Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 19 May to 29 May 2016
Alvaro Bravo: I support Agile Manifesto
Abdelmoniem Hafez: (Edrak Software)
Markoen Meijerink: (Dutchworld IT Solutions) The Agile approach in IT is the only approach to achieve max business value at a reasonable investment
Violet Skinner.
Alex Wilson.
Omri Iram: Scrumschool
Julian Noye: (BoM)
Christophe Moty: (GBS AD&M-AD&I-EA) I Support the Agile Manifesto.This approach of IT delivery.
Vasian Cepa: No matter the formal methodology promoted to develop software, successful software delivered in time embodies consciously or unconsciously the agile manifesto values in a joint effort of all stakeholders involved. The principles follow the values and are extremely valuable to reread whenever in doubt what is the agile way of doing something.
Dave Matthews.
Mark Nichols: (CACI) I agree
javier iranzo: (apostayadrede)
Tenten Abella.
Md. Noor Mohammad Siddique: (MF Asia Ltd.) I support Agile Manifesto, am trying to follow the Manifesto in my on going projects.
Shashank Shekhar: (Mindbridge Consulting)
Gil Benghiat: After learning about Agile in the software development community, I have been pragmatically applying the values and principles to data, analytics, and various non-technical projects.
Siddharth Saxena: (Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.)
Ahmed: (Soliloop) Endorsed !!!
luis: ( saludos a todos La definición de estos principios es muy clara y muy bueno, felicidades
Gareth Lees-West: (Bupa Australia) I support the Agile manifesto
Paulo Henrique Lerbach Rodrigues.
Jacqueline Oberlander: (SunGard K-12 Education) Common sense practices...
Agencia: (Diseño web) I support this manifesto and I use it on my work
Nick Braybrook: (Agility In Mind)
Ian Hunt: (DIA) Time for me to follow this path.
jesus perez: new way of work, new approach in software engineering
Hamid Merabti: (Private) I fully support the Agile Manifesto
William Marshall: (Sony Pictures Entertainment) I have worked on at least 6 major projects at Sony Pictures since 2000. I came from the user community because the IT team needed someone who understood the complex international television distribution business in order to create applications that worked. While we did not formerly use Agile, through my interactions with both IT and the business, I reached the same conclusions articulated in the manifesto a long time ago. In my experience, waterfall is not effective for complex software projects. Agile is the way to go.
Ondřej Košťál: Agile is my Philosophy and that is why I endorse the Agile Manifesto because Agile is a good way to develop software.
Rajeev Turlapati.
Thomas Brown.
Ganesh Dutt: I fully agree with the manifesto, if followed by the development team software development and deployment can be much easier.
Michael F. Forni: (Linking Business SC) I do strongly support the Agile Manifesto as I believe that - not only in Software Industry - complexity (and redundancy) reduction, fostering empiricism, stronger human collaboration, shared responsibility and reciprocal trust is essential to evolve as individuals and professionals. I found in the Scrum Guide my operational "bible" and I couldn't go back to waterfall. My infinite thanks goes to The "Agile Manifesto Revolutionaries"!
Vladimir Z.
Espen Meidell: (NTNU)
Mwape Daka: (The University of Zambia) I agree and support the Agile Manifesto
Raheel Imtiaz.
Thomas Elkjaer: Because it just makes sense to trust in peoples ability to selforganise, to work in teams, only to commit to your own work, to work closely with customers, release frequently, get feedback and adapt to it and all the rest. All I need is an organisation with a good product owner ...
Renee van Heerden: (Hello Group)
Ian Lowson: (IGL Software Engineering)
Monique Mills: (TPM Focus) Agile is the way to go.
Sanja Vuksanović.
Daniel Vo: (MidwayUSA)
Randy Desormeaux.
Ramesh Govindarajan: (iNautix Technologies ) I support the agile manifesto!!
Jim Pietrangelo: (WebCamp One, LLC) After all, it only makes sense.
Todd Frawley: Self organizing, collaborative teams, that work with customers will create software that makes everyone happy.
Jose David Herrero Ruiz: (Diezpuntocero)
Michael Brawn.

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