Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 27 Jun to 10 Jul 2016
Muhammad Adeel Arshad: (SeekUX) The best thing about Agile is that it is totally "People" focused. From customers to employees, and all the stakeholders, Agile delivers maximum value and satisfaction.
Michael Corbett.
Andrea Vigil: (Automatic Data Processing, LLC.)
Guido Barbaglia: The most effective and enjoyable way to work.
Debnarayan Kar: (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd)
Ezequiel Zalewska: (Itau Bank) This metodology is the most efficient that I've knew for system development. It requares full envolvement between users and development people in goal of results of short, medium and long prize. Simple and assertive. Easy to deal with!
Luca Maccioni.
Adhithya Rajagopalan.
Roderick O Bell.
Patrick Wolleb: The manifesto allows a team to constantly review their practices that drives product value.
Yunwei Guo: (PwC)
Gustavo Medeiros Soares: (BNDES)
Todd Gilbert.
David Payne: People-focus makes for a far more enjoyable, stress-free, social experience, and leads to better results.
Andres Cares: (Independ .-) Maintaining a happy and connected team, is the best way to ensure the success of a development.
Lamar J Williams IV.
Luiz Vieira: (Ibaro Brasil) The agile manifesto is the source of principles to a better software development.
Sergio Tiraferri.
Renan Avrahami.
Bruno Taveira Pereira: (IBM) Improving working relations and business performance results in all areas.
Ünal Tenekeci.
Vihar Nar.
Patricio Gimelli: (Belatrix Software Factory) Project Leader - CSM
Charlotte Häggroth: (Swedbank AB) It is great way of working!!!
Robert Smith: (Robert Smith Consulting) Using the viewpoint that Customer collaboration is far more productive over contract negotiation will ever be we are allowed to move forward with every project at a much faster and smoother pace. By responding to the inevitable changes that occur over following a plan that was conceived with the very best of intentions we are able to adapt and progress toward the positive conclusion that every stake holder desires.
Paul Bennett: (Prajna Inc) Agile is risk-management for software development
Thomas Neugebauer-Spreng: (WUNDERFRAGE e.U.) I use the principles of the agile manifesto to support my customers on their way to better organizations.
Ville Sielunahjo: (Sielunahjo Ltd.) The most valuable resource we have, is time. It never comes back. Agile is to maximize the use of it, as we have it.
Mathias Fringes.
Adimar Junior.
Ryan Stechschulte.
Juan Miguel Torres: (Outsocing Develovep - Panama) Working software is the primary measure of progress.
Rick Mac Gillis: (Augment Science) Modular software developed along with the client's continuous input is essential to cost-efficient, testable, and maintainable software.
Paulo Alexandre Aquino da Costa.
Carlos Aznar: ( Walk Heart ) I sign this agile manifesto because I believe that software development sustainably is essential for the future of humanity.
Walter Mottinelli: Fifteen years later, in a world still plagued by the waterfall model, the Agile Manifesto is still a breath of fresh air.
Sergio Costa: (WideTi)
Willem Salentijn: I endorse the Agile Manifesto for change is not the exception but the condition for executing projects and business change.
Nicolò Sgobba: (IBM) It's all about to consider people the focus of every action. All has to start from the people and return to the people as a value. Otherwise it's useless and must be done again, better. This is Agile.
Rory Cawley: It makes sense to acknowledge that building software is best done in a collaborative, mindful, iterative and transparent way.
Daniel stanescu: (EU institution) After 40 years in IT industry I have finally discovered that what I was using as software developing philosophy had been already stated in only 4 principles.
Michalis Liparos: After many decades in the software development industry, it's about time to acknowledge best practices. I have to admit that agile works best for me and my clients ...
Michel Padrón: Ingeniero Software. Bajo los principios ágiles me encuentro en el desarrollo del frontend de un proyecto de procesamiento de lenguaje en redes sociales para la captura de sentimientos.
Theunis Mew: (Umbhaba Estates (Pty) Ltd)
Vytautas Juozokas: (Sopra Steria)
Atul Parmar.
Kyle Coberly: Let's change the world!
Anirban: I love working in an agile team. With SAFE4.0 its more interesting.
Shimi Carmeli: (GE)
Hans Beers: (IBM) I fully support the manifesto. I started my career at a very small company, working in a team of 3 persons in 1985. We worked that way. Since it was my first job, writing working software was a challenge :-), but my colleagues helped me to become proficient. Along the way processes and tools, documentation got more important. I welcome it as a revival.

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