Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 31 Aug to 09 Sep 2014
Sergey Zwezdin: (.NET Developer) Agile manifesto provides excellent approach to build software without stress.
Benjamin Schachter: (
Manas Shirode: Agile is not only agile but also accurate and brings win win to all involved parties.
Richard Joseph: (jtpm ltd) Since I managed my first software development project in 1997, I found that despite putting in place ways of working that should have delivered good software, there just seemed to be lots of obstacles that slowed us down or hindered the delivery of a quality product. There seemed to be a conflict between how people and teams naturally needed to work, and the "good practices" of traditional waterfall development. Over recent years, it's been great to see the uptake of agile principles. Teams are more productive, work seems easier even though we're building bigger, more complex products. Agile just seems to be the common sense way to get things done.
Alexandre Bobb.
Matti Schneider: (
brigitte mueller.
Ambrosio Blanco.
Carmen Graver: (Graver Agile Innovations, LLC)
Ursula Maier-Rabler: (University of Salzburg) ditact is a yearly summer_university for women in IT. It strives for encouragement of young women to pursue a career in IT and to become active designers of technology and not only passive users. Agile methodology in software engineering is a promising development to attract more women for IT studies and for the IT branch in general.
Anibal Fuentes Galvis.
William Gray: ( Agile development works! I can testify to the old Waterfall methods being ineffective in the face of reality, that reality being: changing customer demands and pacing in the face of urgent deadlines. Pushing into production small, tightly-wound changes just works with the human tendency for trial and error better than monolithic change management processes that become projects in themselves just to follow the rules.
Mohammad Tarek.
Luca Albini.
Hemanta Bhatt: (Quality Process Excellence Professional) Agile offers certain practices which when integrated with other schools of thought can serve as a potent methodology for software development and maintenance. As Fred Brooks rightly said there is "No Silver Bullet", so it is helpful to adopt Agile in a holistic sense. In the end the purpose is to develop "quality" software regardless of what the method is called as. The goodness and appropriateness of the exact method employed is, of course, very very important - Hemanta Bhatt
Gabriel: (Hospedagem) I support the Agile Manifesto too!
Irtaza Barlas: (NueMD)
Leonardo Bueno Postacchini: (
Scott Anderson.
AMIR R. SAGHAFI: (Richfield Technology, Inc.) Agile is by far the most value-driven approach to system and software development. Agile development is, in my opinion, the most advanced method of utilizing the collection of techniques and processes that produce tangible deliverables in the 21st century SDLC environment.
Eduardo Gaulke: (Petrobras)
Diego Nunes: (Moip Pagamentos)
楊川輝: Go go Agile!!
Jeroen van Baarsen.
Billy Knight: (Home User)
Eric A. Lerner: ( A brilliantly concise expression of values that put first things first - People, dialogue (flow of meaning), discussion (shaking apart, scattering), working and valuable products at a regular cadence, partnership everywhere and responsiveness (the obliteration of brittleness and fragility). The Agile Manifesto maximizes the gain of all participants in Agile practices across all important currencies (human - security, belonging, worth, accomplishment, growth, partnership as well as financial and myriad other domain-specific ROI measures), in a sustainable fashion.
Christopher Murphy: (theSonicNeigborhood) as a fledgling developer I am glad to have these principals to think about as I build my development skills
Dimitrios Tsigkakos: (Altus Soft)
Darren B. Blanco.
Krishna Kumar: (LearnRoots) A totally different perspective to look at software development as a whole. A more natural way of developing software.
Carlo P Valencia: (Klaseko Enrollment Systems) yay!
Jorge Castro Nistal.
Vítor de Almeida: (
Marcosdice: (Marcos dice SEO Freelance en Barcelona) All my support to the agile software development manifesto!
Glenn Stempeck: (Title Source / Quicken Loans) The Agile Manifesto should be the starting point for all introductions to software development practices. The tenants can be used to eliminate silos, bureaucracy, departmental finger-pointing, and bickering over failing unrealistic timelines. Responding to change with a sense of urgency and fostering collaboration towards software that does what we need without excuse-documentation is paramount.
Givalso Dias dos Santos Júnior: O totally support the Agile Manifesto and I believe that is the better way to leverage great software.
Adam Pahlevi Baihaqi: (Universitas Utara) In my opinion, Agile is the way of how the 21st century software should be programmed, processed, engineered, and delivered. Leverage the all things good!
James Tull.
Yves Vervloesem.
Blake Rogers: (ineeduneed) I endorse the agile manifesto. I find that the ideas propounded in them are more politically acceptable from relationship perspectives of democracy, collaboration, and managing expectations, particularly the general practice of iterative development.
Manan Sharma: (InoxApps)
Graham Martin.
Lissette Arias: (
Marthinus A. Botha.
Moussa Koulbou: (Merwel Inc.)
Ion Arpa: (Deideas Marketing) All my support, where working on agile since 2008 on our Business
Martin Bara: (http://
Maryna Kalinina.
Hoehn, Pawel R.: I believe in agile SW development!

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