Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Aug to 22 Aug 2008
Carl Holden: (HoldenIT)
barbara M avakian: i must confess agile is a more efficient process that provides solid products. project managers accustomed to heavy documentation, although still important to certain organizations, can learn a lot from the agile methodology to create a leaner process in a fast-paced, global competitive economy and landscape in web development.
Kenneth LeFebvre.
Iain Reed: (Enhanced Datasystems)
Doug Wyeth: (Department of the Premier and Cabinet)
Marwane El Kharbili: (IDS Scheer AG) Agile BPM is the next way up for BPM.
Michael Baldwin: (Sun Microsystems)
Marcello Leonardi: I was introduced into agile software development in 2006. At this time I was a software engineer. Scrum was introduced in my project and I feel the transformation from the first days. The values of the agile manifesto are for me the centrals values which I will follow in my current and future project. Now that I changed from development to the project leaders role I'm sure that I can help some customers and teams to implement successfully software projects, if they are ready to accept commitments, to be open minded, to focus on the vision and major project goals, to respect each other and to have the courage to break rules which does not works since years.
Dwight Modiwirijo.
Carlos Rodarte.
Jared Smith-Mickelson: (Cisco) Our group has been following agile process for seven years now and has benefited tremendously from doing so.
Heidi Helfand.
Emir da Rosa Caldeira Júnior: I just say one thing: I Support the Agile Manifesto! :-)
Ezequiel Jadib: (Southworks)
Chuck Bedekovich.
Matias Suarez: (Epidata Consulting)
Radu Rosu: (EloquentiX)
Stefan Brünig: reduce the gap - be Agile!
Sebastian Jarczynski.
Bernard Collin: (Safecoms ) Definitely the way we go, thanks guys for putting this together
Chris Bunch: (University of California, Santa Barbara) Live it and learn it! Agile is the way to go!
Hartger Visser: (Teuker Small Business Solutions)
Chirag Shinde: I had a research background, I have been working as a software engineer for 13 years. While you don't have "customer collaboration" in research, good research comes from exploration which in some sense is "responding to change". When doing research you have to contribute to all aspects of the process, the division of labor is "amorphous". You have to "get things done", to evolve. You can get things done by building shared understanding, communicating, constantly analyzing, evolving and getting at the core of issues. The notion of quality is at once personal, implicit and necessary. This embodies the "individuals and interactions" and "getting to working software fast" concepts of the manifesto. Better technology could lead to executable models, where there would be more visual and intuitive creation of artifacts, not creation of millions of lines of code/documentation which are really difficult grasp or verify. It could lead to faster realistic prototypes, which may require little or not evolution to get to the final product. Complex systems could be built by using declarative paradigms at every step using artifacts produced in previous steps, in a "machines which make machines" kind of chain.
Akos Szoke: (BUTE University, Multilogic Ltd.) "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."
Lucas Lago: Just learned about the manifesto today, in my software class... And I'm giving my support to the manifesto. I had work with something like RUP before, and now I'm starting to work with agiles process.
Robert Rodes: I have been developing software, and teaching software development, for quite some time. I have always intuitively supported, and done my best to practice and teach, ideas along the lines of those you have so clearly spelled out here. So, I'm very much a supporter. To the creators of this manifesto I would like to say very well done! You have clarified important ideas that have needed to be clarified for a long time, and you have done the world of software development a favor.
James Korotney: (
Rafael Vieira: The most beautiful think ever invented.
Mario Hernández: (PLANET MEDIA) Creemos en los principios del Manifiesto y los aplicamos en nuestra factoria de software. We believe in Agile Manifiesto Principles and apply them in our daily tasks - (sprints) in our different software factory projects.
Dave Howell.
Karthik Parameswar.
Vikrant Jain: Agile is a state of mind, where adapting to the ever occurring change and always working towards a defined goal is way of life.
Charlie Martin: (http://explo)
Ahmad Janjua: I have used AGILE development methodology for the past two years and loved every minute of it. This how you do the development, give everyone breathing space and get the highest level of commitment on the projects. It works well on software development as well as infrastructure projects, PERIOD.
Muhammed Nabil.
Olga: (BelHard)
Bonneau: (ABC arbitrage) realistic, pragmatic, efficient. What else ?
Dong Jinpeng: Agile Software Development, from the people, by the people, for the people.
Graeme Booth: (Doosan Babcock)
Roberto Bezzi.
Morten Lybech Thøgersen: (InMoTx) As a software senior manager at InMoTx, I use the Agile practices every day. It helps us to deliver working software. Also helps us to bring focus to those issues that bring value to our customers.
Jeff Langr: (Langr Software Solutions) Agile, done well, is how most of us would prefer to work. I've "done agile" for almost ten years, and I'm convinced it's a step in the right direction. Agile is no silver bullet; I've seen enough abysmal agile failures. But when agile goes well, as executed by a team who truly gets it, it goes exceptionally well.
Vijay Ekambaram: I have been a big fan and propenant of Agile Methodologies.... This is the way to go...
Elfren Refuerzo.
John Oakley.
Roberto Mabini: (HeadStrong) Agile way of creating Software , One of the best way of doing It
Nando Sánchez: (Intel Corporation) I suffered many years developing software with the waterfall methodology, until a great manager convinced us that Agile was the cure for our suffering. It was not an easy sell for him, because many of us were too used to waterfall to believe that the problems were in the process, not in us, but after doing just one project with Agile we saw the light! NO way back!
Robert Schleich.
Bartosz Wais: ( I Support the Agile Manifesto!

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