Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 27 Mar to 16 Apr 2002
Erik Nyquist: ( Author of C++ rules and recommendations.
David Knutson: (Ralston Consulting Group) Our work is focused on building collaboration and supporting self-organizing teams.
Matteo Regazzi: (Hacking eXtreme Programming)
Mike Helmick: (Convergys) It's the only way to program...
Jason Yip: (ThoughtWorks, Inc.)
Adrian Goh: The Agile Manifesto has my full support. Trusting individuals to get the job done is key. Unfortunately, so many people have a problem with this.
Ole Jepsen: (JAOO Academy) I strongly agree!!! Finally someone have expressed words and sentences for the thoughts and feelings I have had about system development for years... I hereby promise, that I will contribute to the "Agile way of thinking" by writing stuff - and when I teach project management cources!
Niranjan Perera: (McKesson Information Solutions)
Toby Farley: (Mesa County Valley School District #51)
Adam Cogan: (Superior Software for Windows) We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and for the last 12 months we have done our development using the XP methodology - http:// ssw/methodology/ xpdm.aspx I am a total convert and have spoken at many conferences around the world on the value of eXtreme Programming.
Mark Lee: It's the way... and..
Marco Abis.
Bob Blonchek: (ActLikeAnOwner)
Krishna Menon.
Bob Birss.
Jack Weintraub: (Citigroup Asset Management) Though we've never tried to name our methods, Agile development is what we do every day.
Ken Scott-Hlebek: The Agile Manifesto represents why I am passionate about my craft. My mission of transforming software development into a win-win, joyous collaboration is a goal much larger than I could ever achieve alone. The Agile Alliance has given me access to a community of people who share my passion, values, and commitment.
Jorg Janke: (ComPiere, Inc.) Improving Java J2SE (Swing) and J2EE implementations in an Open Source collaborative environment.
K.S.Lee: (Sequel Consulting)
Jonathan House: (Surgeworks)
Larry Dribin: (DePaul University) Development and research in agile processes are important to the future development of software engineering. I focus on helping my students and clients research and develop improved ways of developing software. I believe that agile processes are helping to define new ways of looking at software development.
Michael Ross Murphy: (M.R. Murphy Consulting Services Ltd)
Jim Gillespie: (Chiara Corporation)
Jay Vandewark.
Erica Wieland: (FemmeTech Inc.)
Michael D. Zirkle: (MSI) Begone Antiqauted Methods!
Neil Stamps: (Lost Wax)
David Weidenkopf.
Igor Guida: (
Nathaniel Ersoz: (Myrio Corporation)
Gerhard Ebeling: (dvg Hannover)
Bert Lancaster: (Unisys) I'm wholeheartedly behind the ideas and principles espoused in the Agile Manifesto. I am constantly striving to lead appropriate decision makers in my organisation towards these ideals.
Bernard Mailhol: (B.M. (DP Consultant)) For many years (since the 70' ?) I use that concepts. But I use a marvellous tool : APL (now APL2) which gives freedom to use these development concepts. These developments can produce true applications. One of my custommer have an ISO 9001 qualification - even for his development work. The development process has not been modified for this ISO9001 qualification.
Tore Pilloni.
Granville Miller: (TogetherSoft)
Dody Gunawinata: (AIESEC United States) It's about time to return to common sense in software development. Methodology has its place, but nothing beats the ability of the team/individual to think.
Curtis Fell: (Stonebridge Technologies)
David Dyke: (Vector TRI) We are committed to agile software development and are practising methodologies such as XP and SCRUM. Where we are successful it is great to see the growing motivation of teams and the "can't do" mentality change to a "can do" culture.
Fabrizio Mori: (emmedata srl)
Joey Frasier: (Capital Printing Systems Inc.)
Matevz Rostaher: (FJA OdaTeam) Trying hard to be agile all my life ...
Warren McLeod: (Compuware Professional Services) I started somewhat pessimistic until I was forced to be part of an XP pilot project. I witnessed XP creating true partnership between IT and Business. It has initiated higher levels of quality without bearing the load of outdated procedures. Communication is the Achilles heel of every project. Customer and IT interaction on the basest level as an everyday occurrence brings the actual product desired by the customer, on time and on budget. The customer is actually ecstatic. Kudo's to the Agile Alliance for upholding sanity in an insane world. Now I am an avid XP proponent sharing the gospel.
Kenneth Duffill: (Light Computing Services Ltd) Wow! And I thought that I was the only lunatic in the world that thought satisfying the customer through actually delivering (working) software was a good idea. Now all we have to do is convince the customers that working software is more important that foot thick documents;-)
Dave Hurst: (WAMware) I suppose its fitting that we found the Agile Manifesto long after we had evolved our methods in alignment with it. For better or worse, we don't have to think of ourselves as rogues anymore.
malcolm bridgeford: (lost wax media ltd) Having worked on both agile and non-agile projects - no doubt which ones made the customer and me happier - agile wins everytime - the buzz of seeing people using your software - and telling you how to make it better - somewhat better then producing documentation that is out of date before the save button pressed - and heated "discussions" on what was the original specification - keep up the good work.
Jens Wyke: (IBM)
Niraj Juneja: (Distributed Computing Lab Inc.)
Naohiro Sakaguchi: I support the agile alliance manifesto. I think managers's view is too optimistic about humanity in Japan.
Johan Vanhees: I find it encouraging to discover that this software development "methodology" - which I preached and practiced over many years - has a name, an organization and an increasing recognition in the marketplace.
Christian Heller: (Res Medicinae - Free/Open Source Medical Information System) I believe that Agile Software Development can help me bridging the gap between my theoretical efforts at University (http:// proinf/ index_english.htm) and the practical needs in my free software project (http://

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