Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 18 Oct to 27 Oct 2008
Sean Vikoren: ( There is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of delivering a solution quickly to a client, to making a difference. Agile, very clearly and simply, keeps us focused on that outcome in the midst of all the distractions that can creep in.
Dean Vonk: (MMC Group) The Agile Manifesto is at the heart of our development approach. Together with our talented staff it has helped us deliver on time high value systems to some of the most prestigous commercial and government clients.
paul boos: Count me in as an agile evangelist; I can't think of developing software any other way now. Our customer success using agile approaches has driven the quality up, time to meeting customer needs down, and our customer satisfaction to new higher levels.
Joseph D. Schulz: (Borland Software Corp.)
Gary Gentry: (Pillar Technology Group, LLC) In addition to the core values, I subscribe to focusing on the success of our clients. I would suggest that delivery of the most valuable things first is important to fueling the delight of our customers.
Eric Jacobs: ( With Agile, clients are often very surprised how small teams can produce effective, quality results so quickly. In my 20+ years of software development, Agile is by far the best and most cost effective method of software development.
Nilesh Gule: (Tesco HSC) I am one of the developer just getting into agile methodologies and experiencing the benifits of it.
Sreevals: (Patni Computers)
Jorge Oliveira: (Procempa) Atendendo ao dever de uma vida dedicada à Análise de Métodos e Processos. Agilidade já !
Vineet Sahni: (Barclays Capital) In the spirit of delivering maximum value to stakeholders in an environment where change is constant and the ability to rapidly adapt and effectively respond to change is crucial, Agile Software Development principals provide the necessary guidelines for us to be key contributors and change agents in our respective firms' value chain.
Viggo Liebmann Hansen.
Yan Vulich.
Nancy Livingston Malecki: (CSC)
Raimond Garcia.
Rodrigo Maluf.
ahmed waziri: i really find agile methods of software very appealing than any other type of model.
Jeff R. Robbins: (QlikTech)
Toni Otten: Working together, collaborate our experience and getting the job done in a transparant way to our customers. That's what Agile is.
Charlie Holland: (
Rayberg Rodrigues: (Array Software) Go Agile!
Rajeev P: (Misys Software Solutions)
Chetan: (Greytip Solutions)
Julio I. Petrement: (Indra Sistemas S.A.) Software Development Consultant
Stephen Wolfe: (6 MDSS/SGSI) Agile methodologies are essential if an IT organization with a development unit is going to engage meaning interaction with the producing business units of the hosting organization. There is no value to IT development if it does serve the business units and improve the bottom line and cultural aspect (working environment) of the organization. Gee, let's make money and have fun at it!
vipin k viswan: (Hollitech International) I will try to implement Agile in my projects with the management support.
Channa Punchihewa: (Middlesex university) Agile a great set of methods that will support better software development. With some knowledge i got from my work as a SE and the knowledge i got from my university i totally turn my self to agile. This is to show my interest in agile and to indicate i love supporting agile manifesto.
Angelo Hulshout: (Delphino Consultancy) Agile software development focuses on the software to be developed, not on the fuss and bureaucracy we have created around the development process. At the same time, it acknowledges that there is more to it than just the code and the initial wish of the customer. Splendid - as the British would say.
Miguel Rebelo: (BPI-DSI)
Kyle Griffin: If agile didn't give any benefits beyond the enjoyment of working that way, the customer satisfaction of getting what they actually wanted, and the risk information early, I'd be heavily in favor. That it does give other benefits is awfully nice, but really extra.
David Truncale: (Truncale Consulting Services) For 20 years I have been trying to work this way, and often found myself running head-long into the Dilbertesque Establishment and wondering, "is there something wrong with me?! -- am I the only one who sees the lunacy going on here?" Thank you, Agilites, for not only validating my sanity, but for giving it a catchy name! Power to the Productive and the Agile!
Nick Millband: (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) Softwares are tools to help people perform business processes, which are ultimately interactions between people, for people. The stakeholders, therefore, are central to the system and constitute the most important part of it. The Agile process revolves around this idea with its focus on customer collaboration, individuals and interactions. My software development team have been using these principles to great effect for the last six years now.
Joerg Rosengarten: (update4u Software AG)
Nick Oostvogels.
Jonathan Whitaker: It just works, simple as that. Just make time to fully understand both sides of the value statements and ensure you can explain them to others so the manisfesto isn't misunderstood or diluted - and then have fun preaching it!
Sébastien Chausson: Nothing special to add, definitely a great job !
zhangyingneng: keep it simple and stupid
Honack Villanueva: (High Value Technology) I support the agile manifesto and all the agile methods that contribute to make betters ways to do software development. I am a doing my best in Venezuela for initiate the agile path of making software and manage software projects.
Steve Cancelli: (PSC Group)
Cássio Marques.
Matthew Hodgson: (
Maikel van de Lisdonk: (Cocosoft)
Pascal Roques: (PRoModel)
Mariano Bringas: There's only one constant in Software Development: CHANGE. Ignoring it is just naïve. Agile has proven to be a set of good practices (such us team building, prototyping, JAD meetings, etc) to achive success embracing change and encouraging team growth.
Alexei Lupan: ( There are only one thing to comment: Working software over comprehensive documentation doesn't mean "NO DOCS AT ALL!" :)
Lonnie Richardson: (CIty of Las Vegas, Department of Information Technologies)
Paul Eisenberg.
T. Budiman: (Malaka9)
Angelo Bertolli: (Bitfreedom) This way of thinking is adaptive and focuses on the main goal first. It cares about the end product more than the trappings of the project.
Denis Larias Balbo Coutinho: (Stefanini IT Solutions)
Silke Eng: Energy goes where attention flows.

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