Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 13 Apr to 22 Apr 2012
Beate Lauf: (COMNESSIO Seminare) Agile is the right way to go. We support people to do agile projects. Customers will have a big effort in short time. Thank you.
Phillip Grove: (Confluex) This is the right way to run projects. Everything else is just crazy!
Ryan Denney: (Confluex)
Massimo Petrucci.
Jérôme Travers: (CCAS) Je suis convaincu que la méthode Agile est la meilleure organisation possible pour construire des plateformes Web/internet dans les délais les plus courts. L'architecture et les fonctionnalités correspondantes qui en découlent, sont très souvent optimisées. Les femmes et les hommes qui constituent les équipes sont beaucoup plus épanouis dans leur travail et restent liés par une amitié confraternelle à toute épreuve. Chef de projet & webdesigner
William Anderson: I've read Ken Schwaber's book, Agile Project Management with Scrum, and it's excited me to apply the lessons learned to non-software development projects.
Bodo Gravert: Agile Development ist vorwaerts gerichtet und motiviert durch Leichtigkeit mutige Schritte zu gehen.
John Mann: (LoTek Media) I have taken Agile Project Management classes for several years. I am now a teacher of the Agile method to new developers in my organization. It has produced the most efficient and fun work environment.
Anil Malhotra: It is one of the best systems to deliver software projects successfully. Best of times to all users.
Gautam Gurtoo: (Nvizion Solutions) Agile principles have proven itself as the best no-nonsense means of software development. We at Nvizion Solutions, fully subscribe to the manifesto and try to follow these principles to best of our abilities and their applicability to customer needs.
Nicola Rizzo.
Andy Bowes.
Matthew Rosenthal: (Law Office of Matthew B Rosenthal) Although these principles are common sense, it is good to have these in writing to keep the developers focused on what is truly important. I support this Manifesto.
Janet Waite: Focus on application of agile methods in software projects that support delivering business value faster.
Zvonimir Križ.
adrian lander: (ScrumSharp) As CEO of Scrum# ("ScrumSharp") a fully Agile organisation, setup to "spread" all the good of Agile in APAC and beyond, I can do nothing but endorse the Agile Manifesto. Having been tasked with turning around the failure of traditional ("waterfall") style projects and programs, I can only confirm the problems that a non-agile approach often leads to. I ran my first business-critical, European wide multiple-team Agile project in 2000. Albeit that I have applied many of the common-sense Agile principles since 1995. Moreover, I have applied Agile very successfully to non-SW projects, often for turnaround. My message is: Agile goes well beyond software. Agile is (relatively) complex product delivery focused, whether Software or not!
jichangyu: yes
Basavaraj Benki: Agile is the way to go... Waterfall sucks !!
Scott Aucoin.
Corne: (CrossKnowledge)
Julio Portela Sousa: (Hemopi)
Marco: (napoli per quartiere)
Marco Vale: (Annunci gratuiti)
Thomas Sullivan: (Northwest Farm Credit Services) I was trained up in an Agile environment when, a long established Agile company, bought the company I was working for ( Since then I have moved on to another company (Northwest Farm Credit Services in partnership with Financial Partners, Inc). I am part of a recently formed Business Inteligence group (within NWFCS) which is considering the Agile model, FPI having already adopted Agile. My goal is to champion the Methodology and shore up confidence in it for my supervisor and fellow team members.
Brian Wernham: (Maitland and Strong Publishing) I fully endorse the manifesto and I encourage all leaders to adopt the principles when running change programmes of any size.
Frederic Ducros: ( :: Strategy. Executed. With you) We believe the principles and priorities proposed in the Agile Manifesto apply way beyond software development, to organization strategy and transformation, becoming then: 1 Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, 2 Working ORGANIZATION over comprehensive documentation, 3 Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, 4 Responding to change over following a plan. And we are here to make it known, and make it happen.
iPANEMA Women's Flip Flops: (iPANEMA) The easier it is for everyone to develop software the more benefits we will all see. The manifesto is a good think and everyone should be behind it.
