Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Aug to 09 Sep 2003
Lewis Collins: ( Nothing impresses a customer more than working code.
Scott Mayo: Let us fix what needs to be fixed.
Pat Osborn: (Infinite Possibilities) The partners of our firm have been believers in this sort of methodology for years. We have seen it work time and again throughout our careers. Upon seeing it quantified, it seems only natural to become a signatory.
Vincent A. Wright.
Ted Blackmon: (Reality Capture Technologies, Inc.) Agility in thought ... agility in action!
Mike Ogle: Fine goals that are well stated. We couldn't do better than to embrace these principles in all of our day to day development practices.
klaus momberger: (igs) Agile programming: it's the path to survival as an IT consultant.
Carol Zimmet.
Gregor Mirai: Traditionally customer, solution provider and business environment are all separate entities. The point of view where they can all be seen as one living process, brings about the agility.
Daniel Pohren: (Naphta Informatica) We are paid to produce software, not documentation...
Keith Kibler: (CTDI) We have been doing this without really knowing we have been doing this!
Andrea Boschin: ( I think there is only a way to build well-working software. It is building step-by-step continuously, because there's no human brain that can imagine the full solution before it has reach.
Ziya Karakaya: (Atilim University) I support the "Agile" effort because of basing their principles on reality and humanity.
meade rubenstein: (IT Project Guide) I have seen GREAT benefits from the utilization of the Agile Software Development Practices. This is not only a 'theory' or proposed 'Silver Bullet', but a practical and usable set of practices that will transform your organization into one successfully utilizing IT resources.
Haisheng HU: ( From software crisis to software engineering, from structural languages to UML, from waterfall to agile, it's kinda regression, but all the more, evolution.
Steve Edens: (PerformanceBPM) Good stuff.
Alexander Slesarenko: It's an evolution of the process that makes the process evolutional.
Glenn Irwin: (Irwinideas inc.) Finally, someone has found a way to articulate that which I have come to know and understand during my last 15 years as a professional software developer. Spread the word.
Francisco Candalija: (Indra) I'm still a developer without responsabilities in taking decisions for the projects i have been working. But, reading the principles of Agile Development, I beleive it could have been the most suitable way of working in these projects, because of the lacks of well defined requirements we suffered and the size of the project (50 people during 2 years). I hope I could learn from the experiences of people who is applying this paradigm and be able to apply by myself in the future.
saif iqbal: (xiomz) nice try to change traditional way of software development methods, i hope it would vanish all those useless methodologies some day.
Paul Hodgetts: (Agile Logic) At Agile Logic, we've been successfully delivering agile projects since 1999. From our experiences we're convinced that agile processes represent a fundamentally better way to develop software. We believe the Agile Manifesto provides a foundation upon which a common understanding of agile development can be built. Agile Logic supports the Agile Manifesto, and is a proud Agile Alliance member.
Kert Peterson: (KP Consulting) Agile principles are music to my ears! I've suffered through 13 years of "conventional" software development discord; learning that has exacted a physical and emotional toll on my teams and myself. Agile is a common-sense, humanizing, and harmonizing approach to building software. It works!
Andy Lawrence: (Agileware) Agile Development's emphasis on people working together in an uncertain world puts reality back into software development.
Brook Riddick: (Rogue Labs Inc.) Don Box really spoke well on this thought process at the XML Dev Con in July 2003
Marco Tabone: The Manifesto for Agile Software Development represents a set of principles that can be applied to many software development methodologies. It's a "methodology's methodology". When extrapolated, it can also be considered a methodology for life!
KV Suryaprakash: Agile is the only way as of today that will yield good results for a given effort. It inherently promotes team building higher interaction across various roles and detailed indepth understanding of everything of the application. Everyone should know almost everything of the application - business req, technical knowledge, non-system requirements and an attitude to network and share knowledge. Good Software is built out of such comraderie.
Boyan Angelov: (Nemetschek OOD) People over process? Code over documentation? Agile is the way!
Sarat Venugopal: (Huelix Solutions PrivateLtd) Huelix Solutions underlines the messages propagated by Agile Software Development.
Ricky Ng-Adam: (Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal) Humans and products before mountains of paper; I like it!
Edmon Begoli: (Laboratory Corporation of America) I believe that Agile promotes great ideas and software engineering practices that truly make sense. These ideas and practices are the result of long term observations by highly aware software engineers like Martin, Beck or Fowler. However, I believe that Agile works for a small, highly motivated teams. Since I am in position to define the type of the process that my company will be using, I am recommending Agile version of the UP for highly motivated, small team projects to help them produce excellent solutions in short iterations. Regards, Edmon Begoli Enterprise Architect Laboratory Corporation of America
Markus Arikan: In my experience agile processes are the only ones that suceed over time. In contrast to the heavyweights agile processes deliver real business value in short time.
Wm. Loyal Pridgen: (IndigeTech, Inc.) Our organization has always believed in open communication with the customer and within the team, consistent incremental deliveries and delivering working software. Agile approaches do work and work well.
Deepak Surti: Hi guys, I am a young kid in the IT Industry. I have worked in software for 4 years delivering software [forgive the 90% documentation that accompanies it.]. AFter every delivery, it was probably me alone who was happy as every time I uncovered what not to do. But then thats not what one wants, one wants the customer to be happy and maximization of his revenue. And one day when i started my journey into ooad, i picked up UML distilled and thereon my journey started. Still one thought lingered in my mind, that for software the best measure is working software. Then why innumerable secondary activities forgetting the primary one? Continous reading of Martin Fowler's books and XP Explained finally turned the tide. I am still trying to gather knowledge about a few skills like Refactoring, Continous testing, integration as I am pretty sure I have to join an agile organization. But i want to be prepared when i join one so that the overhead of becoming an agile woker is minimized. Great work guys. You have one more agile supporter and soon you will have an agile worker working alongside.
Sivaram: ( I am a proud supporter of Agile Manifesto Regards, Sivaram
Emanuele Cortese.
Emmanuel: (Changepond Technologies) This is a needed methodology which will make all our lives easier
Vladislav Dimitrov: (DAIS) The Truth is in balance
Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke: (Cadence Design Systems) The Agile Maifesto is the key step in reconciling theory and practice, wishes and reality. I am fully support this effort.
Rodney Ryan: (AppArc) Developing software should always be fun. When it is the highest quality is produced. I see the manifesto as creating an atmosphere high in enjoyment, humanity and having fun creating great software !
Tamara L. Cravit: (Taylored Software) I support the Agile Manifesto as an expression of the principles I value in software development for my clients and others to whom I lend my expertise.
Vipul Shah: (eGenietech) I am a software developer with 4 years experience in the industry.It will be my endeavour to master and apply agile software development techniques to the software I develop in my search for a more efficient and interesting process for delivering working software.
Peter Ward: (Pan Domain Ltd) All these years, I've been agile and didn't know it. Know I can be proud to be part of a growing community.
Raffaele Di Natale: (
James G. Olson: (Carlson Companies)
Rajeev Arora: (SystemSmiths) This is my commitment to the spirit - rather than formalities. Formalities are symptoms and not the root event! RA
Larry Nichols: (Spirati )
Christopher Meisenzahl: (The Student Loan Corporation)
Jonathan Crossland: ( Co-Author of Pro Windows DNA, Beg and Pro VB.NET.
Mohamed El Hanchi: (RMA)
Melvin Dave P. Vivas: (Philippine Society of Software Engineering Professionals(PSSEP)) We have come to realize that things change in the software world. Processes should rapidly adapt with these changes. Agile methods give us alternatives. Agile methods are the 'Bazaar' of software development methodologies.

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