Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 19 Mar to 28 Mar 2011
Richard Allen: (BskyB) A Fantastic methodology that allows us to deliver requirements at sort notice in an ever changing industry. It allows transparency to our customers, whilst delivering requirements on time and within an efficient manner, wouldn't use any other methodology!
Rachel Alt-Simmons: (SAS Institute)
Gary Hanyzewski: (BROBF Technologies) We embrace and utilize Agile processes in everything we do. Valuing People, Results and Collaboration over Process, Documentation and Contracts allows us to maximize who we are and what we believe.
Rajeem Eid Cariazo: (Genie Technologies)
Marsha Fleetwood.
Thiago Avelino: (Trianguli)
Ernest Poletaev: (Enterprise Information Systems)
Declan Cox: This is the way to go, no doubt about it!
Sam Burggraaf: (LDS Church) Establishing clear values are important for any organization's efforts to be successful. The values of the Manifesto provide clear direction and focus to our development and service support efforts, while allowing us to develop our own agile models and methods to meet the needs of our customers. These Manifesto values have stood the "test of time" in our large project software development and in our service operations.
Khachatur Yengibaryan: (Digamma LLC)
Muhammad Yoosuf: (Magpie Labs) Recently I got an oppertunity to have some read on some of journals for my academic studies and found that Agile provide quality solution and quick deliverable than the traditional and other modelling approaches, hence, as a CET of Magpie Labs, we also do follow the Agile/Scrum for our day to day design and development process.
Emerson Roger: (
Jatin Patel.
Chandranath Bhatla: The Agile Methodology is an important doctrine to follow and is key to successful software development. More importantly, this methodology has heightened value of the individual increases job satisfaction, which increases productivity. Fun practicing agile.
Bon David: (
Patrick Ritter: (Simulon)
Adam Hutchison.
Emmerson de Camargo: (PMB Consultoria)
U IO CHIO: (Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd.)
Jb Rieu: (
Jose Mari: (ANER)
Kirti Dhawan.
Ed Thomas: It is so very important for us to revisit this Manifesto from time to time. All too often I encounter folks who think Agile is: having standups, moving post-it notes around on a board, treating planning as if it is completely irrelevant and documentation as entirely unnecessary. For them, contract negotiation is something for others to think about, and any tool utilized before Agile became popular is old & useless. The authors of the Manifesto did not "throw the baby out with the bathwater". They stated priorities with which I agree, and have long incorporated into my practice. As one who values and respects people & their abilities to contribute, I support the Manifesto as a central theme in the field of Project Management
Chandra Batra: I sign this in memory of my father. As an educator and a programmer these are the core principles that guided his work.Blessed Be
Ivan Koletic: (Microsoft)
Mubarak Chaudhry: by using this, we can enable software development to follow human behavior more closely to eliminate resistance and waste
Michael Holton.
Sean Langley: (VitalHub Corp)
Konstantin Sountsov: A great Manifesto to endorse, The Hippocratic Oath for the Software developers.
Amir Pourteymour.
Pia Helene Larsen: Software developer
Leonardo Steffen: (ThoughtWorks)
Majid Iqbal: In a world where "software = service" we should adopt Agile for the design and development of world-class services, in business, government, and non-profit. Agile development can help organizations realize that services are in fact a type of product.
Salman Rana: (Avanza Solutions)
Julie Hooker: Agile Teams are the best way to enjoy the work of creating software!
Adrian Bennett: Simplicity and synthesis leads to sustainability
Kelly Key: (Sabre Holdings, Inc.)
Vinoj: (amdocs)
Bertrand FLORAT: (IT Consultant) Agile benefits are proved, we delivered all our projects in time using Scrum.
Joao Bettencourt, PMP: (Software project management) Agile has allowed our teams to escape the vicious cycle of long development phases which frequently were wasted by drastic shifts in scope. Now, when a large scope shift occurs, we lose a lot less prior effort.
John Riley: (Erudine Ltd) Applying these principles is the only way forward, especially in our complex, fast changing world. Waterfall has had its day. For the next 10 years we mustn't underestimate the task of deploying agile in the corporate enterprise environment. The technology is key, of course, but so is the huge mindset change required in the enterprise, especially by business people, as agile approaches require a major rethink in corporate structures - procurement, contracts, business models, outcomes, user interaction.
Marc Strohlein: (Agile Business Logic) A firm believer in, and user of agile tenets and principles. My new endeavor is applying the principles to a broader business framework.
Ari Harrison: I endorse the values and goals of the Agile Manifesto. It is my belief, that only through a process of improved and increased collaboration and communication based on team principles will the software development process become better and more able to deal with the product owners needs. The agile process can also be leveraged outside of the software development space, and can be a great benefit to any organization.
Viktor Farcic.
Gaurav Gaur: Processes kills valuable time of a developer. There should be a right balance for everything. No process and no documentation both don't work out well. But a tilt towards agility is much more developer friendly and a happy developer can do wonders! I support agility, value customer, understand change and engage everyone!
Cristian Vasile: ( It allows me to continously discover new insights about my work. And it allows my custumers to constantly discover new results.
Gerardine D'Sa.
Anders Gerner: (Danish Computer Science student ) This is the right way. Make software development more human and agile instead of just following all rules and routines.
ferhat celik.

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