Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Feb to 28 Feb 2005
Andrew Marks: (ResultMedia) Currently looking at overhalling the software process at work and the insights and direction I have recieved from researching Agile methods have been a tremendous help.
Graciela E. Mardones: (Universidad de Viña del Mar)
David Winn, M.D.: (e-MDs) We are developers of electronic health records. We espouse an egalitarian philosophy of building great software in scope of function and ease of use and thru this process creating tremendous value. We share certain intellectual property components with the Open Source commuity in the hopes of spurring electronic health record adoption. Should we succeed in accelerating adoption of this proven life saving technology, then that success will be our ultimate reward.
Madhusudhan Gattani: (iP3 Systems Ltd)
Pete Skaarup: Computers should work the way people want them to work.
Eric Anderson: (Magic Hat Technologies, LLC)
Rohit Regonayak: ( )
Peter Sommerlad: (HSR Rapperswil)
Florin Marcus: (Gebsoft)
Helen Chesterman: (UBS)
vim: lovely!
Akko Groenhof: (inspirIT consultants b.v.)
Pinaki Poddar.
Yury Lapis: (QA Guys Inc.)
Ariel Erlijman: ( Extreme Programming and Agile Development are a natural evolution in software design. Continous Integration, Unit Testing and Refactoring are key elements in my daily work. I no longer accept any kind of work unless I can deliver and change priorities in a weekly or bi-weekly fashion. Iterations are also a must. Keep going with this effort.
Tricia Cherrington Ratliff: (CCPace)
Carlos Juan Martín Pérez: (University of El Salvador)
Christian Orellana.
Adam Sosnowski.
Emilio Suarez: ( Everything for building better code, faster... And completely stand behind the people who wrote the Manifesto... way to go!
Mark Clerget: (Consultants Guild) I continue to look for new and creative ways to be successful by implementing Agile principles in both private and public sectors. I'm all about project success and quite honestly, who can argue with success. Success is good for me and good for my customers. The diplomatic challenge is to help customer understand Agile and convince them that Agile is going to make them the most successful. If you would like to swap success stories on implementing Agile in private industry, local government or federal government, lets talk!
Jason Cohen: This is simple and extremely effective. The old world of large bloated projects is dead in my opinion.
Surendranath Mohanty.
Gunjan Doshi: (Instrumental Services Inc.)
Michael M. Butler.
Michael Leeds: (VersionOne) The results from agile development speak for themselves. Expanding the value over time will continue to demonstrate the impact of agile development.
Bas Vodde: (Nokia) Always forgot signing this. Finally!! Agile development is the way forward!
Karianne Berg: (University of Bergen, Norway) I strongly support the use of agile methodologies, after learning the limitations of waterfall methodologies the hard way.
Manoj Khanna: (Dextrus Prosoft)
Franco Rinaudo: I completely endorse your vision. It happens that it was the one I applied to projects I was responsible for and the motivation of the people involved was always very high and a major factor of success !!!!
Rob Bird: Truly the only way to develop the wise way.
Daniel Larson: (Portal Builder)
Silex Cubed, Inc.: (Software Development Company)
Bala: (University of Houston)
James Wheeler: (SmartArrays, Inc) The pleasant thing about this document, apart from its brevity, is that it affirms my own experience in what makes software projects successful.
Peter J. Rogers.
Sebastian Richter: I use these principles now since 6 years and they work!!! Try it!!!
Linda Larrivee: (Ultimate Software)
Kelley Johnston: There's no substitute for talking with people. I've been developing software since 1970. Competent software development has ever been there, along with instances of overweight process- and documentation-driven development. Today's iteration of the former is called Agile Software Development. I've never seen an instance where paying attention to, and reacting quickly to the customer's needs has failed to impress. Conversely, I've never seen an instance of overly process and documentation-driven software that has. I'm glad to put my name to this.
Ali A.Rad: (ChistaSG)
Yaroslav German: (AG) I think it's technology which works.
Richard A. Nichols: (RANWare)
Sudu Sankaran: (Hewlett Packard)
Albert Topitz: (IMAGE Kommunikationsdesign GmbH) We are offering communications design to our clients. How else could that be achieved than by communication with our customers throughout the entire work process? Your approach is the only approach that makes sense in our area of business!
Benjamin F. Lund: (BellCom Open Source)
Stefan A. Sainiuc: Working software over comprehensive documentation is what I support most.
David Corbett: This is a breath of fresh air. After more than 20 years developing software - the manifesto just feels right to me. Many of us have used these ideas surreptitiously. It's great to see them now being articulated and debated.
Ning Yan: Believe that agile has the true values toward solving software engineering puzzles.
Régis Baccaro: (KMD a/s) Process to the people !
Michael O'Brien: (Mbedthis Software) Mbedthis Software develops embedded web server platforms and solutions and has used Agile processes with great success. Combined with open source software, Agile is an excellent encapsulation of many practices that we have believed in for many years. We are delighted to add our support

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