Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 18 Dec to 28 Dec 2013
Alex Liu.
Adam Knight: (AKQA) I fully support the agile manifesto; it works!
Ken Swingle.
James Carr.
Drew Johnson: ( I pledge to both follow and share the Agile Manifesto with current and future colleagues.
Chris Gunawardena.
Lou Lombard: (Noblis ESI, LLC)
Rob Duckers: (
Florian Lehmann: (msgGillardon AG) I like and favour lean and sustainable production systems since my days at university . I was astonished when I found out, that the software development process is severely sequential and static and it seems that most customers want it that way! Thus I am even happier to find other people believing in communication and collaboration and I hope we all will permanently change the way, how software will be developed in the future.
Matheus Guilarducci.
David Saitta.
Carlos Hernández Jara.
Daniel Bryant: (Tai-Dev Ltd) The longer I work within the software industry the more I realise the value and importance of these underlying principles of agile software development. I pledge to continually strive to deliver software following these guidelines!
Jeffrey S. Chadwell: I fully support software development under the Agile Manifesto.
Hiren D Vashi: Agile methods makes the Software development process more transparent, the product with quality, and most importantly brings developers and stakeholders closer by forming a collaborative team. A win-win process for all. Agile manifesto makes this happen.
Стоян Узунов: (
Jeffrey S Weishaupt.
Wallace Middleton: (Code Cultivators, LLC) Amen! I saw the light back in 2005 and have been practicing what is preached here since then (w/ a Lean twist in the past few years). Minimizing the feedback loop is paramount to the success of any project... the sooner the customer gets to see what they think they want the better ;-)
Raphael Wlodek: I think this methodology needs to expand into more industries. Lets not limit it to just software.
Chandler Chen: (Thomson Reuters) I have faith in Agile development.
Marco Mantovani: (
Jana Malter: I am happy to join this community. Thank you for the Agile Manifesto! It is so brilliantly simple and still revolutionary.
Johnny E. Thompson: I thoroughly endorse Agile as the smart way to develop software.
Wilbur Ince.
felicity: (Jas Boutique Villas) Following Agile software delivery methodology on a daily basis at my workplace .And so far it is the most effective one.
Prasad A Nair: I understand, agree to and support the Agile Manifesto.
Devang Dudhrejia: (RK University) Hi Friends, This is Devang Dudhrejia here working as Assistant Professor - RK University - Gujarat - India, I Support Agile Manifesto, because I found many problem in the development of Software using normal method, Which can be remove with the Agile Concept or its different Process Model which can be applicable for the software development. The Best Thing I Found in Agile Development that Developers and Customers have to work together for Successfully Completion of the Software.
renato gilardetti: (
Amanda Tresbach: (
Jeremias: (Ganar dinero en la red con un blog) I support this kind of values and I see them as an optimized way to develop software in a colaborative way. For me that is the way of doing things the right way.
Ed Addotta: Simply the best way to develop software.
Philippe Cohen: (Shefing) With more than 20 years in software development in Israeli and US organisations, I am deeply convinced that the manifesto and the principles behind it are the quintessence of my own software project management experience. It brings values to our profession such as responsibility, awareness of the other, acceptance of the reality and continuous will to do better
Emiliano Soldi: ( Be agile, be alive!
Robert Parker: (Praeses)
Harit Baveja: (Publishers Clearing House) Over my development span of 9 years and counting , agile methodology has proved most effective to complete my projects in time and with great quality.
Roelof Jan Bouwknegt: (Ctac NV)
Roelof Jan Bouwknegt: (Ctac NV)
Ayan: Agile values and principles are extremely simple yet powerful
Khalil Dahbi.
Marco Reali: (
Luis Enrique Leon.
Paul Osborn: (The Agile PMO) Sometimes misread as dichotomies, the opposing paired value statements of the Manifesto continually pose challenges to us as we uncover better ways of developing software. We strive daily to find the right balance on the spectrum between the left and right side in each and every new situation, and in that way the Manifesto embodies the very change it extolls.
Ahmed Hosny: As Software Developers and Consultants, Agile Manifesto simply provides us the most important concepts of Internal Team Work also Dealing with Customers.
Naga Kishore: Agile is going to rule the world of Software Development. I like the Scrum Approach a lot and planning to implement in all our future projects.
Zeljko: For me, the agile methods are developing serious software while having fun with my teammates and clients. This is the reason I want to come to this business.
Andrea Hughes: ( I support and encourage the use of Agile practices in software development.
Ashish Mundra: ( This is really proven, I have utilized it ever since I started programming 5 years ago professionally. "Agile" made my life in "Application Development" so handy. A big thanks to "Agile Methodology"!
Chris Alvin: ( The principles of agile manifesto are small words to say a biggest idea. The simplicity and collaborative work to improve client business.
Carla Schoenmaker: ( For software development a new world is possible!
Abdelrahman: (UltraWorx)

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