Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 13 Nov to 22 Nov 2014
Lisa Schwartz: (ITSM Academy) We use the Agile principles not for software development, but for courseware development and release. It has allowed us to become an even stronger team, who can respond to market changes more quickly. Agile has transformed our organization. Also, our adoption of SCRUM and Kanban, has had such a positive impact. To all of those who blazed the trail before (and for) us - Thank You!
Magno D. Ayala.
Silvio Di Crosta.
Manuel Tena: (Tablets Baratas) I think this manifesto is really something many people should support. I consider all points really interesting and specially those concerning the help to others to develop software and the customer collaboration. Thanks for the efforts.
Luis Inácio Lula da SIlva: (Brasil)
Anthony Nguyen.
Alberto Tosi.
Christian Mertin.
Bernard Beardy: (UCN2014) The Agile Manifesto: People and Customers First. Exactly!
John Kenny: (McAfee) We formally adopted Scrum in my team a year ago. Although we still encounter effects from our legacy of older softwear production methods, we have made huge strides forward.
Neil Davis: I support the Agile Manifesto!
S. Markham Voogt: I am a member of a group of rugged individualists. We are working to develop and implement technology about which we all feel strongly, but don't always agree, sometimes for clients who don't yet know what they want. The Agile Manifesto has put into words the principles by which we will have to be guided in order to succeed at all. Thank you for writing it. We could never have done even a fraction as well. Also, we would probably have sworn too much to share it publicly, anyway.
Jonathan Goodman.
Shanti Betts: (University of Washington)
Josh Rodriguez: (Miami Playa) I consider that these manifesto principles are good not only for software developers but for everybody. No doubt this is something I must support and I thank you for all the efforts done in the right way.
Lucia Viviani.
Dominique Grys: (http://
Jay Mehta: (Kinnari Steel Corporation) This is great stuff. Thanks for the effort and complication. Its awesome.
Srikanth Bhaskar: I agree to the Agile Principles, and that it brings about a change in the way we manage complex changes. Not only helps get to market faster, but also helps the team/organisation to become more responsive to change, than reactive.
Matteo Mattioli.
David Mis: (
Alonzo Llamas: (GearSoft) We support the agile manifesto because it had helped us deliver value to our customers, we work with small companies that normally does not have a clear path of action for what they want, focusing on value and incremental developments we are able to provide what they need at a sustainable pace. Thanks for all others that had contributed before us and made this possible.
Paul T. Woo: This is a different definition of Agile than what people at my company and around the industry have been telling me. If these are the core concepts behind Agile, I can endorse this.
Diego Venâncio Vieira.
Andrea Ferroni.
Sarun Wongtanakarn.
Sampo Lehtinen: ( Working agile is better for team and stakeholders as it leads to better results and better work conditions by allowing team to focus on meaningful aspects and problems and to come up with real solutions to them.
GBKSOFT: (GBKSOFT) iOS Apps, Android Apps and Web software development company GBKSOFT signs the manifesto and confirms abidance.
Pardo Pierre: (Metraware) Try to apply the agile method not only for software development, but for all the company's activities.
Jonathan Rippon: (Hive IT Limited)
Kelvin Lawrance: (Continuity Consulting Ltd) Agile provides a rewarding and intuitive framework for software development. In my experience: happy and valued developers are productive developers.
Lucas Pont: (ExxonMobil) I would like to support the Agile Manifesto as it has changed completely the way I see things at work and personal life. I have been using it as a drive for my projects and also everyday activities.
Matt Mutz: (
Melvin Pérez-Cedano: (Construx)
Sunil Abrol: I think the Agile Manifesto is intuitively the right way to develop software. It's all about working with people and solving their needs, removing their pain.
Alex Palmer.
Glenn McClure: Salut!
Daniel Fernandes Silva: (Quick Mobile) We are passionate about agile principles and customer satisfaction is our highest goal. Of course, a good interaction between individuals can contribute to a better software.
Sven de Silva: (
Ethar Alali: (Dynacognetics Ltd)
Navarr Barnier.
Rakesh Koul: (ADP) Agile process is an excellent process for developers where self-motivated teams can become high performing teams. As software development field is growing at a much faster rate, and every piece that is produced must have a value, Agile process protects that challenge.
Erik Witkowski: I support it and I'm introducing those values to my company and colleagues!
Varghese Chacko: If you are a good developer, language is just a syntax. Agile methodology makes it easier to develop applications that has different modules built with different programming languages.
luca ippoliti: (Shell) Agile Project Management is the way to go when uncertainty is high and not all the small things can be predicted in advance and put into a plan as the tradition Project Management, waterfall, approach would dictate.
Ankush Chauhan: (Accenture) I am definitely a strong believer/follower of Agile methods .valuing "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" is the ultimate thought.
Sriram Parthasarathy: (Viswambara Software Systems)
Nivedita Phavade: Agile is definitely the way to go. Individuals and interactions lead to happy people working cohesively to generate working software. These individuals collaborate with customers and respond to their changing business requirement leading to happy customers. Win-win situation for everyone !!!
D. Escolano: (Recetas Thermomix) Desde "Recetas con y sin Thermomix" también creemos y valoramos a los Individuos y las Interacciones... ¡Todo nuestro apoyo al Manifiesto Ágil!
Marcela Lerda.

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