Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 20 May to 30 May 2015
Nguyễn Trung-Tuyến: (Extreme Developer)
Raghuneesh Rattan.
Sankar G Nair.
Nick Cotter: (EXTROPY.NET Ltd.)
彭洪伟 Max Hongwei Peng: (ThoughtWorks, Inc.) Try my best to understand it and apply it in my daily life.
Clement Verna.
Nitin Mistry: (Vedasis Ltd)
Praveen Kumar Zala: (Hewlett Packard) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Warner Hernandez: (whdesign&art) As a web designer I support this manifesto to encourage the simplicity of communication/work to acomplish a task.
Ektaz Gandhi: (Dell)
Kavi Jivan.
Jessica Ledger.
Fatos Halilaj: (University of Prishtina)
Richard Yang.
Pradeep Dash: (IBM) After some years of experience developing, architechting and managing software development, my conclusions are according to Agile manifesto. I have seen conflicting situations in Project management between the stakeholders for areas like - identified scope, defined processes/tools etc. And if I remember the way it was handled or managed then it aligns with the Agile principle - setting your priority right and having more humanly touch (interaction within the team and stakeholders, partnership with client for development,revisiting/resetting priorities as per need and change etc) than anything else. Agile is the way forward.
Denise Kay: (American Association for Physician Leadership) I am all for agile. Lighter documentation makes for a cleaner process.
Rick Delgado: (SageV )
Jim Damato: I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Rachele Maurer: (Olynda Enterprises, Inc. ) I <3 Agile!
Matthew Cooper.
Hristo Hadjitchonev.
Joao Castro: (Teradata) I hope that agile gets adopted more in the corporate environment. It is good for the developer/admin and customer.
Alan Eife: As a business person that works with developers daily, I fully support agile methodology.
Akhilesh Gokaraju: I believe Agile introduces much needed discipline in software development In the long run, software should be as predictable as manufacturing !!
Charlie McCormack: (Amanchie) Agile has allowed us to exceed where our competitors have failed.
Carlo Ravieli.
Vijay John: (TMI Consulting Ltd, UK) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Manish Rupapara: (Syscle, Inc) Agile has changed the way I was looking at software piece. It is a perfect way of generating best quality software piece using best practices of its methodologies. Real business value of software delivery has been realized by it. Each Agile principle gives better insight into its core value.
Miki Mullor: (Jobaline Inc.) Agile is what enabled Jobaline to go from zero to the leader in our space in two years with a very small dev team. In our case, the business team embraced Agile so much that it became the DNA of the company.
Alain Claudé: (Intergraph)
Roberto Demarcus.
NGUIDJOI BELL ALAIN ROGER: applying the Agile maifesto principle to enhanced the customer achievement.
SEUN OGUNMOLA: (OLUKOMPUTA) As a Software Developer cum Academic, I add append my name to the list of numerous Heroes in Support of the Agile Manifesto.
Val Lord.
Brajesh Kumar Chhotan: (Capgemini Consulting) Thinking Agile is the first step towards being Agile.
Vincent Zhou: (IBM) a strong team is required,
Clancy Emanuel: Be like water.
Jasin: (Theorbo )
Dave Tavres: I started in software in 1994 in the waterfall method. It worked, but not always well. In the past many years, as I've experienced, learned and trained in agile methods, I've become an agilist for life. Not just "life" as in time, but "life" as in my day-to-day world. I love to share the idea of agile with non-software friends and family and believe that the more people understand about it, the better they'll be able to apply it to their work and lives.
Steve Sether: I've been doing Agile, though not a formalized method for many years now. I've recently had the unfortunate experience of being put on a waterfall project (don't ask), and I've come to realize where all the precepts of Agile come from, and the massive shortcomings of waterfall.
Luca Forzano: I support firmly projects simplicity: customers have right to have best quality and clearness in the projects, for that reason I support Agile Manifesto (so we can work better). Me and my team have developed first (probably) portable HSM - High Security Machine because everybody should have simple tools to comunicate with maximum security and privacy, obviously with Agile method.
Varró, András: I support the Agile Manifesto!
Martin Rapier: (The University of Sheffield) Fail fast, fail smart!
Ali Daneshi: (ADSYS) I promise agile manifesto and believe that higher collaboration between the business and development groups has led to better understanding of all needs and less waste.
Andy Burns: Agile principles are like gravity...
Maxwell Cohen.
sana ullah: I Support the Agile Manifesto as it provides a better way of taking the ownership and delivering software that really brings value to stakeholders. It is fun, simple, transparent, and guides toward learning from every day’s work and allows us to adjust and makes improvements accordingly.
Matthias Frank.
Geovani dos Santos.

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