Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Jun to 17 Jul 2004
Murray White: (ThoughtWorks, Inc.) I first signed this two years ago. Since then, I joined the best Agile company in the world, and I now work with over 500 people worldwide who believe fundamentally in the values of this Manifesto. Clearly, there is business benefit to these values, as our business is *very* successful ;-) Agile is to process model as OO is to programming model -> in 5 years, almost everyone will be Agile...
Nicholas Toumpelis: (
Vladimir Efanov: (Troika Dialog) I voting for The Agile Manifesto!
Herb Isenberg: I am interested in Best Agile Practices relative to the QA/Testing process (both manual and automated_ I am a QA/Testing Manager Thanks, -Herb
Teresa Cannon: (International Paper) I totally support this effort!
Bas Bossink: (Bergson) These values become more and more deeply installed in my value system each day of experience I gain in the field of Software Engineering. Embracing change is in my opinion the only way to be successful in an ever changing world.
Louis Franco: (
Julien Dubois: (
Jennifer Trotts: ( It is great to see the way I develop formalized so well and see other people appreciating it. I love customer collaboration and the feeling of achieving things as a team instead of the battlefield approach of hard requirements docs and 6 week change requests.
Krishna Prasad Yerramilli: I read Kent Beck's articles when I was attempting to bring reality into the projects I was managing. The unfortunate fact is that customers are trained to expect nothing better. If the Agile Manifesto can help bring change, I would support it.
Bill Ingersoll: (The Casey Group) I am a Director of Software Development and have worked with many various developing and management methodolgies. I have been employing Agile Methods now on a consistent basis for a few years and have achieved great sucess in delivering projects to clients. On a few recent occasions I had to employ "traditional heavy" methodologies for a particuilar client and actually had more difficulty and problems in bringing the projects in. Hopefully the industry will pay more attention to the Agile Model and embrace the benefits it brings. Having actual experience, I most certainly have become a dedicated student!
gisela strauss: ( As a creative knowledge worker I believe that Agile programming allows me to apply logical processes, while remaining within the creative flow. This will solve the inherent problem webdesign was facing from its onset : A missing framework for managing the interdependent nature of creative and logical development processes. Agile methods render webdesign and development methods more effective. And these methods in turn can be streamlined with all-over Agile programming processes. Best regards, Gisela Strauss, Munich
Badri N Srinivasan: I support the agile alliance as I feel the future will belong to the agile methodologies. In a world of constant change, being agile helps one to stay agile.
Junrong Shen: (Peking University) I love it, The Agile Software Development:)
Jason Mule: Obviously a better way to do it
Timothy Emiola.
Anand Deshpande: (XNet Inc.)
Isaac K. Acquah: Today's ever-changing industry dynamics do call for life cycle flexibility to amend business requirments later down the development path - when knowledge and understanding of both developers and clients would have significantly improved in the solution domain. The Agile method's ability to take up such late but value-add changes provides a real winner in the race for competitive advantage. What a realistic approach to today's development work!
Prashant Shetty: (Patni Computer Systems)
Eliot Sykes: I'm proud to be an Agileist :)
Shriram Shivakumar.
Sastry Ramachandrula: (Indian Institute of Science) Software Renaissance in making...
Jon Lebkowsky: (Polycot Consulting, L.L.C.)
Tony Coretto: (PNT Marketing Services, Inc.) Agile software development is something my company has stressed, unknowingly, for years now; we have always believed in (1) the primacy of the user, (2) working directly with the user and showing results fast, (3) accepting change (has anyone ever really worked on a software development project where all requirements were known up front and no changes were made as the project evolved?), (4) allowing project, user, and people needs to determine team structure for best effect. We have always felt we were swimming upstream especially if we interfaced with large systems development organizations at client companies, who mostly adhere strictly to "analysis/requirements/development/systems test/user test/implementation" lifecycle planning, and it is refreshing and inspiring to see the agile manifesto organized as a viable and preferable alternative for better results.
