Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 13 Feb to 21 Feb 2016
Rahib Hussain: I agree that, I will follow the agile. Regards, Rahib Hussain
Cauê Beloni.
Robert H. Pelmas: (NAPC)
Gabriel Sultana: Agile is a manifestation of social interactions happening to achieve a numbers of shared goals. It is about celebrating the natural way that people communicate, interact, express feelings and emotions in order to effectively get things done. It is about focusing on the bigger picture whilst not leaving casualties in the process. I fully endorse the agile manifesto.
Abhishek Jain: (ICT Group- Telstra)
Mehran Kharazi.
Vinay Awasthi: I like this way of developing the software. I will follow the AGILE.
Celso FLORES: (CreaLibre) After using Agile Methodologies for about 7 years, we put this text as a public reminder about our commitment with them.
David Manye.
Marcelo Mallard Scaldaferri: I have been using Agile for some years now and recognize it's value. I am, therefore, commited with the principles present in the manifesto.
Owen Klaiss: (Cratebind)
Michele di Palma.
Shantanu Acharya.
New Yi Qing: Agile makes me move faster and more efficient. It allows me to stay in touch with customers/users more, thus bridging them with the system closer each day. It gives me more sense of achievement where each milestone is achievable and we can all celebrate about it! Agile awesome!
Michele di Palma.
David Kremer: (New Elevation)
Nitin Gera.
Evandro Tenfen.
Ardita Karaj: I have used Agile mindset from the beginning of my career (16 years now) and I have not seen better ways to create products, build teams and deliver value to customers.
Kenneth Platt: (Cisco) I was a die-hard process driven PM and an Adjunct professor that taught SDLC at a local University. Once I fully understood and began practicing Agile Scrum, I had a Paradigm Shift and realized this methodology was wonderfully eloquent and the best option to quickly deliver business value for our clients.
ANDRE FELIPE MENDONCA ANDRADE: Agile is a revolution on software development.
Roy Siu: 藉著親自並協助他人進行軟體開發, 我們正致力於發掘更優良的軟體開發方法。 透過這樣的努力,我們已建立以下價值觀: 個人與互動 重於 流程與工具 可用的軟體 重於 詳盡的文件 與客戶合作 重於 合約協商   回應變化 重於 遵循計劃  也就是說,雖然右側項目有其價值, 但我們更重視左側項目。
Yordan Fabian Mantilla Moreno : (Inse Group SAS) Apoyo el Manifiesto Ágil.
Sivakumar: (Scope Chennai) I Support the Agile Manifesto! Characteristics of Agile Software Development - Light Weighted methodology - Small to medium sized teams - vague and/or changing requirements - vague and/or changing techniques - Simple design - Minimal system into production
patrizia doria.
Antonio Vieira de Castro: (ISEP) Let's make a better world. Lets keep it simple, fast and effective. Agile methodology for software development is a great way to keep in tune business and technology.
Giordano Ricci: As a developer, i will follow the agile manifesto.
Vincent McGee: (McGee Associates)
Frank Düsterbeck: (HEC GmbH)
Hubert Kośla.
Francesco Fusco: (Telecom Italia) Great manifest. Great principles.
Rodney Peacock.
Marc Grimm: (CoreDial, LLC)
Philippa Lander: These principles and values are as poignant today as they were over 15 years ago. Although at this time I am relatively new to this industry, I can see that many people talk about agile without truly understanding it or the intention behind it. It seems to have become diluted and the term agile has become a buzz word. I feel it is incredibly important to refer back to the original manifesto and measure our current activities against it.
Murali Selvaraj: (Perkins+Will) What a great shift in thinking and attitude; Agile manifesto is not a change in methodology or process -- but a shift in attitude; it's's about's mindset driven...hence it works!!!
Taras Chornenkyy: (OLTEST) These principles deserve to be followed.
Svyatoslav Zhmutskyy: (Land Development) I use in my business and I will promote Agile Manifesto !!!
Jim Webster: After many years of mere survival under the waterfall, I've found the light of Agile and can now breathe freely.
Richard Aponte: I value the Agile Scrum Manifesto, and use the principles everyday
Ramesh Rathnam.
Alexandra Santos.
Saahil Panikar.
Laura Jamilis.
Fabia Paiva Amorim: (Banco do Brasil)
Jörn Allmers.
Neil Rasmuson.
Carlos Armando Orendain Garcia: (Nine2Soft)
Morgan Ekmefjord.
Nassim BAHRI ( (One Way IT) I support this manifesto because the Agility is a spirit
Josué Vinicio Alemán Watters: Completamente de acuerdo con los valores y principios del manifiesto ágil.

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