Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Apr to 19 May 2003
Gonzalo Quan: (Pixel Draw) You guys have just summed up in the manifesto my whole 4 years working as a web developer. Great stuff.. wish more developpers would think like this.
Syed Omer Jilani: I would say "Creativity" over following a Plan ...... but nonetheless Left hand sides are definitely more important....
Scott R Snider: (MacAulay-Robinson) Elegance of design - simple, powerful, effective and adaptable is essential for the true success of any system - software or otherwise. Elegance only arises through an organic rather than rigid development process.
Marimuthu P: (Satyam computers services Ltd) Striving for growing and improving myself, my team and my organization.
Anand yashwanth: (Satyam computers services Ltd)
Minkyu Lee: (Plastic Software, Inc.) I am convinced that Agile Software Development will be a dominant software development methodology. This manifesto will be a bold stroke in the software development and engineering history.
David Dossot: ( Just when I thought IT would unimpress me for the rest of my time down here, then came the Agile Alliance. Thanks for blowing these refreshing concepts on the embers of a dying passion, now fully revitalized.
Martin Schwartzman: I endorse the values present in the manifesto even though work needs to be done on how an agile process can be used in enterprise wide developement projects. There are just too many holes in the process to facilitate good cross department interface cohesion.
Scott Barber: (PerfTestPlus) The importance of these concepts are to often overlooked in every stage of the software lifecycle. I am primarily a Performance Engineer, not a developer, but I recognize the importance of these values and try to apply them on all of my projects and promote them to my clients both directly and through my writings.
Steve Tharp: (Devon Energy)
Tom Fahlberg: (Hewlett-Packard) Thank you so much for articulating these principles. They set us free to make (and keep) the customer happy.
John G. Blanco G.: (TECNYSIS - Costa Rica)
C.S.Sivaramakrishnan: I strongly support that - a good architecture and a versatile design, which takes into consideration the volatile nature of the software development process is one of the best ways to improve the agility. And as Mr. Dave Thomas tells, 'the design should also be reversible in nature'.
Willem Bogaerts: (Cardialysis) Couldn't have said it better.
Spyros Villios.
matthew gambrell: I havent been in the industry long, but it has been long enough to teach me that common sense cannot be taken for granted and is rare and precious enough to be given a name: agile development
Jaime Neira.
Bill Scharf: (Cross Match Technologies) Thank you for helping to legitimize these development values.
Luis Villarreal: ( I would like to understand and live with your philosophy made working software.
Carlos Leyva: (theB2Bdepot, Inc.) Happy to see a community growing around agile techniques!
johan delano taufik Msc,PhD: (Gatra Karsayasa, PT) As an individual businessman, I need a networking which will support me in running the business especially to prepare the online system with Agile's softwares development. The satisfaction will be araised as told by hundred to thousand people all over the world if we do the action as it be directed by Agile Manifesto development team. Lets start to joining with no doubt and be optimisted to face the future with success.
Jason Chaffee.
Craig Guarnieri: We used RUP with Agile/XP and the the results were very good
Jorge DeFlon: (NetApps Mexico) Me siento feliz porque nuevamente me siento emocionado por los avances en mi profesion.
Richard Blouin: (Imasoft Inc.) After having completed several projects on time and within budget, I can attest that Agile Development not only works, but that it works better than traditional methods.
Francesco: Simply great!
Robert Rae: (Application Programming Solutions Inc.) Excellent ideas..... The trick will be to convince managers at different levels that the agile methods are as good or better than the methods they have been using for years.
vietsoft: Way to go!
Ivor Fergus: (ContextWeb)
Jonathan Kohl: Experience and experimentation in software development and QA have shown to me that the Agile Manifesto is on the money. The Agile movement fills a much-needed gap in the software development paradigm.
Stephen Cooney: Think globally, act locally, and change the world for the better.
Emile Deen: (CKR International, Inc)
Gary King: (EKSL) It's about time.
Rafael Barros: (EAN University) Sometimes we just forget the real purpose of our work. The Agile Manifesto clear us the focus. Read it, learn it... live it.
Lyle Snider.
C .Keith Ray: (MemoRanda) People write software for other people, so focusing on people as the most important aspect of software development is the logical place to increase the effectiveness of software development.
Mustafa YILDIZ: (ISIK University - Informatics Research and Development Center) We are experiencing the benefits of Agile Software Development Methodologies in our projects and we believe that every item of the manifesto are key points of success in software development.
Alan Eldridge: I've been developing this way most of my career, and I've yet to see a viable alternative.
Mohd Tariq Yaqub: (Wipro Technology) Hi, I have been trained to follow processes and process and beleived in what booch said that good people with good processes always outperform good people with no processes.But I have realised that good people will always perform whether process or no processes ,that is why they are good and have their own inernal way of doing things in a good way.
Mark Cawston: (MCA Ltd) I am based in Hong Kong, managing a development team in Malaysia.
ruud waij: ( The feelings of unease present while dealing with other software development methodologies, strongly surfaced when I started reading about Agile Software Development. Favourite quote: "The list of companies most succesfully climbing up the CMM ladder early in the decade [1990s] reads like a Who's Who of downsizing by the end." (Tom DeMarco in the foreword of Agile Development Ecosystems by Jim HighSmith.)
Govindan Chandran: I think the principles of Agile Infrastructure are essential today and in the future because software cycles today are measured in weeks and days instead of years and months.
Christoph Steindl: Take the best of both (or all) worlds. Know your goal and take the best way to get there - be it agile or more rigorous.
Sriram Srinivasan.
Emilis Dambauskas: I Support the Agile Manifesto! :)
Toby Jackson: (United Health Group)
Michael New.
Drew Noakes: ( I've spent the last year working with ThoughtWorks as an Agile developer, during which time I've seen the possibility of realising such values through Agile methods within even the most traditional environments. The value that's delivered to our clients permits the counter-conventional approaches taken to software development.
Thijs Janssen.
Ulrich Vogelsang: (FJA) I'm that much infected by the agile way for a few years now that I finally feel the need to sign here. Thank you guys.

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