Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Jun to 20 Jun 2014
Michael A. Smith: (justmikesmith)
Thorsten Wefers: (Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft)
SOO YOUNG KIM: ( I'm pleased to support this.
Serge Poueme: (Camidus Inc.) I support the agile manifesto!
Alex Romanov: I endorse the 'Agile Manifesto'.
Maria Laura Lucian.
Leandro Aispuru: Hi all! I am studying scrum framework and i had to introduce to Agile Manifesto! I support this Manifesto because i am part of an organization that faces requirement changes during product developments. Agile manifesto principles are the base of our scrum methodology implementation.
Glory Kakessa: ( Les méthodes agile ont carrément booster la relation avec mes clients, généralement pas très sur de ce qu'ils veulent avant que tu leur propose une première version du logiciel, être flexible face au changement est atout fort indéniable pour s'ajuster parfaitement dans le métier du collaborateur.
Gregory Chernis: (INOVA Geo) Great way to grow!
Michelle Russo: (Geocent LLC) The core values of the Agile Manifesto are the elements that determine success or failure of ANY software development effort, regardless of the methodology/framework. I am thankful to the original signatories for publishing this work, and to the many who have built and matured agile frameworks based on these values and principles.
Rajesh Salandri: (Hitachi Consulting) Being Agile!
Sumalya Mukherjee.
Adam Harding: (DashServ)
Orton Baker: (Jonas Software) I am quite interested in supporting the agile process and having people collaborate together for better software development
Amy Clark.
Javier Garcia Arcal: ( I fully agreee with Agile Manifesto, after several years of project management, I have seen that the agile principles are really valuable in order to success in Project Management
Bernd-Christoph Schwede: (ObjectCode GmbH) Good to see the agile rollout! After surviving a major waterfall failure (several years of analysis & documentation @ headcount 40), practising it since 2009, establishing it immediately for the company as a whole. Loving to see more and more customers knowing about it. Must have saved a seven-digit figure in mis-planned, mis-lead, mis-understood projects & features since then at our customers alone...combine it with lean development and get more customer satisfaction for the buck!
kenny: I Support the Agile Manifesto
Ismael Sendros: Since I started to use Agile I can think better than never about how to develop good software
Robert Smith.
Asma Jabeen .
Ruddy Lee: (Mentortrust Taiwan) 我已經奉獻了33年在軟體的世界了,對於軟體可以拿來拯救世界是我的職志,終生俸此為圭臬。而敏捷開發則是拯救這一代軟體的開發法則,當然要致力於他的推廣,全力以赴!
Rui Alberto Gonçalves: This pricipals are timeless. If you want to build excelent software, follow them.
Rob Saddler: (Cognitive-Leap) I have been successfully practising Agile techniques since 2008 and fully endorse Agile principles and methodology.
Philippe Halet: (beCAD SPRL)
Candas Tümer: (
Matt Hickman: (Infinite Creative Alliance)
Tatsuya Sato: (Rakuten, Inc.)
Athanasios Krezios: (Kids in Action) Congratulations for the initiative. Although not a software developer myself, I am doing learning game design for youth groups and training. The very principles you place a value on on your manifesto, have great applicability to the work I do and the life I try to conduct. Thanks again, keep going!
P.J. Tarver: I fully endorse the Agile Manifesto. As a government developer, there is a critical need to marry the principles of development with the realities of acquisition. There needs to be change, and I believe the manifesto is the first sign on that road.
Mohit Garg: (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
Mauro Locatelli: (Aretes)
Christoph Roeper: (Christoph Roeper -
Andrés Felipe Cardona Castro: (velocity partners)
samir ohri: (accenture)
Fabiola Plata Martínez: (PLANMEDIA MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V.) Sales Professional
Mike Artemev: (Blurpix development) The rules of our company coincide with these principles. I am pleased to join signatories.
Marwa Alansary: (Freelancer) Agile in the software development is the most efficient way of thinking and mind set that help teams to developing the software as well as developing themselves too. Also it preventing many issues before raising as well as it exploring other issues earlier as much as possible.
Derek Davidson: (Webgate Ltd)
Müslüm GÜZEL: (DDI Technology) this is the best way of simple software development. Working is important for software.
Mahmud Mamun: Migrated to Agile from CMMI Level-3 back in 2006...since then feeling stronger everyday!
Fede Lopez Laborda.
Kenneth Crooks.
Hasib Ibradzic.
Reynier Hernández Palacios.
Narshion Ngao: (
Joseph Bowen: (Paralogic Network Solutions) We at Paralogic Network Solutions have full support for the Agile Manifesto and look forward to employing agile methods in our future projects.
Mariana Jekova: I am happy with this initiative. I think that this is the only way to develop software and respond to changes.
Steven Fletcher: (Life) The same goes for Software as goes for Life. Requirements are ever-changing and include interactions with real people using real communication. Remaining Agile creates SOLID results.
Hatim Ghadiyali: Agile has been the way forward, Agile is the way forward and Agile will remain to be the way forward because it delivers !

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