Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 07 Aug to 19 Aug 2014
Dominic Lindner: (My Möbelstück)
Pradeep: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the principles of agile manifesto. There are many organizations who do not operate by these principles and market forces will obsolete them eventually because continuous delivery, self-organizing teams and technical excellence are quintessential to stay competitive. There IS NO OTHER WAY but to adopt and accept the agile manifesto principles. Thank you for putting the manifesto together!
Clark Richey.
Nhom777: (Nhom777) I promise i will always do the right things and try to do things in the commitment .
John Gerwin De las Alas: (Intelean Solutions) I will make it on the top of my list on every project that will come, and to comply as I goal to the Agile Manifesto on behalf of Intelean Solutions.
Marta Messechkova: (Getlokal) I strongly support the Agile principles and believe that applying Agile methodologies in software development results in delivering better products for the end user. It also encourages organizational collaboration and increases understanding and appreciation of each other's challenges between all team members.
Ermias Beyene Tesfamariam: (Norsk Polarinstitutt)
Albert Albala: ( For teams that are unsure about Agile, bring it on one principle at a time.
Arnaud Tournier: (LTE Consulting)
Hospitalet Delinfant: (Hospitalet del Infant) I consider this kind of collaborative working really necessary nowadays. I agree to this principles and give thanks for making it possible.
Niclas Eberhagen: (Linnaeus University)
Marcia Tladi: (Rand Water)
Jorge Luis Valdez Daliz: (Smartmatic)
Sue Bramhall: (Solutionsonsite) Agile should apply to all walks of life!
Oluwagbemi Emmanuel: (Imacious Enterprises) I'm oh so in love with the authors of this manifesto. It's beautiful, it's profound. I've seen agile at work. It's how to work. It's natural.
Karn Johal: (Birst) Ever since I first heard this I have instinctively found it to be the right way. Its about being agile, not Doing Agile.
María Belén Senra.
George Dimitriou: (G.Dimitriou & Associates)
Harsha Sabbineni: (Oracle America) I support the Agile Manifesto!
Ashwin Moranganti.
Daniel Wicher: (Future-Processing Sp. z o.o.)
Ernst Fastl.
Pinar Akca: (Ciner)
Dhananjay Rokde: (Cox & Kings) I completely understand & strongly support the Agile Manifesto.
Deep Jyot Sigh.
Barry Steeke: (OMNIKINK) I've managed software development projects for many large and small organisation since 1996. I absolutely believe the Agile Manifesto describes the most sensible, productive and economically beneficial methods to develop software that is both effective and fun to use.
Johana Muñoz Melo.
Jacob Dingus: Agile makes the world go round, value people and quality.
Timothy Muttitt: (Slalom LLC) Whenever something isn't going well you need only to refer to the 12 principles - you are probably breaking one of them. They will get you back on track quickly!
Larry Carlson: (VISTA Expertise Network) I am now involved in an Agile sprint as private contractor with VISTA Expertise. I have always found dividing development into small, well defined, "proof of concept" type tasks most rewarding. Although the bigger picture needs to be kept in view, work will necessarily proceed in small manageable steps. Big fan of Agile Software Development philosophy.
Eric Beyeler: (Create Different LLC) Agile software development is quite simply the way to Get Things Done, the way business can quickly and reliably deliver relevant software on a continuous basis. Communication and collaboration are key!
Xavi: (
SAMSA: (SAMSA) Customer collaboration is key in the Agile process, and in our business in general.
Gandhar Tannu: Truer words have never been said!
Dedra Fabre: Thank you so much for creating this. I serve my team by mentoring and teaching them the values of Agile.
Jo : (VersionOne) It just makes sense.
KANWARDEEP SINGH: I support Agile Manifesto as it gives a most efficient ways to adapt changing requirements. Agile Methodologies focus more on real products than documentations. Customer feels more free and feels confident in terms of value for money. i strongly support agile Methods of developing soft wares.
Ed Shapley: I cannot believe it took me 13 years to find this manifesto. The manifesto makes sense. In my experience, lean I.T. teams develop satisfied stakeholders and effective developers and make the organization more successful than non SDLC 3.0 teams.
Silke Eng: Energy flows, where attention goes.
Marco Braam: I agree: software development should make life easier for people instead of complicating it.
Dyego Cantu.
Vikrant Ravi: ( Agile is definitely a better way of software development that focuses on value creation and customer satisfaction.It is a major shift from not just the traditional ways of doing software development but it also requires a change in mindset as how we deal with requirements,customers and our own team. Agile enable us to deliver solution that is relevant to the current need of business but it is important that we understand the principles and also the correct way of doing it.
miguel sanchez: (
Arturo Uscategui Restrepo: (COLABOREMOS) I support the Agile Manifesto! THIS IS WHY I DO IT: I believe in the power of teamwork. I believe that organizations can solve most of their issues from within. A Business Development From Within consolidates a group of people as a Team around a same vision and goal, and triggers the emergence of ideas and creativity from within the team. The team gets empowered as they are led to co-build their own solutions which are best suited to their situation. Cohesion and commitment naturally grow stronger among the team members.
Patricia : I support the Agile Manifesto and will share with others along my Agile journey.
Joeri Broeze: (Centric Netherlands Software Professionals)
Carsten Hebing: (Netzkollektiv)
Monish Ansari.
Oleg Skalevoy: (Freelance) BIS DAT, QUI CITO DAT.

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