Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Aug to 24 Aug 2011
Dan Ebert.
Claire Summerton: (Refinance Cash-out Mortgages) Agile Manifesto dealing with today's customer, and is a courageous and far-sighted approach to deliver value. Agile, we are able to provide quality software, with a guaranteed price, and delivered to the customer. Many thanks for thinking outside the box.
Adam Beaton: (Teles Solutions)
Ramya Jothi.
JB: (Remortgage Supermarket) I always have, and always will support the agile manifesto.
Cathleen McGrath.
Mark Teague: (Presort Plus) Agile methodology is more than a common sense approach. It works in the real world because engineers/developers/troubleshooters are trusted instead of blind adherence to a policy or contract. This is how you get things done.
Ed Case: (Knoll Inc.)
Mike Drake: As an experienced BI/DW professional, I wholeheartedly endorse and pursue these values and principles as I seek to provide information and insight to my customers and stakeholders.
Ryan Bergman.
George Garrido: (Isban) Agility and Flexibility are key to survival.
Wolfram Schulze: (Siemens AG)
Andrew Crocker: (
Stefan Mooslechner: (CodeFluegel)
Don Almeida: (Northrop Grumman) I am always looking for better ways of doing things... and this fits in at the right time and place. I value all the items on the right... and a few on the left.
Yunian Ma: (Shinetech Software Inc.) I agree. You pay your efforts and what do you want to bring for people? A useful system, a nice tool, a key value business, or a on plan but unused system, full help documents but a confused tool. I like first.
Chris Mclean: (Metservice New Zealand)
Erik LaManna.
Abdullah Khawatrah: (Inof2cell) We have been Agile for as long as i remember, this is what we did by nature, but having a committee that standardize, guide and lead the approach is very important. Software is all about what the user needs. The group of professionals working on the software needs to have a clear guide on how to collaborate and deliver. Agility is the way to go, not in software development efforts only: agility can be applied to any effort that involves collaboration and deliverable, that simply covers all the activities humans do.
Leeson Log: (SDU-ISE)
Christopher Deserva.
Bobby Gilkerson: (Video Gaming Technologies, Inc)
Christy Grant: The beauty of Agile is that it helps keep things relevant!
Vic I Zapata: (Globe Telecom)
Daniel Jordan: (Video Gaming Technologies, Inc)
Kiran.Yadali: (Video Gaming Technologies Inc.)
Carlos José da Costa: (Vilesoft) I endorse this manifesto because I believe it's a evolution in the way we think about software how it deserves.
Jose R. Rodriguez: (MultiCorpora R&D Inc.) I have been using agile methodologies for a couple of years and I love the results we can achieve with them over traditional methodologies. I support the Agile Manifesto and will use agile methodologies wherever my career path might take me in the future. There is just no other proper way to deliver software!
Waylon Martinez: (Codesulting)
Shekhar Sivaraman.
Michael Rembach.
Rens van Rijn.
Sandeep Kumar: (Honeywell) I endorse and fully support the agile manifesto.
Lucius Allen.
Scott Nelson: (
Julia Hayward: (Onalytica) The Agile principles have guided years which have not only been my most productive but my most enjoyable as a developer. If there is anything a true professional should commit to heart, this is it.
Sheela Vallabhaneni: (Axcess Financial) I endorse Agile methodology since it drives for frequent inspection and adaptation. As a result of this iterative planning and feedback loop, teams are able to deliver working software frequently. Agile also helps in easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process. I have worked in this methodology for two years and I absolutely love the benefits Agile has over waterfall.
Sharmila Banerjee: Agility (ability and intent to adopt changes) is the key to any progress. Agile as an approach is an outside-in customer focused approach. I both endorse and pursue these principles.
Engin Fatih Saz: (Turkish Statistical Institute) I think it is essential to apply the principles of Agile Software Development in recent world of Software where everything changes rapidly.
Haroon Chaudhry: A nice mix of art and science of software development.
gonzalo flores.
pavel zelenka.
Ridvan Bunjaku: (| : ( | : )) This manifesto summarizes the modern, interactive way of developing software that ensures both client team satisfaction and developing team satisfaction.
Bhushan Patil: (Syntel Inc)
Ashirul Mubin: (The University of Alabama Graduate School)
Rosario Carollo: (New Energy)
Karthik Rajagopalan: ( Agile Manifesto goes beyond traditional project methodologies and prepares industry for a transformation from Process Conformance approaches to becoming more Responsive, Productive and Sustainable in its operating environment.
Michele P Galloway: I support the Agile Manifesto

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