srinivasan: (Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT) From both the academic and the practitioners perspective Agile approaches make sense. There is a significant challenge that remains in institutionalizing these principles within extant software enterprises - the next decade is going to be very exciting either through evolution or revolution
Obi Oberoi: (Paree Labs Inc.) As I see today, bigger software companies are evangelizing on the importance of Agile Software development using methodologies like Scrum etc. This will definitely revolutionize the software industry in the way the software is managed, developed, tested, used and released. Go Scrum Go!
Tim Haughton: (Agitek) Chief Methodologist at Agitek. Agile development practitioner and coach since 2001.
Mikko Sahlbom: (Finmill Microsystems) For my experience, when adopted and executed, this simply works. I salute this Agile Manifesto and its founders!
Brian Takita: Agile development encourages us to remove the overhead of cumbersome processes and software-based religion and think for ourselves. Thus, a humane culture is fostered in the software development industry. This makes us, and those around us, more effective and will continue to do so in the future.
Prateek Babel: (BOSCH) This is truly an better methodology of software development over the conventional project execution processes.
Kevin Leier: (tao interactive)
Rob Selvage, PhD: (US Dept of Education) Amend!
Richard Jonas: ( The main difficulties with developing software seem to be with customers having one idea of what things should look like, and not communicating their vision clearly to developers. It's not always easy to do this in a formal project specification, and requirements can change. When customers and developers can work more closely together, frequently showing them the software in its current state of development, customers can have more confidence that development is progressing, and developers know what they are doing is likely to meet the customer's needs, and can adapt if necessary.
Putseys Henri: (European Commission)
James Liao: (Digitware System Integration Corporation) All these light me up !
satish: (ITTI Private Limited)
Alex Toney.
Derek DeRaps: (Georgia Institute of Technology) A combination of Ruby on Rails and Agile Development have made my development dreams come true!
Luz G. Sánchez: (CAMBIOTEC)
Tito Mari Francis Escaño: For successful software development and deployment, commitment to relevant software solution excellence is vital.
Carlos Arturo Castro Castro.
Matt Davey: (Finetix) In the fast ever changing world of developing financial applications, the Agile Manifesto offers key points for the success of software development.
Ranjit: (Accenture) I was deeply impressed by agile modelling practice and am starting to following them in my current project.
Max Dykstra: ( The world is a dynamic place. So are customers. So you should be also.
Barry Miller: (University of Alaska Fairbanks) I am a programming newbie, and the philosophy defined here is exactly where I want to go in a team development environment. Agile theory appears to be consistent with open systems theory, in that embracing collaborations, connections, and change diffuses entropy and promotes collective integration and growth. Way cool!
Eberhard Wolff: I thought I signed it but I didn't. I really strongly believe these values should be followed and I wished they were followed more.
Wagnières Michel: (Brainsoft Informatic AG)
Kai Jie, Neo: (NUS SOC) I support the Agile Manifeto!
Johnny Vartiainen.
Dave DeCaprio: (MIT)
John Wilger: (
mahesh manthapuri: (vedams software solutions vt limited)
Rob Lambert: (Zabada Technology)
Greg Lindstrom: (Novasys Health)
Praveen Guggarigoudar: ( I have had the privilege to work on several different software development methodologies over a considerable period of time. However, I should say that only the Agile methodology has made the most sense and has given what my project, my product and my organization as such have needed the most: Results. Yes, results. With other methodologies, it might sound funny, but getting actual results is almost a dream come true. Even if we manage to get results, the turnaround time to achieve them is too long. But with Agile, it has been surprisingly short. Another area that Agile scores over other methodologies is its acknowlodgement of change, especially during the later stages of the project. With other methodologies, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accomodate changes very late in the project life cycle. Thanks to the Agile team for giving us such a wonderful methodology.
Shaji Venugopal: full support for agile software development
Mark Rance.
Mathias Meyer: (ASDIS Software AG) I'm fully supporting and helping to spread the spirit of Agile software development. It's _the_ way to work effectively as a team and to deliver successful projects to customers, and in a way that satisfies the customer's needs.
jaipal vallabhaneni: its a comunity work
Douglas Clinton: (Greycourt Software Ltd.)
Lizet Pena de Sola: (The Nice Web) I welcome/support the Agile Manifesto.
David Mendes: (Promosoft DS) Our team is starting to implement an SOA ESB using AD over RUP based on these principles which I have come to value
Staffan Liljegren: (Senior ICT consultant) Many years ago a read a SW Engineering book which used a division between SW projets as the Romans would do it and as the Greeks would run things. It was the first on-the spot book in this area. So of course I deeply value the four cornerstones of Agile Software Development
Martin Olson: (Visionpace)
Dave Milner: (Apollo Group, Inc.) As a software engineer with 15 years of experience, I have seen the pitfalls of waterfall methodologies and top-heavy processes. I have participated in death march projects, and have been on some small teams that defied the odds and overcame obstacles to produce quality products in spite of limitations. The tenets of the agile manifesto are solid and work. When you think about it, software really has no value outside of the context of helping people. That's why I wanted to sign this and promote the agile manifesto.
Terry Hampton: FINALLY !!!!! Some common sense in the over-hyped, over-dramatized universe of process management and software development. What a great breath of fresh air amidst the stagnant rhetoric of staid methodologies and preachy process platitudes.

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