Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 19 May to 17 Jun 2004
Guilherme Lacerda: (APOENA Software Livre)
TARIQ ABDUL MAJID: (THE HOUSE OF QUALITY) I have been associated with ISO 9000 certification of software development companies for past 7 years, but now I feel that despite the benefits of documentation it is the indiduals (man behind the machine) who matter most.
Vijay: Maybe there is a Silver Bullet afterall and It is Agile Methodology.... Hurrah
Gastón Nusimovich.
Gerardo Ramon Espino: (Developers & Computers Associates) Thnx for giving us a better way to develop software.
Luis Grullon: In principle I'm in full agreement with the agile manifesto..
Jens Saxe: (Triton Funding Group) Great initiative.
Kuei-yang Lo: (ICSC) For a long time, we've searched for a better principle to manage project and product of software. Agile Methodology is not a evolutionary one, but a revolutionary one.
David Schroeter.
Henry Liang: (Innovapost) It's a excellent approach. You guys are doing a great thing
Robert Lazo: (The Beguine Group)
Andrew Higginbottom: agile != fragile
John Scumniotales: ( I have been using Agile approaches since the early 90's when I developed Scrum with Jeff Sutherland and Jeff McKenna. When its principals are adhered to and its values embraced, I believe there is no better way to build software!
Scott Seo: My own development principals exactly match what's stated in Agile Manifesto. I am so glad to realize there is such a movement among developers to become more practical and realistic about software development. I fully accede to Agile Manifesto.
Sai Krupa Sagar: (Cognizant) I believe Agile methodologies are needed to build quality software in this age of changing customer requriements and multiple dependencies by using optimal contribution of people and processes.
Nancy Polasek: (Decide Consulting) I agree!
James Radvan: (CodeRonin Ltd) A fine set of ideals to aspire to every day.
Alan Freedman: (MindWave) I support the sane and realistic principles of Agile Development.
Rich Tensmeyer: (EDS)
Garry L. Booker: (Project Frontier, LLC) Superb concept, excellent execution. This community has opened up a new dimension in project management, not just software development, because it (finally) recognizes the value of discovery-driven Knowledge Work. I believe history will record that this movement is on the forefront of a momentus transition from Industrial Age thinking to Knowledge Age thinking. Good work!
Allan Murota: (Modelsoft Consulting Corp) The Manifesto and Principles are very pragmatic.
Stephanie R Weber: (Communications Data Services)
Mark Glesener: (Time Warner Telecom) I've been preaching, practicing, and succeeding with agile methodologies as an architect and development manager at three companies over the past five years. I'm now working to bring my fourth company on board. As a student and practitioner of development methodologies and project management over a 20 year career, this is by far the most significant development in the IT field that I've seen. Finally, we are starting to mature as an industry.
Craig Perrin: (CollabNet) Ongoing collaboration on development between the people who use software and the people who make software should know no geographic or organizational boundary other than that agreed to by the participants!
Niels Kildeskov.
Marcelo Hernan Schenone: (AgEnD) I really agree with all the values of the Agile Manifesto and I think they will help our discipline mature.
Ravi Chamarthy: (Cellexchange, India) In these years of countinous changes in Customer requirements, Agile methodologies are must needed to build a quality software on-time.
Dan Kelly.
Najeeb Moosavi.
giuseppe: (
Cheryl Magnuson.
Marcos Luna: it is very interesting that there are more open and better ideas to develope good software.
Noel I Kelly: (CLS Carrock LIC) Agile: for building systems in order of importance. Start with the must have functions and adding the extra function as volume and value demand.
John Howes: (Inetium)
Karim Khelifi: (S2K Technologies)
paul costin: (UBS)
mikeyu: (neusoft) I like agile software and want to study it.
david godec: Well I and most of the developers I've been in contact with have always worked that way so I don't regard this as being "Agile" (I think all this is totally out of proportions unless there is some degree of humour in it...). From my point of view, too many developers tend to apply the "stuck in the mud" software development method, but even if you can avoid walking in the mud, is it enough to call you an "agile" person ?...
Anthony Carnevale: (Sentinel Benefits Group, Inc.)
John Recktenwald: (State of Alaska) Every time I call up the Agile Manifesto and read it I become more convinced of it's simple brilliance.
Justin Tifang: (Lisol Ltd) This is absolutely great !! For several years, we've been developing software in accordance with the principals so succintly expressed here, but we thought we were alone. How exciting to see that there are numerous others like ourselves. This has got to be the way forward !! Justin Tifang, IT Director, Lisol Ltd
Greg Knowd: (3M Company)
Brian Marshall: (PlayTank, Inc.) The Agile Manifesto is the closest statement I have yet seen to the way I have always worked. I have seen the toll that traditional methods can take on individuals. This can only be detrimental, in the long run, to the products being developed. I believe in Sustainable Development, and believe that the Agile Manifesto supports this as well. Ultimately, no matter how important your software is, people are more important.
Larry Bernstein: (Stevens Insitute of Technology) Right on. Process can never correct for poor uniformed management.
Emmanuel Gonnet: (KING Products and Solutions Inc.)
Andreas Schliep: (WEB.DE AG) I appreciate the deeply humanistic approach of agile software development. It will turn obedience to understanding and pressure to power.
Bruce Cropley: Agile methodologies just make so much sense in the real world. As soon as I heard a description of the XP practices, I knew I had to find out more. I'm glad I did, as agile has changed my everyday working life for the better. Thanks!
Leslie Crandall.
Peter Rose: (Red Kite Business Systems) We have been practicing these principles for many years and are slowly bringing our customers around to the idea that solutions not contracts improve our customers business processes.

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