Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 21 Apr to 19 May 2004
Salvador Nachamoulis: (Paradigm Software S.A.)
Ryan Dorrell: (AgileThought)
David L Kinney.
Ryan Dorrell: (AgileThought)
Andrew Matlock: (Financialware, Inc.)
Gerald F. Conklin: (Harvest Time Software Productivity Improvement) Working together, we do what I cannot do alone.
Alessandro Ruggeri: (Softcare Srl)
Abi Jabar.
Jack Varney: (Aftermath)
Ken Maier: (JK August Communications, Inc.)
Darren S. Ellis.
Christian Noack: (agile methoden) Working for several years with agile methods (esp. Extreme Programming)and certainly will go on!
Rainer Voemel: (Agilent Technologies) I am a CRM-Projectmanager that has written a lot of small tool to administer the database a check process compliance. I have used Excel VBA and my IT department always tells me that this can not work, although my users in the business love it. I have now started a new project with a consultant where we have only 1 page of documentation, which describes the goal and few details. When we program we sit at one desk and work together on one computer. That way we could program an application in 3 days (testing still to be done) where other suppliers wanted to do a workshop for one week to write up the definitions, then make a feasibility study to determine the cost for the project. I am very happy to have found people that think the same way.
Jesus Zavala Ruiz: (UAM-Iztapalapa, Mexico) In searching for a software factory model, I have found Agile as an organization model for create knowledge. Then, software is a partial model for a organization, a partial model for desision making and a partial knowledge model, I think. So, Agile concepts are the last hope for mitigate the software crisis. Maybe it may would being!
John A Thomson: (Roundtrip Solutions Limited) All through my academic and work life I've been searching for the truth .... Eureka! I've found Agile and the world seems a much simpler place to develop software and other products.
Brian Schultze.
Sean Chen: I like the Agile Software Development,for it's the simplest and the effective method I have seen.
Tolga Erdogan: (Cybersoft)
Jim Canright: (Canright Systems) 25 years of experience convinces me of the wisdom of these principles, approaches and methodologies.
Pedro Madrid: Do it, and do it now.
Peter Bals: (
Stefan Höhn: I personally believe that agile development establishes a more pragmatic and efficient approach to designing and developing software. If more people thought alike, then there would be enjoyment as well as results.
Janet Tokerud: (Tokerud Consulting Group) The MAIN reason I use FileMaker as a database development tool is the agility that it affords me. In the turbulent times we live in, especially, we need to be light on our feet. Also, I think we've discovered that people don't know in advance what they need so they need to experience software early and often in its very roughest and simplest forms so they have something to work with rather than just talk about theoretically. I work collaboratively with small businesses mostly and sometimes *independent from IT* corporate workgroups. They rarely want to spend their money on documentation. I put a very simple *help* file and help index into the database itself which provides a place to record notes on anything and specify which database tables that note pertains to. I write a few things as questions come up and show my client what I'm doing. I then encourage them to do most of their own documentation ongoingly.
Benoît H. Dicaire: (INFRAX inc.)
Tor Kleiberg.
shaleen : (IBIS technologies) first thing first I Support the Agile Manifesto! well i have read and applied a few agile methods and now i am bound to support them regards shaleen
Andrew Forward: ( I worry that people out to sabotoge the efforts of being agile are actually those that profess to practice it. It took far too long for me to actually sign up.
Pär Hammarström: (IFS AB)
Partha Monge.
Luie Matthee: (IBM)
Keith Harrison-Broninski: (Role Modellers Ltd) My whole working life has been underpinned by an interest in tools and techniques to facilitate and support human collaboration - the invisible, untidy, innovative work that in the end is responsible for delivering a project, a product, a business, ... until all software is written by machines, we need agile methods. And probably even then.
Chris Kelly: (Enigmatec Corporation)
Alistair Rees: (University of Durham)
Barry Huffman: (Logus Solutions)
Jayanti Patel: ( I really like the broad concept of software development proposed by agile group and I hope these concept will be world wide excepted in the year's to come
Michael Stuart: (Microsoft)
Pierre-Yves Gibello: (ExperLog) Agile processes exist for decades, but it's so hard to make people accept them... Thanks for helping pull them to daylight, and good luck.
Michael Paulenko: (TANNIN Technology Ltd) Often the best directions one can get are a detailed picture. A development approach must be agile to embrace and realize the vision of that picture. A team that is nurtured to be jointly creative, adaptive and adoptive will truly realize the ultimate solution. This approach goes beyond dealing with the learning curve, and allows for the value that comes from nurturing the creativity curve.
Thomas Strandenæs: (Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine)
Moshe Dayan: (Ariba Technologies India Pvt Ltd)
Daniel Raskin.
Dotan Dvir: I value sound principles and an open mind over rigid process definitions
Jacob Wei.
Kevin Rutherford: (Rutherford Software)
Parijat Bhattacharjee.
Max Hughes: I need to learn more but never had the time. Now maybe....
Geoff Pizii: (Allegis Group)
Juan Pablo Olguin: (Indra SI) I commit to spread the agile principles with all my effort, to respect and make others respect the manifesto.

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