Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 02 Jul to 20 Jul 2010
Waqas Ahmed: I believe going Agile is the way moving forward and we need to emphasize more on exploring and experiencing it then only disussions. Agreed: Working software is the primary measure of progress.
Marc Bungart: ( It's about time!
Luiz Gustavo Câmara Franco.
Oliver Smith: I have seen great gains by embracing the principles of this manifesto throughout the software development process. Thinking smarter about how we develop software right through the process is fundamental to the industries future.
Kumar : I have knowledge of agile principles and agree on the methods of the agile and as covered by the agile manifesto
IVSEN PLATCHECK: (CEEE) I am starting to use XP techniques and principles to my job, at the comapny. Plus, I am starting a study over ways to implement XP in our Company as a matter of use.
Hinengaro Rachel Te Matapuna: (University of Auckland) Te Puna Wananga
Alex Hernandez.
Serafino Beraldi: A creative process can't be formalized.
Pius Emeya: (UBA Group) I Support the Agile Manifesto! Especially in the area of responding to change over following a plan. An implementation plan must be flexible and adaptable to new business needs and other changes that would deliver a better solution.
Billy Scholtz: (Wells Fargo) Agile methodology is not one of the ways forward, it is the only way forward.
Mary Francone.
Kristof Houwen: (Small IT-Solutions)
Bui Viet Dung: (FPT Software) We really succeed with Agile.
David Updike: (Agile Savvy) Having been in IT for almost 30 years from Developer to Architect to Manager, as an employee and as a contractor, at very large companies and small companies, I can only say that these 4 Values and 12 Principles provide the best guideline so far for enabling successful IT deliveries of functionality that our business and customers really want.
Trevor Twining: (Points of Light Institute) Agile is the single most important tool that I use to bring my projects to completion on time and on budget for my department, while ultimately making them more user-centered.
Paul Sebastien.
Guilherme Veras: (TotLab - Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Web) We believe in human potential. And we can do better every day. We believe in freedom of knowledge. For this reason, we signed this manifesto. And we congratulate those manangers.
Sam Thomsett: (Entity Group) Certainly the way forward to help increase interaction and to help get closer to user requirements.
Frank Bennett: (Converse Inc)
Simon Strong: (Human Zoo) I don't work in IT. The agile software manifesto articulates a key issue for business: when things go well, it is when the principles of agile software are in operation. When things go wrong, business (and governments) attempt to fix them with the principles of control, and compound the problem... Spread the principles of the manifesto through our actions!
John Drefahl: (Vodafone) US Developer Lead
danelle peddell: I am a technical project manager and have been using the agile methodology for approx. 4 years. Getting work done is about managing the people. I love how the agile methodology values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. it's all about the people! Change is constant. Agile methodology embraces change in a professional arena.
Jess Jones: (Duck Creek Technologies, Inc)
Sandheep: (IndiGenius) I believe Agile is the best way to go with software development and Agile Manifesto brings it forward to larger audience.
Lee: (Mens Designer Clothes) You've got our full support! Some things have to be done!
Franco Lombardo: (Molteni Informatica) Working in the ERP software development, I saw so often hard battles between customers and software developers. I and my organization strongly believe in customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and we think that the way of Agile Manifesto is the only one which can lead to better software and better business.
Muhammad Khair: (SHAM-SOFT)
Hartmut Frankowski: (Vix ERG) Agile is the missing link between the development and project management to obtain customer-centric business development. Make it happen!
Daniel Simeonov: (QLAB, Bulgaria)
Prashant Pathak: I beileve in it !
Rüdiiger Eckhard: (Nokia Siemens Networks) I love the simplicity of the values and principles in the agile manifesto. Though it took me a while to adopt to agile and leave behind the traditional control, I am now fully convinced that agile is the best way to produce exactly the software our customers need.
Tony Ford: (Tony on Twitter)
Uli Deiters: (Profile)
Asif Alli: (Alli Consulting, Inc) I endorse this methodology!
Scotty Bevill: (Bevill Edge Consulting LLC)
Eduardo Oliveira Costa.
Gustavo Lora.
Ravi Santlani: (Capgemini) I have worked in Agile team for a year and love it.
T. R. Kennett: (TRKennett) Our MMIS (Medicaid) requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams.
Jennifer Bleen: (Central Ohio Agile Association) I started learning about Agile Methods in 2006 when I was looking for better ways to manage software projects. Since then, I have become an Agile evangelist in my community and have seen many companies reap the rewards of being Agile. The value does not only reside within the development space, but has been realized in the business process area as well. Higher collaboration between the business and development groups has led to better understanding of needs translating into higher quality software and less waste. I look forward to working with others on expanding Agile’s reach to the enterprise. On a personal note, myself and others in my community have been applying Agile methods to our home lives as well. It is really easy to set up a kanban wall to keep a large family in communication and focused on what matters.
Jeffrey Schenk: (DataSchenk, Inc.) Having long been a disciple the principles Agile describes —I am both embarrassed and delighted to discover that where it concerns software, those principles have a name—Agile. The Agile Manifesto sums up what actually works more succinctly than anything I have ever read or experienced. Agile puts the focus squarely on producing a useful result: Working software is the primary measure of progress. Who ever thought common sense could win? It’s not that secondary concerns are not concerns—they just become secondary. I’d be humbled to be added to this list of innovators.
Sascha Teske: ( I first heard about XP in 2005 and had no clue how to adopt it then. But since I liked the idea immediatly, I did my first project with XP in 2006. I wouldn't want to work in other environments anymore. And to make the world a little better I also guide enterprises into using scrum or kanban or whatever amalgamated methods suit them.
Akeda Bagus: (Personal) I've been in software development for more than two years. I've faced the difficult situation in some projects and thought "Geez, software is hard!". I blame my clients for his inconsistencies on requirements until I read Martin Fowler's book and know about agile methodology.
M. Sami Kuzey: I believe, agile values and practices bring great value to software development. I really can't think of suffering with other approaches any more.
Venkatanarayanan Srinivasamurthy.
Ed Kenny: I want to work in an industry where the delivery of what the customer wants is top of the list and we can respond and be flexible at the same time as being disciplined and great craftsmen. I strive for effective and rapid delivery.
Dave Kaplan: (Allegient, LLC)
Alvaro Lopes Filho.
Des Atkinson: (Metron) Our company is committed to the agile development process. We are currently making that transition and we are determined to succeed.

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