Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Apr to 23 Apr 2011
Hazem Farahat: I do support the Manifesto,, I did what in it without knowing,, when I read it I found myself
Claudio Vivante: (TOOLS FOR SMART MINDS)
WuJiafeng: This manifesto can help us build stronger softwares. it is quite valuable! We should put it into practices and we will benefit a lot from it!
Timo Klimmer: (Microsoft) Thank you so much - the Agile Manifesto is one of the most valuable contributions ever invented in IT and now even reaches other Non-IT areas. Keep up the good work!
Raj Jadeja: Embrace changes! Align and deliver value sooner. We're all in this together.
Chris Wright.
Michael Riecken: (Siemens Energy) Every problem (even the technical ones) are people problems. The manifesto recognizes this where other theories/processes/techniques do not.
Franco Ordoñez L: I used for my engineer project, makes good work
Gian Mahil: (Applied-Agile) We have found that the Agile approach can be applied to most business procedures and skills. Applying a Agile approach will lead to better results , more quickly with fewer resources AND heppier clients. Gian Mahil
Mohammed Babrawala: (Tata Consultancy Services) I Endorse, Support and highly believe in the Agile Framework. I see it as a future of Managing Projects.
Daniel Cohen.
RaviShankar Alla: (HDFC BANK LTD) With Quick Changes in the scope and little time to marketing, I absolutely recommend Agile Manifesto. It helps to think and handle complex problems in simplest way.
Modestos Stavrakis: (University of the Aegean) Design thoughtfully, develop honestly!
Murat Özbay: (ATILIM UNIVERSITY) simple is the best
Christopher John Cubos: (Philippines Outsourcing) I love the manifesto ... I'm memorizing it by heart!!!
Alind Sharma: I endorse the views provided in manifesto. I myself uses some of the techniques. Its high time that all of the software devs should start aligning themselves with the mainfesto.
Adriano Luciano Candido: (
Özgür Gülay: (
Praveen RS.
Rodrigo Gidra.
James Carnegie: (Nokia)
Rochelle Olviga: (IT Sketchbook) My take on the 4 pts: *People over Processes! Respecting human creativity & individuality vs. treating people like lifeless code-churning machines. Everything else follows this principle. [there's a reason this is the first point in the manifesto] *Documentation - The speed of trust / honesty system vs. nitty-gritty documentation that nobody reads when all we want to know is Does it work? *Is this what you want? Customers getting their hands on the product as quickly as possible. Think back to waterfall, the most exciting time is right before delivering the product for user acceptance testing. *Changes - Plans are not set in stone! There needs to be a culture shift here.
Jignesh Jani: (Zensar Technologies Ltd.) Agile Software Development for me is like a breeze of fresh air in to a close room. I have been enjoying my work more ever since i started using Agile Software Development. It is more fun, higher quality and a good human touch to everything you do. Top of it, every month i deliver something that really works for my clients who are in a business that is every changing.
Prakash Bettadapur: Agile is the common sense approach. Even before the formalized approach, we followed Agile under different names. The manifesto and the principles can be applied to create a set of commandments to follow in an organization. Go Agile!!!
Evandro Sviercowski.
Ashish Singh Chauhan: (Dell Services) I agree with the AGILE MANIFESTO. Agile methods have lead the traditional way of software development to a refined approach incorporating all the best practices of existing development models. Agile methodology is the best and really impressed me with the scrum call and customer collaboration. More communication has proven extremely valuable in the development process allowing everyone to give their best for the benefit of the software being developed. --- Cheers,(Ash)
Renata: (Infoglobo) Started workting with Agile on 2010 and already applied it on 3 projects. The last one was improved by the use of Kanban. First project in the company and now we have at least 3 with Kanban and around 5 using framework Scrum.
Maury Melo: (Consultant) As a consultant I consider the agile methodology a smart way to manage projects.
Artem Glazkov.
Gary Greyling.
Rajesh: (Accenture)
Stefan Papp: (Rubicon) All our products that are hosted on, or had been created with Agile Software Development. It would not have been possible to create these fine products in a non agile way.
Andrei Zagorneanu: (
Jeff Knecht.
Jonathan Keam: My personal (and somewhat corny) motto has always been: "Teamwork makes the dream work" and nothing I've seen has come to encapsulate that more than going Agile.
Andy Wang: I agree with the Agile Manifesto, and practice it along with the 12 principles in my daily work.
Tracey Oliver: (Steinbach Oliver)
Saminathan Raju: (CIBER Inc) I strongly believe in agile for a rapidly changing and competitive environment. It helped us a lot in getting the up-to-date deliverable at all times. Its a win-win situation as in the end result would be of up-to-date, and due to change in requirements, there are chances for the code, design betterments thus makes a developer more valuable.
Dive Centre HQ: (Dive Centre HQ) Our team of 6 fully support the Agile Manifesto!
Benjamin Maynard.
Robert Chinnici.
Ramon Anger: Agile is a form of democratic software development. It's the best way I know to create efficient and stable software. Being agile, you can always keep fun in mind.
Victor Nash: I have always tried to follow these techniques, now someone has given it a name, Bravo!
Bob Schellenbach: (Retail Control Solutions, Inc.) I am a firm beleiver in the use of agile techinques and best practices.
Torsten Walde: (SAP Technical Consultant - Freelancer)
David Silva: (Pozion IT Solutions)
Joan Chalkley: WOW!!! I have been doing Waterfall development for over 25 years. It seemed like such a struggle getting things done. I just had a two day Scrum Master class, so I haven't applied the concepts in "real life". Still AMAZING - work would be FUN and STIMULATING with this approach!
Sandy Adam: (21C Interactive)
Robert Barraza Gamero: (Personal) La idea de software ágil me parece revolucionariamente buena.

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