Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 04 Sep to 15 Sep 2015
Belahrech Abderrahmane: (Accenture) The spirit of Agile is driving our work day to day to the highest achievements.
Tom Jahncke.
Remi Van-Goethem.
Jorge Ortiz.
Rohun Singh: (Prototyze) A good approach towards rapid Prototyping.
Homero Gonzalez: (ITESM)
Jason Kilgrow: (USAA) I, Jason Kilgrow, solemnly swear to be a champion for Agile Software Development practices. I will practice these in my personal and professional software development projects and will do my best to influence others to come unto the Agile Manifesto. So say we all!
Valeriy Kobzar: Agile will save the World!
Maria Victoria Alcantara.
Cristhian Cabezas.
Osayande Ohikhuare: (PMAcademy) I am totally trilled by Agile and the results it delivers, it has made an awesome difference in my career as a trainer and a consultant
Recep Yalcin.
Ricardo Vercesi.
Alessandro Gubitosi.
Andy Wenk: (sum.cumo GmbH) Agile development has proved to create better software, happier customers and all foremost, happier development teams. Even though, you have found YOUR way of agile development.
Craig Adam.
Brad Bennett: (EPiC Agile) I have been implementing agile methods, principles & practices since the late 90's. And every year and every project I learn more about how to apply & adopt the manifesto to different organisational constructs. I have been a purist, and a contextual pragmatist, and now I am tribal leader. Brad Bennett #RespectToTheManifesto
Roelof Berg.
Tomasz Borek: (Symentis) Old truth by now.
Bogomil Shopov: (Infor) Great! People first!
Michele Minazzato: (Leanbit srl)
Andrew Mooijman: (uniQom management consultancy) Real world results in a constantly changing world is why the Agile Manifesto makes perfect sense. Any organization that truly understands that change is constant and that is committed to deliver results for their clients, employees and stakeholders can achieving their goals using Agile.
Timothy Gierach: (self employed) This way of doing software is great. I wish we had a group in Cincinnati. Thank you
Giacomo Antonio Macrì: (Leanbit srl)
Dimitrios Efthymiou: I support the Agile Professionalism in the software-based industries, because it is time for companies to actually give emphasis not only to satisfied customers, but also to the continuous "enlightenment" of the software engineers. Agile is about processes, but definitely, also about engineering proficiency and professionalism (working software).
Med Shah: (British Sky Broadcasting Ltd (SKY))
Roy Marcelo Blanco Luna.
Naomi Cross: (First Utility)
Jeremy Webb: (Organizational Engineering) I spent years doing traditional project management and trying to fix the problems the organization was encountering. The more we "fixed" the more problems we created. When I learned about Agile, it just made sense to me. After some study and training, we implemented a Scrum pilot and saw a velocity increase of 250% in 6 months which is rather conservative since our product was also better quality and we did not have testing cycles after development was done. On top of that, everybody was having fun at work. Agile is not an easy thing for many people and organizations to adopt but it is worth the effort.
Satheesh Thekku Veethil.
MARTIN INDALECIO GALAZ VALDEZ: The agile framework values people over processes and kill bureaucracy thats why I support it.
Vithun V: (iROID Technologies)
Nilay Modi.
Yannick Martel: (Quantmetry)
Aqsa Arshad: I endorse Agile Manifesto to be amazing.
Nam Abban: Agility is changing the way things are run globally. Long live Agile
Rodrigue Ayih DAMAWUZAN: Le développement n'est pas un acte facile. Il exige un engagement, de la solitude, de l'attention, de la curiosité, une disposition d'esprit.
Joe Robinson: (JO-RO CONSULTING) Continue to challenge yourself and those around you to improve.
Arash: ( I believe, we are living every seconds with Agile .
Andy Quatember.
PJ Hampton: (Ulster University (AIARG)) In the spirit of efficiency, I support Agile methodologies.
Anupam Rajan: (Digital Insight) Agile Manifesto is all about being Agile and living Agile. Anybody can be agile if he/she considers Agile manifesto before taking every decision or doing any activity in Agile world. Need to think if decision you are taking is valuing Right side more or Left side more. Keep practicing it, and you will have agile mindset real quick.
Joe Cappelleri.
Larry Tooley.
Soro Pascaline: (Osmania University)
Alvin Luchmun: Agile Development happens through software development yet I find many opportunities in personal development which i'm all in favour of.
Robin James: (Disciplined Agile Deliver Ltd.) The Agile manifesto and the subsequent methodologies have transformed my career in software delivery to make me a passionate agilist!
Evan Meyers: (Zebra Technologies) Applying the core principles and values of what has worked for me and my teams in the world of software has been difficult to translate to an embedded systems environment, but testing everything against the manifesto and core values has started to help my teams see the value in applying Agile techniques and to think outside of the box. I endorse the agile manifesto, core values and twelve principles.
Dhiresh Pant.

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