Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 05 May to 16 May 2012
Alex Shepko: I believe Agile approaches are essential to deliver best quality software and keep successful communication with a client and a team. This is why I support Agile!
Travis Savo.
Juan Villegas: (Kubica) It rocks!!
Bingquan Wang (王炳全): As a pragmatic programmer, I love and would like to follow the principles of Agile.   Let's play the code and deliver its value together interactively and collaboratively in a professional and flexible way.
Alexis: (
Yuriy Antoniv.
Matsumoto Shinichi: (Kobe Cafe) I second Agile Manifesto
Ashish Roy: (Ocular Concepts) Time to market is important and recreating the wheel is juts not necessary until and unless someone is sure that the wheel will transform transportation. The point is enabling start-ups and entrepreneurs will all the tools they need to take feedback. We use Drupal 7 and have derived agile methodologies to bring competence into our programming framework.
Esben Krag Hansen: (Scrumwise)
Matt Mills.
Nisha Shoukath: (People10) Agile is not just a development method, but also a way of life. True Business Agility can only be possible through agile engineering methods and passionate technologists who are agile in their minds. I am a practitioner and coach since many years and I endorse the Agile Manifesto
Philip Lew: (XBOSoft) We are a testing organization with a sole focus on QA. I have to say that the agile manifesto as it relates to putting out good software rather than documentation is a big help in getting good products out the door. Most of the time, no one pays attention to pages and pages of requirements and test plans anyway. We have adapted our testing practices to agile where different skills and practices are needed and see it quite beneficial for all.
Yuriy Antoniv.
David villacampa.
Tom van Baarle.
Geoff Phipps: (Terra Firma) Completed agile course and keen to build on existing skillset
Aaron Katz.
Emily Herrick.
ANDREW GOMBYA: (Independent Software Engneering Consultant) I support Agile especially in Africa where deployment in most institutes and organizations is still low. You really have to be good at agile development to deliver a product that will convince the directors that they actually need a system. THANKS AGILE...
Niv Ingberg.
Rodrigo Vieira: Because I believe a lot on agile development, I am endorsing this manifesto. Developers of all over the world should read these simple principles of how to build a software and always to use these principles. Thanks for all agile manifesto authors for become our work better.
Erdem Köse: (Geometri Yazılım Ltd) It's a pleasure to see happy customers. Thanks to Agile Software Development.
Mindy Ferguson: I believe in the value of individuals and interactions over process and tools, that working software is more valuable to the client than comprehensive documentation and that collaboration amongst teams and with the client will provide better software than contract negotiation. In our teams, responding to change has produced valuable iterative feedback that allows us to fine tune our process and continue to deliver to client expectations.
Rafael Marins: (
Tobias Richling.
Shafieka : We need to be flexible in the ever evolving world to be successful. Agile brings back the very and passion many software developers can appreciate and enjoy. Be able to adapt to change.
Dave Draffin: (Boeing BT&E IT)
Christian Ferrari: (
Mike Kusold: ( With the speed required by today's world, software developers need to be able to constantly adapt. Agile helps give me the chance to change direction rapidly, if it will help me reach my goal with higher quality, and faster speed.
Jeffrey Lee: (InfoSynergetics)
Nanccy Fox.
Rahul Bansal: (rtCamp) We rtCampers unknowingly supported Agile Manifesto much before we came to know about it. It really pays off to be nice... nice to others! :-)
Nicholas Rios: The pursuit of perfect project delivery is elusive and scattered with pitfalls, distractions and time wasting best intentions.
Nick Kagelaris: (NAdvice) Agile methodology is a sound choice for software development and web design projects.
John Peachey: (Thales)
Judy Cacco: (Pathfinder Mediation Group) This is the finest movement in IT since computing went to the corporate desktop! Its professional committment inspires us to excellence!
Julia Rodriguez.
iphonemekka: ( I Support the Agile Manifesto! God bless you!
Mohammed I. Derbashi.
Peter Measey: (RADTAC) As a person who has been specialising in Agile (mainly software) since 1994 I fully endorse the Agile Manifesto. I believe that the Manifesto applies to the majority of cases where products are being delivered in any complex volatile enviroment, not just software.
Dima Kurguzov.
Geoffrey Mitchell: (TDK Technologies) In my 15+ years of software development, I have found that following the principles of the agile manifesto (even before I knew what it was) reliably produces much higher quality software than any rigid, process-oriented methodology. Customer collaboration and the ability to respond to change are of inestimable value.
Marcel Theunissen: (Creaware Pty Ltd)
Nametsegang Boemo-Mokhawa: (portland state university) Being agile is being smart
Lukas Spee.
Rajib Banerjee: (Barclays) I support Agile.
Franc Bianca.
Arnold Shoon: Loving Agile development!!!
Dan Bondor.
Cláudio Gimenes Toledo.

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