Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 28 Apr to 11 May 2014
Priya Vijayan.
Sohrab Salimi: (SE-Consulting GmbH)
Cathal Dinneen: (Digital Instinct) From my experience following the Agile Manifesto values has led us to developing better software for our clients but also creating a more enjoyable and empowering workplace.
Andreas Altendorfer: (
Juan Della Torre: (La Machi - Communication for good causes)
Iury Alves de Souza: (QMágico)
James McGeady: I strongly support the principals of Agile Software Development. I have been in software development for 25 years, 10 of which were with organizations officially practicing Agile. It can work for organizations both large and small. My role has been primarily as a Product Leader, and I have benefited from become less rigid in requirements and the roadmap, more collaborative and open in my interactions with engineering, and most importantly, have delivered great products that customers love with little waste.
Marlon Tecson: (HGST, A Western Digital Company) We will use Agile as a project management tool for Advanced Process Control Software Development in HGST.
azhar osman.
Brian Fancett: (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
Ganesh Ramalingam: (Bank of America)
Alex Panov.
Paco Simone: (ARPANet)
Rabindranath Prithvi: Agile is the definite way to go for faster development, feedback and delivery.
Cesar Enrique Encina Leon: (
Ulises Arcidiacono: (Brivin Corporation)
Peter Hyde: (Thales)
Reydi Sutandang: (Wikasa Pte Ltd)
Stephanie Keith : (Unum)
Marianne Erickson: (Signature Consultants) Agile methods work. When teams become bogged down with procedures, excess documentation, and micro-management from non-collaborators, the methods stop working.
Tiago Franco Toledo.
E. Faruk Pehlivanlı: (Titanium Soft)
Jørgen Svennevik Notland: As a student an an entrepreneur i endorse the agile way of thinking. This is because it is putting people reacting smart to change, over processes and plans.
Lara Di Gennaro.
Rocco Cesetti: (ideasoft di Cesetti Rocco) Solutions Software
Franck MIKULECZ: (BAXTER Technologies Ltd.) By signing this Manifesto, I confirm the commitment of this organisation to the Agile Software development principles. At BAXTER, we believe that we can achieve the highest value for our clients and for ourselves by following these principles.
Brian Silliman: I support the AGILE Manifesto because it helps to create a synergistic work environment where customer expectations and timely delivery of working software are the keys to success. Working closly in teams that have excellent communication with each other and also with the customer will be more likely to deliver what the customer wants in an efficent manner.
Ajay Parsana: I pledge to follow agile in its true spirit.
Pradeep Anantharaj.
Oscar Sánchez Maestre: (BBVA)
Pradeep: (Infosys Ltd) Agreed
Edwin de Vries.
Gene Gotimer: (Coveros, Inc.)
Rafał Nowicki: Power of simplicity. I like the statement most because of the practical not theoretical side of IT life.
Lisa Wright.
Marcelo López: (UruIT)
Dhawal Kapil: (Sapient)
Billy: (LiveSomeWhere - Apartments near UCF) Keep it simple and easy to understand. This should be natural and easy. While thought and planning is required, the planning is not the main goal, it is a way to reach the goal.
Paul Austin-Menear: (Marketing Breakthroughs Inc.)
Rafael Barros: ( My support for the ideology is not driven by discovered needs through experience. It just makes much more sense to me than the traditional way.
Brent Laufenberg: (Rise Interactive)
acacio furtado costa: (AM Informatica)
Avnish Kumar Goel: (Tata Elxsi Limited)
Sudha Kasibhatla.
Kevin Lonergan: (PMIS Consulting) I am a strong advocate of the business value of turning the principles of Agile project management into practices that can make a huge difference to the delivery of better projects.
Bradyn Poulsen: ( As the world continues to overlook the world of software and find that "easier" way of getting things done, I affirm through personal practice and experience the value of agile values, principles, and motives to be of utter importance every day.
Wang Jun.
Dave Allen: ( Working software over comprhensive documentation makes my heart sing. Not kidding.
Blanchet Patrick: (DPIS consultant) Working in Health Care Information System I agree with this manifest.

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