Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 03 Nov to 09 Dec 2002
Sébastien Pierre: (Type-z) I discovered patterns and unit testing while developing personal projects, and I must say I sometime regreted not to have spent more time looking for available patterns and writing tests. It takes time to really understand that good software practices are as important as coding efficiently! I like the idea of being "agile", which sounds to me as being open-minded, capable of recognising our own errors, and caring about others :)
John Manzo: (AgileTek) I've been developing software for over 35 years, and this just makes perfect sense!
Partha Mallikarjun: I am a Process/SQA person - and am looking to see how the End-User can be benefit from the process, rather than the practitioners. Agile seems to be an interesting concept - I will be actively following it!
Bret Givens: (Veridian Engineering) Let's make a difference!
gabriele renzi: (LiT group)
Kevin McConnell.
Fernando Brum: (CCC) A very clear summary of the best principles!
Robert Quinn: ...dogma is for people that can't handle reality
Rohitash Singh: (Apar Infotech)
Charles Edwards: (Processwave) Process varies according to certain parameters of the project. Agile as an overriding principal will make our projects more nimble. Other techniques and methodologies also have value, with the ultimate goal being our industry should strive become more disciplined and professional and less chaotic.
Kumail Razvi: It makes sense! It is logical NOT bureaucratic!!
Kevin Bonifield: (WilTel Communications) Good software, like good people, requires time, trials, and creativity to develop. The Agile approach puts the focus back on core elements that really make a difference.
Klaus Jagd: (UniqueBrains)
Henric Sjöqvist: (Sintercon)
Tom Van den Eynde: (VDE Projects) I follow the Agile Manifesto as I want a lover, not a fighter as a customer !
ilya lehrman.
James Bach: (Satisfice, Inc.) I've been working on agile methods since 1987, specializing in agile testing methodology. In 1990, I developed a seminar called Organic Quality Assurance at Apple Computer, which presented a primitive heuristic testing methodology. I wrote the article "Process Evolution in a Mad World" in 1993, and in 1994 wrote one of the few articles you'll find that criticizes the CMM. Most recently, I'm an author of the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing, which describes an agile way of thinking about testing.
paolo foletto.
Matthew Todd: (nanonation) I believe Agile Software Development is the next Evolution in Software Development. It is the approach that best takes advantage of today's tools and technologies for developing software. It an approach that best satisfies everyone's goals on a software project... in the most timely and cost effective manner. Initiative Owners get what they want; quick, quality solutions at the lowest possible price. Domain experts get what they want; solutions that solve their processing needs in the best possible fashion, based on how they want the solution to work, delivered according to their priorities. IT gets what they want; a flexible/ realistic approach for building software solutions.
Dave Garland: (MP Systems, Inc.) It's very nice to see these principles written down. Software development is and will always be part science and part art, and the art part is inherently human. Formal methodologies for the human part is a big step forward.
Erik Geurts: (Ordina) I support the Agile Manifesto
Rod Davenport: ( They used to call me a non-process following renegade. Come to think of it, they still do. But now I can munge all that noise and cruft to Agile()!
Laurence Wilson: (Skillsoft Ltd) Background in DSDM over many years. Agile is the natural way forward.
Stu Thompson: (Unit.Net AG)
Anjan Ghosh: (Core Technology) This is a methodology of best practise which can be utilised without compromising conformity to most other major methodologies.
jimmey: (DeepBlue Studio) As you see,we need this.
Vladimir: (Softline)
michael winner: (Conference Planners) Just spoke at Oracle World 2002 "Extreme Rapid Applications Development", an attendee recommeded I view this site. Regards
Derek Reilly: (Dalhousie University) Strong experiential support via work with GV Labs (once part of U S West). Out there it was dubbed "Value Discovery".
David Scott Stokes: (INMAN) It works for us.
Ilkka Korhonen: ( As a qa manager I see agility as good approach for achieving quality software.
Mike Dwyer: (3 Sided Coin)
Patrick Power: (Humanetix UK Limited) I run a company named Humanetix in the United Kingdom specialising in IT Project Management. Over the years I have seen large IT projects packed with talented and resourceful people not delivering on business needs or being canned. My focus shifted from 'what' was being done to 'how' it was being done. Hence my interest in agile and in particular in the Scrum process for managing IT projects.
Dan Dimcea: (IBM)
Mike Thornton: I am very interested in Agile and the affect it can have on the Development process.
Alan Gladman: I have been practicing extreme programming as a project manager for the past six months. As soon as I read the first page of Kent Beck's book I saw the value and became a convert. It really does work!
Paul Lipiec: (Universidad de la República del Uruguay, Instituto de Computación )
William Myers: (
Luis F. Canals: (Agile Spain) Agile Spain is a non-profit site to promote agile software devolopment to the spanish audience.
Paul Slater: (TU12 Ltd) Delighted to finally find a community of like minded programmers, united in their opposition of the costly "spec it to death" philisophy. While rules-based programming with Digital Equipment corporation, our departments philosophy was always to prototype. In doing this you both learn more about the problem at hand and have something to offer the customer. One day maybe all programmers will have the luxury of taking this approach. In the meantime a few more trees will be devoured adding to the piles of non-executable (and according to some, oh so necessary) specs. If nothing else, let's save a few more trees.
Scott Hodson: (Ubero, Inc.)
Albertas Mickenas: (MegaLogika) I'm happy that i found this manifesto as it expressed things that were in me all this time. Our company is in business only for 5 years, but all we came to understand these values during this short period of time. Following this manifesto is the only way to develop a good software these days...
Aniruddha Mookherjee: (GoldenEmbryo Technologies Private Limited) We are there for it. We follow & help others to standardise on this methodology thru our own product WebPros. For more information Visit our website For Demo Of WebPros Mail me if u hv some problem
Bradley Clark.
Heidi Coller-James: (Metagy Ltd) Excellent ideas and values!!!
Christian Sakrouge: (Windows I.T. Solutions Pty Ltd)
Tim Marks: (
David McElroy: With over 20 years experience in software development I firmly believe in your mission. The "Agile Manifesto" is a vision I share. I am looking forward to participating in a positive and productive way.
Fabio Kon: (University of São Paulo) Is there actually any good programmer in the world that does not think that this IS the way to develop software?
Krzysztof Swietlinski.

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