Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 Aug to 01 Sep 2005
Ravichandhiran AK: ( I strongly support and believe in continuously delivering working software and responding to events or change with customer satisfaction as highest priority.
Victor Curalea: (Land Forces Academy "Nicolae Balcescu", Sibiu, Romania) I have developed a PHP based dictionary that one can access from a WAP compatible device using your principles. I am developing my dictionary continuously through interaction with my colleagues at the Academy and it is working great!
Jacek Kosiński: (Polska KOrporacja Ubezpieczeń)
Kelley Harris: (SourceCell) The more projects I see struggle, the more I see the wisdom and pragmatism expressed in the Agile Manifesto. Entrepreneurial stakeholders - heed the advice and prosper.
Sanjay: (GSSPL- Ahmedabad) i do strongly believe in Agile Methodlogies and its priorized values over SDLC rat race.
Michael Gillespie: (Agillence Software)
Alireza Khallaghian.
Matthew Downing: ( Although I am a new comer to Agile, where there is smoke there is fire and Agile is HOT.
Jeff Britton: (IT Linguistics Institute, Luxembourg)
Aaron Korver.
Markus Schramm: (compeople AG)
Don Burdeyney ISP: (WingSpan Software Ltd.)
Chris Fortuin: (OrangeFortune) Agile Rules!
James Hill: ( I see development as a process, not a cut and dry task-oriented flow. Respond to the customer, not the bottom line. If you keep the customer happy, there is no need to worry about the bottom line.
Dave Aleksandrowicz: (PocketDevicesInc) I have met and worked with many developers who value the technology over the product being produced. The product and the customer must be the primary focus in order to be truly effective.
Tom Cox: (Chicago Technologies Group, Inc.) There is finally a methodology that will quickly and accurately allow me to serve those who are most important -- the individuals of the organization.
Mark Barnes: (Concise Limited)
Steve Harding: (Concise Group Ltd) Keep the focus on the business project
Ajay Danait: (Valtech India)
Jose Luis Romero Camarena: (
Joseph Little: (Kitty Hawk Consulting) Fully support. Let us be careful not to become too popular a "buzzword", as poor "business process re-engineering" became. We still have much to learn (and to forget).
Paul Foraker: (White Feather Software) Outstanding! Thank you.
Ellie Skeele: (HImalayanTechies.) Thought I signed a couple years ago. Here's to an Agile Future!
Brock Gunter-Smith: (
Luciano Basile: (A2S Infrmatica Ltda)
Andreas Aderhold: I honestly can't think of doing software development the classical way again, ever.
Varuna Bamunusinghe.
Patrick Curtain: (SWDev, Co.) After years of teaching teams and observing the results, these principles match what i've found to work. Thanks for the concise and form and excellent community!
Raymond J. Harrison, MD: (Scott and White Hospital) Author of the Sequoia Practice Management System. We have used the Agile model to develop an electronic medical record system and practice management system for hospital and regional clinics. We have bypassed the traditional development channels and have created a very short development loop between end users and developer(s). We sometimes call it the "two-stroke" Agile model (develop-use-develop-use...).
Jack Krupansky: (Base Technology) Anything to make the customer happy, keep them happy, keep them coming back for more, and inspire them to encourage others to seek out your services.
Diego Olivera.
Roger L. Cauvin: (Cauvin, Inc.) As a product manager, I can attest to the value of agility in defining (and refining) the requirements for a product.
Adrian Bryksa.
James Velasco.
Ricardo Bendoraitis.
Daren Martin: (inspired innovation) I was the IT Director at Egg, the UK internet bank for the last 4 years. I built and managed the only large enterprise Agile community in the UK, using parts of DSDM, XP , early RAD methods and the best practices of many of the software development leaders in my org. who could go back to waterfall processes agter the freedom of true Agile working !!!
Stuart Donnelly: (Infinite Apps Limited) I guess I've been using Agile methods since before they were called Agile. The Agile movement is popularizing a great set of processes, tools and techniques for software development and I fully support that. However, experience tells me that the World isn't clear cut - I see Agile methods as an critical set of tools in any software development toolkit but they're not necessarily there on their own.
GS Rao: I have constantly observed the different software methodlogies emerging over years and worked with many developers who value the technology over the product being produced. The product development and the customer must be the primary focus in order to be truly effective in delivering precisely what is expected in a timely incremental manner. This Agile methodology is of great help in software product delivery.
Tatiana Moruno.
Charles Letcher: (Mountain Software)
Jeff Fisher: (IntraPrise Solutions, Inc.) Finally, validation for the way we've been doing software engineering for years...and with many happy customers!
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky: (
Michael Osuna.
Garrett Wilkin: (Masterminds Unlimited) I am impressed with your posted values and whole heartedly support them. Technology is about the user, the human. Therefore is it necessary to use a development process that mor e closely reflects the human element.
Steve Meyns.
Thijs van der Vossen: (Fingertips)
Domien Holthof.
Maxi Reitz: (cromactiva)
Loganathan: (Valtech) We are following the best agile practices and interested in exploring more about the same. Found this site gave me a good look around it.

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