Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 23 May to 04 Jun 2013
David Holland: (Le Collective)
Jorge Hernán Abad Londoño: ( Las metodologías ágiles y las prácticas ágiles de desarrollo de software son la forma más exitosa de desarrollo de software. Apruebo el manifiesto y me comprometo a usarlo y difundirlo.
Gary Mansfield: (http://
Colin Lee: (Pearson VUE)
Birju Thakkar: I fully support the Agile Manifesto!
Fareed Quraishi.
Michael Badali: ( I look forward to the day when this is the norm and not the strange new way. Having had the privilege of working this way, I can attest to its effectiveness and its joyfulness.
Julio Carrettoni: (http:// Coincido con los postulados del manifesto, doy fe de su utilizadad y de que en mi experiencia personal me ha dado muy buenos resultados y es la que más satisfacciones profesionales y personales me ha brindado. Me comprometo a seguir usándolo y difundirlo sin convertirme en un fanático que se opone al cambio y la crítica.
Cheryl Lowe.
Keyuri Anand.
Antonio Spadim: (Spadim Group) Concordo com todos termos deste manifesto. Somente com foco em pessoas e suas reais necessidades nossas aplicações conseguirão ser realmente boas. Pensando dessa forma, colaboraremos não somente para um trabalho realizado de forma otimizada, mas para um mundo melhor.
Keven: (Mars) agile is an effective way to improve today's software developing
Dmitri Vasserman: Advancing agile thinking in bigger corporations is as challenging as advancing political freedoms in the world. Nevertheless, we should never stop trying. Agile processes are like election procedures: sometimes they are followed without embracing the fundamental ideas behind them. Recognizing that the core agile ideas are more important than agile processes, I give today my endorsement to Agile Manifesto.
Hasangi Nandasena: I'm impressed by how Agile in practice has enabled motivated individuals to rise above organisational clutter and focus on real processes and practices to deliver good software, and to make users and stakeholders truly satisfied. In 15 years, I have never found software development as rewarding as I am finding as a Product Owner of an Agile team. I never want to go back!
Stéphane Monnot-Boudrant: (
Adnan M Khawaja: ( I totally endorse it over waterfall in my field of work
Wieland Rhenau: Agile people focussed organizations are the future.
Amir Shani: (EASA)
Wahyu Kristianto.
Ricardo García Fernández: (
Andrew Isidoro: (Andrew Isidoro)
Carolina Gorosito: (Astrolabe)
Brent H. Dyke: (4MYKYDZ Foundation) Since 2004 I have used Agile principles as my go to development Project management protocol and without a doubt have built the most robust solutions through one little bite at a time, proving that you can do wonderful things if you build the proper iteration and defined team based leading resources
Philip J. Smith: Agile is not just a fad or buzzword. Delivering working software in tight, time-boxed iterations is a win-win. Customers are happy to get the solutions they expect. Teams are motivated by favorable feedback from customers. As a manager, the Agile Manifesto influences every decision I make, every day. I have become more of a multi-team overseer and facilitator for my Agile teams, instead of a command-and-control manager.
Mario Daher: (MD79) Having been a programmer for the best part of my adult life, I can honestly say AGILE should be at the heart of every development organization and individual, for a better advacement in technology and business ethics.
jorge johnson: (Ceiba Software S.A.S.)
Phil Cogbill: Agile development principals and methodologies have had significant positive influence on both our day to day productivity and our ability to respond to operational demands.
Marcel Zeeuw: (Terra-Zee b.v.) Over the last couple of years, I've mastered the Agile principals (more explicitly) in my daily work as a Project Lead and Scrum Master successfully at various clients. More explicitly, since previously, I already used these principals partly in more 'traditional' projects without realizing that they are named after that. Rather, Agile principals simply come 'naturally'. To me, adopting and practicing agility is work in progress; various customers that need their own tailoring and change is here to stay forever. Coming from all that, to me it's a no-brainer to endorse "The Manifesto".
George Hendrickson: My endorsement is about 11 years overdue. That is when my first truly agile project started to bear fruit, with coaching help from both Kent Beck and Ken Schwaber. Before then, I had practiced a great deal of iterative development, but the strong focus and achieveable discipline of the agile movement made a qualitative and palpable difference in our productivity, quality, and morale. Win, win, win! Since then, I have always tried to leverage agile methods, often within challenging organizational constraints. Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to the movement, over the years.
Gareth Osmond: (Logicsoftware Ltd) I endorse this manifesto as the standard concept of agile development.
David Hubble: (BRS Labs) Incrementally getting there.
Breens Solicitors: (Breens Solicitors) We fully endorse and approve of the excellent software development methodologies employed by anyone Agile ideas.
Kyle Utley.
Flavia Dias Fortes.
Matthew Pope: (Consultant) I completely concur. While there are other good methods under the Agile umbrella, SCRUM is the most popular, and one I have most recently used successfully. Agile, and SCRUM easily more than double productivity, and give users a system with a much closer fit to their evolving requirements. Those organizations that "get it" are adopting these methods and gaining a significant advantage in their ability to quickly respond to the evolving needs of the environment and stakeholders. Finally software development with a team is fun again.
FADS: (FADS) We fully endorse and support the Agile Manifesto. In situations where we have seen the Agile Manifesto implemented, there has been a huge uplift in productivity and efficiency.
Frank Daniel Cardona Marin: (Quipux S. A.)
Rapid Parcel: (Rapid Parcel) In every instance that we have seen the agile manifesto being implemented in part of businesses, it has improved the performance and bottom line.
Muralie Krishna: I do support the Agile Manifesto values
Rajib Deka: (Siemens Ltd.) Agile has taken the software development process into a different level of thinking. It's an evolving process. Agile has changed the work culture in many organizations and also helped a lot to improve the software delivery cycle. I personally do not feel Agile as a process but more of a cultural change. Do no just follow Agile rather be Agile.
Mustafa YILDIRIM: (
Bernhard Fischer: (Fischer Consulting) product development - especially software development - is creative and complex and therefore needs an agile approach to be effective and efficient. Therefore I support the Agile Manifesto.
Wahid: (Kaz Software) We strongly believe that the only way to develop software is with an agile approach. Agile methods bring back to the fun and creativity to commercial software production. Proud to be a signatory here.
Alberto Marchetti: ( The Agile Manifesto contains a really powerful way to aid humanity. Thinking about a committer, before the commitment itself, lets us think and focus on what is really needed by that person's heart.
Sandy: (Custom software development company) Agile is the only way to develop software. I am lucky my company agrees with this and embraces this principle - otherwise life would have been hard for me!
Renata Marins de Sá Frank: I support the agile manifesto. We should deliver products with more ROI, thinking better and simpler ways to accomplish tasks and solve problems.
UGI AUGUSTINE UGI: (NUGITECH) I endorse Agile software development. I love the Agile way of development and I have always used it for my software development processes.
Jonas Gustafsson.
Mohammad-Javad Izadi: (maxa)

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