Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Jul to 11 Aug 2002
Daniel T. Murphy: (Enterasys Networks Inc.) This seems and excellent way of describing what market forces and mangement is demanding of software applicatoins today and helps to give a frame work that the team involed in bringing a software release to a shipping state can follow. I have found this to be a quite helpful theory of rapid development that removes many of the barriers to "can't" while at the same time provides a simple layout of why we can.
Jon R. Nials: (Thanesoft)
Jeff Miller: (Jeff Miller Associates, Inc.) I first came across XP a few years ago when I was CIO at After a very pleasant evening at Old Chicago with Ron Jeffries, I knew they were on to something! I first started deploying these agile concepts over 15 years ago. Back then, we did not have a name for them, but (as with most of the rest of you, I'm sure) I recall thinking how wasteful and futile was the effort of writing comprehensive program specs. Why not, I wondered, just have the user tell the programmer what he wants? Seemed simple enough. Turns out is really /is/ that simple! As most of us have come to recognize, there is a certain efficient way of doing things. The Agilists (to coin a term) have codified them and expressed them in a very simple and coherent way. That is why so many of us read these pages and feel like shouting "At last! Someone has put it all together!" The bottom line for me is that Agile development is better in every way: Cheaper, faster, better.
Dick Blystone.
Mark Bruce: (MarkBruce) The only thing permanent is change. Developers and Customers adapting to change while creating quality solutions in a timely and accurate manner in a highly collaborative environment... Well that what its all about. And I'm all for Agility and the XP way!
Keith Jordan: Because it works, concern for people and production are balanced, and because every success and turnaround in 20 years hinged on a technique in this portfolio.
Tapan Garg: (vMoksha Technologies) At Last!
Jim Scott: (Cypress Innovations, Inc)
Luiz Barreto de Castro Esmiralha: (e-Dablio)
Michael Sjölin: (Create) A thought framework fully supporting the ideal software development principle: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
Dirk DiGiorgio-Haag.
Fernando Bucci: (
Peta Pelikan.
JP Belanger.
Richard Huntrods: (Huntrods Consulting Inc.)
Muralidharan: ( Agile Manifesto is exactly what the Software industry needs to undertake as the prime focus today. As Software Engineers, we've had really enough - incomptent coding, exploding budgets, unforecasted breakdowns, so on - every possible negative phenomenon - that leads to the profession's disgrace. Only such a movement as Agile that has a manifesto as stated here, could be a hope of revival of the glory of a career as a Software Engineer.
Jean-Yves REYNAUD: (EDS Answare) I have been involved in RAD projects (DSDM, RUP) for 4 years as a project manager. Nowadays, I am in charge of promoting agile software development in the agency of EDS Answare in Toulouse. Furthermore, I am in charge of building an agile organisation for this agency mostly based on Semler's principles.
Manuel Galindo.
Marcus Pol: (Misys International Banking Systems) Keep up the good work
Lynn Eatherton: (Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, Inc.)
Scott Serich: (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Manuel Nunez: (Consultoria Colombiana)
Michael Hunger: (Technical University Dresden, CS, PDAI) I wrote a thesis about Refactoring and became very interested in XP and its methods. In our current project we try to use as many ways as possible to use those methods to reach better ways for our development process.
David Davidson: (Mantech Corp.) When it comes to software development, the Agile Manifesto's principles are the only principles that really work.
Osamu Ochiai: (IBM Japan, Systems Engineering)
Gary Marcos: (Smart Projects)
Jean Tessier: (
Haig Evans-Kavaldjian.
Yury: (IVC SKgd) No
David Plante: I truly beleive software development and its process can be a pain when its not based on these principles.The Agile Manisfesto is a step foward a better way of building computer systems.The awareness of responding to change will make us evolve in the best way.
Adithya Raghunathan: (JWM Partners, LLC) Having had both an enjoyable and successful experience with XP, I am in full agreement with the Agile Manifesto, which, although perhaps demanding more for a programmer in the short-term, delivers a much more fulfilling and effective experience.
Rômulo Albuquerque.
Alex Viggio: (XP Denver)
Richard Gijsbers: (Stockdale ACS) I guess all my projects were Agile. When I discovered "heavy project management" I thought I had been doing it wrong all these years and that this was the right way to do projects. Many failures later I re-discovered the value of common sense, of not testing the depth of water with both feet, of feeling your way, your client's way and the stakeholders' way through the problem. In short, agile development.
Steve Bickel: (1st Real Time) Nice Manifesto
James Darrah: (DTM Corporation) We have been delivering 2 software releases a year, on schedule, on budget with low bug counts while increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating over time. We have been practicing the principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto prior to encountering it. I would add the following values: 1) contributors over heros 2) customer requests over system expertise
monfort: (PDM/PLM)
Patrick Verheij: The concepts of agile software development fit very well into my vision on software development. Finally people can come together and combine their skills and enthousiasm in their (our) overall mission: to delever working software to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.
Alfonso Adriasola.
Jerry Errett: (VoiceLog)
Chris Oakeley: (Oakeley Computer Services) Computer Consultant in Western Australia and a keen supporter of Agile Software Development.
Hana Galperin.
Jim Whitescarver: (Xanthus Inc.) I applaud this collaboration on sane programming practices. I've promoted XP for a few years. Where is the history? When did it start? I am also seeking links to similar and related methodologies. I am borrowing the ideas here for extreme collaboration at . Do stop by and share. Thanks. JimScarver
John Bernd: (Catalyst International)
Sven Knudson: (DTM Corporation) Finding out about the Manifesto just validated the approach we had been taking towards software for years: find out what the customer wants and make sure they get it, on time and within budget.
Adriano de Pinho Tavares: (AP Software)
Ronald B. Ellis: (Internal Information Services) I concur and support the Agile Manifesto and wish to have my name added to the signature page.
Christian Linhares Peixoto: (NK Tecnologia)
Mark E. dos Santos: (Advanced Technology Group, Leapnet, Inc.)

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