Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 02 Jan to 12 Jan 2013
Marco Arturo Leyva Juarez: (Procesadora de Medios de Pago) I support the Agile Manifesto
Mark Smith: (3Cinteractive)
M G van Dongen.
Jacques Patin.
Bappi Banik: (Fidelity) Today’s ever changing environment of our operation bringing agility to software delivery is key for business success. We get more value by delivering working product in iterative fashion, improving time to market, constant feedback to all stakeholders and maintaining a self sustainable motivated bunch of team members.
Jagjot Singh: ( My endorsement : I 100% agree with the current Manifesto. I am using agile techniques in my everyday development process since 9 years. And in time we have understood the facts and benefits of using agile develoment. I should say learned the facts of nature by keeping simple approach consistent - whict is agile approach. This community has helped 1000 by putting milestone by Manifesto. adding to that me and my software development community will be ready to contribute anytime. Good work guys. Regards Jagjot Singh
Eduardo Romeiro: (Cio on Demand) believe by in concepts and technique supported by many thinkers so involved and as important for a development agile, i ask the honor to do part this group have grown more and more everyday. Thanks!
Huander Umberto Martins Tironi.
Diego Camilotto.
Bhoodev Singh.
Gloria Rivera: (Universidad Don Bosco)
Kristen Kjoberg: (Kjoberg Programvare AS)
Luca Giraudo: ( Amazing to see how many organizations put all their faith on heavy processes instead of focusing on team building and customer collaboration. As consultant specialised in PMO support and business change implementation, I'm using the Agile Manifesto principles every day.
Hemal Varambhia: It has helped to hone my creativity in the most productive manner possible. It brings the fun back into development and engineering, definitely alot more enjoyable
Sebastian Radics: (
Pitsanu Tongprasin.
Ritesh Sahu.
Ed Costello: Continual rapid changes to the technology landscape and resulting market shifts require a development approach that reacts quickly while enabling individuals to focus on producing products and services. The Agile Manifesto strikes the right balance in this regard. When questions arise about process or priority, the answer can usually be found in its tenets.
Marcelo Sa: (Jambu Tecnologia) Reconhecemos no Manifesto Ágil como um marco histórico na gestão de projetos e de processos de desenvolvimento de software. Marcelo at Jambutec in 2013, january
Vijay Kumar B H.
Andre Koch.
Bob Ritchie.
Joe Gaber: (Durango IT Architects) Before I ever heard of XP or Agile processes or methodology, I started a software product development company in 1990, I conducted paired programming, minimalistic documentation, tons of whiteboards all over the office walls, and very RAD iterations. When I first heard of the Agile manifesto and all of the writings and talk, I was already a sold practitioner of what just made logical sense without anyone having to train me or teach me.
Fredrick Maynor: (The Near Future) I am very pleased to be able to publicly endorse the approach outlined in the Agile Manifesto. The principles are essentially the same as I espoused throughout my early years as a publishing project manager. It's great to know that this philosophy has really caught on. I feel vindicated.
Aaron Strey: I wonder how a group of musicians would react if you handed them a standard PMO "toolkit" and told them: "Go write a song, follow these processes exactly, and fill out all of the documentation regardless of whether or not it makes sense. We expect a hit song in a week." Developing software is a creative process.
Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis: ( I'm one of Martin Fowler's fans and believe in Agile as in most powerful tool for development. As Configuration Management expert and SCRUM master, I'm working hard to popularize Agile and Configuration Management principles which still requires some adaption to Agile requirements. Latvia has a great resource of developers but still there is long way to go.
Ch Srinivasa Rao: (Wipro Infotech) Excellent process, but it should be implemented end to end team
Bruno Nascimentro Ferreira: People mean more than just a process The agile manifesto show us that the most important is the code and your work over than a meaningless documentation.
Renato Ramos Nascimento.
Jeffrey Skidmore: (BYU NeoVent)
Juri: (University of Southern Denmark) Agile software development is good in many ways! All software developers should know about it in my opinion. Best regards, Juri
Tomasz Jureczko: (Diamonds Digital Ltd) good software == satisfied developers
Igor Malchenko: (IT Miabit Company) Dear Authors, thank You for all Your Hard Work!
Sridhar Ranga: (Yahoo Inc) Man learns from the mistakes and I believe Agile menifesto is perfect package for an individual to build any software or an application.
Joana Simoes: (
Marco Lo Cascio: (Capgemini) We live in amazing times... I believe that "Agile" is the answer to a lot of questions.
Alessandro Ingrosso: (Consel - Consorzio Elis per la formazione)
Eric Harrison: (SmashTank Apps)
Juan Martín Funes: Concuerdo con el manifesto, ayuda a mantener el foco en el desarrollo de los sistemas.
Patrik Suzzi: (PDS)
Eduardo Sampaio: Developing software in a different way, creating value and generating more value to the application.
Raj Thoopul.
Aleksandras Silkonis: (Central Project Management Agency (Lithuania))
Rui Santos Couto: Make it happen!
Ravichandran Nagarajan: (Banca Sella) I support Agile Manifesto by its values and principles.
Jon Elliott: (Capgemini)
Lanre Ogunbayo: (Capgemini UK Plc)
Michael Pam : (Pinagency ) WE espouse the concept of agile development as a culture for our organization.
Felipe Castanheira Morais: Agile, ho!
Ramesh Garikamokkala.

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