Duncan Hepplewhite: (SailingFast) The sooner this is sorted the better it'll be for everyone. We support this 100%
Stefan Haslinger: (Informatom EDV-Dienstleistungen e.U.)
Glenn E. McConnell: (GEM Services & Consulting)
Satyanarayanan Viswanathan: The agile philosophy is one of the more sensible and aggressive methodologies.I have had the pleasure to work with this for several years and I have practiced this methodology in many projects. It is great and I love it.
jamesfrenkline: (Annual Travel Insurance) The very first thing is to do is to check the internet and search for term for which you need information. We can do each and everything if we trust ourself and think that I can do it.
Mark Fuchs: Agile is not unqiue to this world but the application of every day common sense and respect for teams, projects and outcomes. You live your life and manage its aspects using agile.
Mithlesh Thukral: (Symantec)
Vito Madaio: (TenStep Italia) We need a world with more collaboration, doing facts not words.
David Haddad.
Daniel Saforo: I am slowly trying to convert my organization from Waterfall to Scrum. It's not going to be easy teaching these 'dinosaurs' new tricks; but once it happens, I'm certain we'll see improvements in quality and timeliness, as well as a reduction of defects. For once, there will no longer be a divide between the business users and IT - everyone will be on the same team working collaboratively!
Shelby Brown: (
Juliano MUNIZ: (
Davide Cavaliere: (Easysoft Systems) Without knowing it I always coded as an Agile thinker. Now I know: I'm into Agile.
Anna Wawszczak: (Institute of Computer and Information Sciences Czestochowa University of Technology )
Amir Abbas Kashani.
Julien Roubieu: (Obiz Tecnologia da Informação)
Jim Barrows: I used to work with RUP/USDP and other heavy weight processes, then I went to agile, and now I'm working at a waterfall shop. It's absolutely clear to me just how much these principles are true. I don't think ( now that I've gone from agile to waterfall) you can really appreciate the difference until you go back.
Sunil Kolluru: (TCS)
Gowri Shankar Sinha: I endorse the Agile methodology as it strives to focus on individuals thereby increasing customer delight. At the end of the day, it is a satisfied customer who helps a business succeed and Agile supports successful business outcomes by being individual centric.
Victoria Ponce: I could not believe it that a revolution is happening inside the IT field. I found that all the initiatives based in this manifesto are attempts to develop organic forms of developing software and for me that it is the essential reason why it is working and why it is helping IT teams to become more productive. It place the individual at the center of the process in both sides, also promotes de development and support of faculties, abilities and values that the actual structure and different systems (specially the education system) and sectors in our society don't promote or favour to much like creativity, trust (in ourselves and in others), freedom, communication, cooperation, fraternity and spontaneity. My hope is that the principles of this manifest will be reply in others fields and sectors of our society, I think that all fields and sectors of our society can benefit in many ways from the reduction of planning, control, bureaucracy and laws that are an intrinsic consequence of using the principles stated in this manifest. Then our society will have more chances of becoming organized in more organic ways that reflects and favours our inner individualities allowing us to evolve in a healthy way as a humanity. I definitely want to support this Agile Manifesto because I firmly believe that our society needs agile and real changes in the way of doing things in order to start to change and replace values and principles that really help us to heal as a society. Thank you to the team that had this initiative and to all people who is supporting it in any way, I will help as much as I can to support this Manifesto.
Anthony Fielding.
James Shields: (Interaria)
Timothy Arrowsmith: (WebSavvy Solutions) Project owners can only see a limited distance into their desired future. It's not a fault but a fact of human nature and the increasing pace of change. The best we can hope for is to know what is important in the short run. On the flip side it is equally important to recognize that work teams cannot do a excellent job delivering completed tasks unless they can focus on those tasks without getting distracted by the flaming priority of the hour. Agile methods are a adjustable way to encourage making and keeping reasonable commitments. Here here for progress!

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