Vladimir Kiryushkin: (Institute of Buisness Carrier) I support the Agile Manifesto, because It support the better knowing of the constantly changing World.
Cristaldi Antonio Massimo: ( In my exprience, the costs've been supposed fewer using a formalized method than thinking simple. But, no cost in development increase wether you use a method, expecially simple. I'd like to promote Agile Alliance as a method to think first, and to do then.
Yae Chan: (tdg)
Ovsei Volberg: (University of Michigan)
Yaron Berlinsky.
Senthil: (ESolutions Ltd)
Pavel Maule: (IT systems a.s.)
Delon Newman: (
Will Whitfill: (Motorola) We have successfully implemented an Agile Development project. I look forward to implementing this methodology in other software projects within Motorola. -WW
Mykola Paliyenko: You are 100% right.
Jean-Michel Le Roux: ( Working together for a common task is the most powerful tool.
Warren Baker: (Net4Ed) I've been doing this for a long time. I support it as the only reasonable way to develop.
David Angelow.
Matthew Margolis.
Greg Urquhart: (Agilent Technologies)
Pieter Jansen van Vuuren: (Peter's Software House)
John E. DeLascurain.
Lim Fung Peng: ( I am an avid believer that developers are not only robots carrying out instructions in the assembly line of development processes. I see developers as ninjas, efficient at assasinating bugs and fixing problems where no by-the-book contract can do the job. A good developer is like a nimble ninja, able to respond to the situation, collaborate with other ninja-developers to efficiently and reliably produce software that just works. Delivering working software to customer satisfaction and doing what it takes to deliver on time has always been my goal and the goal I teach my team members. I feel agile development to be the answer to my "philosophy on development" and the calling of all ninja-developers.
Marv Miller: (Bridge Consulting) Having been born 3 days before Pearl Harbor and working with computers since 1959...including a 20 year stint with IBM, I've been skirting the edges of "corporate civility" (not) for a long time. I avoid working for most corporations wherein I cannot wear rubber gloves during my work day at the "factory" (to avoid contracting "the dis-ease"). In other words, as a C# .NET developer with weird metaphysical interests, I mostly starve. I LOVE working on projects, with and without others. I usually leave as soon as a big ego shows up who wants to control things because...well...they're in charge. My creativity flounders in such an environment. Thanks for BE-ing HERE-n-NOW...I'm happy I discovered you this day. (Thanks to , who, I suspicion, is an agile Agiler.)
Thomas Remaley: (TRAI) Agile techniques bridge the gap between customesr and developers, ensuring that the delivered systems do what the customer's need and can be readily adapted to the changing requirements of today's business environment. Applicable to large or small systems, I've successfully applied agile techniques to systems developments in a variety of domains.
Luis Gonzalez: (N/A) WOW, Because of it's humane and individual-talent-oriented nature, "Da' Manifesto" is a revolution in today's cold software production environment!
Transparen Corporation: (Surrey Consultants) With operations in Surrey, British Columbia (Between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, Washington), our firm provides ways to improve business processes using technology. In our interactions with clients, one of the most valuable benefits we bring is quick response time and timely deployment of working software. The Agile Manifesto recognises priorities that our experience has proven true.
Anthony Ventura: (Ventura Web Design) Hello, I just became aware of the Agile Manifesto through a research assignment for Capella University. I am working towards my Master's degree in System Design and Programming. I have always felt that the customer should be integrated throughout the system development life cycle, however, after readying the Agile Manifesto, it seems that your approach goes to great lengths to insure that the customer is THE focal point of software development. Thank you, Anthony Ventura
Kenneth R. Ward: (KRW Inc) I fully support the Agile Manifesto. My Goal is : " To utilize the Agile methodology known as Scrum, to bring in software development projects on time and on budget giving the customer the satisfaction in getting useable software in a timely manner."
Steve Mobley: (
Ever Meza: Student

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