Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 Sep to 04 Oct 2003
Jochen Toppe: (CoreMedia AG)
Jeff Cohen: (PROCESSexchange, Inc) Keep it simple, focus on the people and never forget the customer.
Bil Kleb: (NASA) While surveying software industry practices to collaboratively develop software a few years ago (2000), I came to realization that I was actually a Software Developer! For 15 years I had been doing cowboy coding under the guise of "Computational Aerothermodynamicist". Since then I've co-authored some articles along the lines of "XP for Scientific Research".
Elijah Rajendra: (Tata Consultancy Services (India))
kingshuk paul: (Igate Global Solution) I want to know all about Xtreme programing & agile methodologies beyond some static processes.kindly give the exposure
Tim Lydon: (Selectica)
Dan Finucane: (Brookdale Consulting Group LLC)
Marian Caraiman.
Steven Gordon: (Arizona State University Software Factory)
Gerardo Ramírez: (e-Siglo)
Palak Mehta: (MS CS student at NJIT) I am not experienced in the industry but I have developed 5 to 6 projects during my study and my training and I found that I am the person who doesnt want to follow some processes of software Engineering.Those processes takes time and sometimes they divert your attention from your work. I like to work and develop softwares on my own way. and my only goal will be develop the software how customer wants and deliever it on time. Not much Documentation, No Processes and No Plan
Pennie Stringer: (Defense Finance and Acctg Svc)
Guharaman: (Tavant Technologies) Practical guidelines and lotsa common sense methodologies. Agile methodologies do not replace common sense like the traditional software processes.
Pearlie Tan: Cheers!
Tom Kedor: (Aperto AG) Agility is what drives our success!
Erik Boelen: (Gitek) Having experienced agile testing, I'm convinced about the possibilities within. Now, I'm trying to get other people in Belgium involved in the same way of thinking, especially from the testing side.
Fred Klein.
Francisco Guerrero Alba.
Kjetil Strand: (Computas)
M. Stradtner.
Sean Pulins: (espressoCode Inc.) Uncommon common sense and a civilized way to do business.
Laborde Jean-Marie: (Cabrilog & CNRS) Engaged since 1983 (rise of Macintosh) in Direct Manipulation, user centered SW (Cabri). Founder and CEO of new company Cabrilog (started 2000)
Roy Varghese: The customer is always more agile, we HAVE to keep up or be left behind. Agile works.
Yitzchak (Itzak) Ehrlich: (Dynamic Ventures) I have been following these principles for years before the name "Agile Software Development" existed. Following these principals has proved itself through many successful releases to market, consistently helping to reduce development time and create better products.
Jens Meiert: (Interface Architect) n/a
David Pazmino.
Shubin Cai: It's intersting to see how and what Agile Process will work in software engineering. I am interested in Agile Software Developement. I will try to use it when possible.
daryoush mehrtash: (mehrsoft) I find Agile Software development to have lot in common with eastern thinking such as TAO. With Design Patterns, and now Agile Methodology, I believe software development is moving in a healty direction. An organic evolution of ideas and process. As such, I am hopeful on the future direction of software. You can check out my Weblog for more views on the issues.
Alok Mathur: (Novo Innoavations, Inc.) I have been promoting and practicing the virtues of Agile Development for at least a decade without attaching a formalised name to it. It just seemed like the sensible thing to do. I am delighted to find a group deicated to it.
Gordon McCague.
Chris Hogan: (HMW Computing) We've been using agile methods for many years, under a variety of names and using different methodologies, RAD, DSDM, Modular Prototyping, XP, etc. We support the idea of drawing together the strengths of the various agile approaches, without fossilizing them into a ponderous method designed to reign in the agile Practitioners.
Pasquale Camastra: (
Paul Zabelin: (3Com) Time will show real value of Agile Manifesto. I applied it's principles with a great success during last several years, but was unable to express them concisely. Thank you so much.
Curtis R Cooley: (RADSoft)
Terry Healey: (EDS) I was introduced to agility (XP) in 2000. I agree with Jim Highsmith that while process-driven teams can also be successful, once you work on a successful agile team you will never want to return to "the dark side". I work for a very process-driven company, but will continue to be a voice in the wilderness for a more sane, productive, and humane way of developing software. I am proud to endorse the agile manifesto without reservation or apology!
David M. Pollack: (ADL Data Systems, Inc.) Our future is completely dependent on our ability to learn how to manage technology. And learning is a skill that depends on the cooperation and partnership with others. We need better methods of delivering quality software and solutions.
Nathen Grass: I'm a strong supporter of Agile Software Development and the concepts it's based on.
Joydeep Tripathy.
Mir S Akbar: this new and more effective then traditional method. i hope most of IT industry will follow this method
Quentin Pain: ( Ltd) Using AD, UML and OO principles to write a new class of business management software. Thanks to all those who helped me see the light (Fowler, Elliott and Martin in particular).
Sergei Anikin: (Hansabank)
Christopher Keaton: Deriving value is achieved through the combination of all four bullets of the agile manifesto.
Bernhard Albler.
Rosie Kitchiner: (Sun Microsystems)
Scott Weeks.
Jeremy Mayhew: (Lexel Software, LLC.)
Dan Dugal: ( After working in various software development departments for several years, I don't know how many times I have heard the cliche "It's exactly what I asked for, but not at all what I want." when referring to a finished product. When my partner and I set out to build our company, we started with a genuine desire to help our small to mid sized clients through the deliberate use of internet technology. The agile family of software development methods is the answer to what I've been looking for for a long time. I am looking forward to hearing our clients proclaim "It's not at all what I asked for, but exactly what I want."
Nik Kolev: (Drexel University)
Michele Marchesi: (University of Cagliari)

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