Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 02 Oct to 07 Oct 2015
Joseph Choufani: I support the Agile manifesto and principles for better software development.
Adrian Latham Brunson, IV.
Joe Merrill: ( I have been following the principles of the manifesto for over two years now on multiple software development projects in the health care industry. I believe it is the best way to develop software.
Mark Hendershot: (TASC ) Building effective teams through clear communication
Charles van Belkum: (GPAA South Africa)
Shekhar Alluri: (Target)
randy riesenberg: (Dell Boomi) I have been working in agile environments for 8 years now. When agile is done correctly, I've seen it unlock the enormous potential all development organizations have.
Nate Brown: (1-800 Contacts) I first came across some of the principles of the Agile Manefesto in 2001, and they were like finding clear, cool water in a desert. In 2007 I joined a company that actively sought to develop software according to the principles of this manefesto, and I've been "Agile" ever since. These principles will make your company better, whether you develop software or not.
Anshuman Kalia: (IBM)
Mutturaj Hulagabl: I support Agile manifesto!
Josh Walsh: (The Refinery)
Jeff Weaver: (Cloudburst Consulting, LLC)
Santosh Shaastry.
Federico Descalzo: (Italtel) Leading a significant transformation project from waterfall to agile for a 300+ people R&D organization was an incredible venture that confirmed the great value of the agile manifesto, both for the company, the workers and the customers. The challenge is about promoting a continuous learning and improvement mindset, coaching and modifying people's behavior at any level of responsibility, but it's really worth the effort!
Mike Olson: (Ingersoll Rand) The Agile methodology keeps us competitive by allowing us to quickly respond to changing market conditions.
Sayan Mukherjee: I fully agree with the statement of the manifesto and endorse the same. However, over time I have come to realize that the agile methods work better for mature teams who are self driven and self organizing for delivering working software. We still need processes, plans and documentation for teams that look up (to a manager) for work instructions and prioritizations.
Gerónimo Garcia Sgritta: (Globant) By following the Agile Manifesto Core Principles I've managed to deliver solid, robust software on a timely and adequate manner. Individuals and interactions along with customer collaboration are two principles I value the most!
Shahzad Nawaz.
André Suman Pereira: (MATERA Systems) When I met Scrum and agile methodologies, it all made sense. Develop systems can not be like building a house. Building a collaboratively software, close to the customer, in short cycles, experiencing the results are much better. A team that works together, all helping to make first which adds more to the business, brings results faster and avoid wasting time with features that will never be used. The ability to run, inspect and adapt, makes the the job is always better, with fewer problems and higher quality. The teams where I work are seeing the value of agile practices, and today do not understand how I could work effectively differently.
Georg Schlünz.
Edward Kozlowski.
Saager Mhatre: The tenets of Agile have consistently proven to better foster high-performing teams in dynamic software development environments. The principles provide broad guidelines to evaluate the applicability and utility of specific practices within given contexts.
Carlos Cavero: (ATOS)
Michael DeBellis.
James Murphy: (Rental Cars) I've seen, witnessed and implemented the guidelines in the Manifesto in countless teams over the past decade. In my eyes, agile and it's values are one of the core reasons why we were able to deliver early, working software time and time again.
Iván Gonzalo Pérez Prado: (Independent Consultant) Software development, as any other process in life, deals with the unknown. It is true we try to confine things, so they are able to be done using typical business constraints. But, besides our efforts to keep things under control, time and experience has shown us it is not possible to keep everything tied up. Being always on track without loosing competive or efficiency seems unreal. Thus, a new paradigm is needed in order to succeed in the chaotic and changing world we face in business, nature or life. The "Agile Manifesto" help us to better fit our real position in the scheme of things.
Yavor Nikolov.
Pierluigi Lenoci.
Brandon Shoop.
Alessandro Alpi: (Engage IT Services) I've got only advantages in applying these principles. I enjoy it and our teams are now able to see clearly where we are going to.
Ali Nourbakhsh: I endorse Agile methodology for software developement as the best method known to me to this date.
Sascha Jürgens: (mucsys) Helping organisations become more efficient through the power of agile practices
Stanley Chatman.
Petr Knorr: (DoxoLogic)
Veronica Venturini.
Elmozamil Elamir.
Nicholas Christiny.
Arjen van Zwieten: (MIP Hioldings)
Karsten Kisser: Agile is more than programming in a fancy way - it is a state of mind which makes it more comfortable for all working together.
DANIEL VASQUEZ M: (Agiles Colombia) Thanks
Goran Angelkovski: (New Media Corp.)
Bojan Bizic: (Amida IT) I haven't find anything that works better.
Wim Muller: (ACT AS IT IS)
Antoine Delugeau: Agile makes the world go round, value people and quality.
Gregorio Baldari.
Ane Skovsted: (TDC)
Rhuan Andrade da Costa.
Florian Seidl.

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