Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Jan to 09 Feb 2005
Pere Villega: I support this, for SW sake :)
Abdel A Saleh: ( Its Agility not fragility. The act of moving forward while keeping your focus on the journey and constantly evaluating your path. Its not easy. I have never valued the words communication and feedback like I do now. Thank you.
Mark Van Tuyl: (Van Tuyl Software)
mark hesketh: (ip australia) I like the no-nonsense Agile Manifesto - it rings true with me most of the time.
Cédric Dupont: (SOPRA GROUP.)
Norman Headlam: (
Bob Marshall: (Falling Blossoms) Capability development specialists, applying Agile principles to both Software Engineering and Enterprise Engineering alike. Experienced in harmonising Agile principles with e.g. RUP and CMMi.
Bill Wall: (Stonewall Software) To be agile is to evolve with the abilities of today's world. The software world is the most true of this concept.
raony mascarenhas de araújo.
Joe Duncan: (Daugherty Business Solutions) Working on applying the principles if the Agile Manifesto to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.
David Kennedy: (Aspen Leaf Software) We should never lose sight of the fact that what we are trying to do as software developers is develop the right software at the right time, not produce documents that will be obsolute before we are finished writing them.
Jeff Winchell: ( My Inner Cartman says the manifesto should be retitled Getting to Duh: Realizing Humans Make Technology (not the other way around). Thank you to all of you making software soft and more wearable.
Uckun Emel: Thanks to the founders of human-oriented development.
FAYEN Daniel: (DFA) To be agile is to evolve with the changing world and, more important, to keep focus with the customer true needs. This no-nonsense approach should be spread over the community: both the (software) supplier and the user(the customer) should understand this approach is their best interest. Experienced in harmonising Agile principles with CMMI and PMI.
Karl Wilson: (Creative Technologists)
Anthony Morenas.
Jeff Oberlander: (Vykor)
Andrew P. Ho: (Medgistics)
Bil Simser: (
Jukka Lindstrom: Agile methodologies have changed the software industry a great deal more motivating to work in. Values of the Agile Manifesto place emphasis on bringing back the joy to projects while increasing productivity and satisfying customers.
Theron James: (Common Technologies, Inc) We at Common Technologies are true believes in constantly and persistently finding better ways to create software and systems. Agile Development is one of those new ways. We are proud to use and support such a awesome method.
Alexander Gribanov: (IT-Studio) It's cool to deliver to customers what they really need in a way that really suits end-users and business
Özgür Yoðurtçu: (VeriPark) My favourite; "Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential.".
Peter Misak: (Comarch s.r.o)
Marcelo Lúcio da Silva: (Pgcon Consulting, BRAZIL) Down with the Torpid Methods!!
Oliver Searle-Barnes: (Nutshell Development)
Ramprasath K: SIR, i am a student of computer science and engineering(B.E).i am an indian studying in india. i am very much interested to develope softwares and i wish to take it as my carear.
Dion Hinchcliffe: (Sphere of Influence) I am pleased to support the agile manifesto. Developing great software is one of the important ways that civilization moves forward. Solving the problems that prevent us from delivering great software is critical for our industry to move forward.
Jenny Smith.
Henning Wolf: (it-agile GmbH)
David Romine: (AgileThought)
Shaoshuai Shi: (School of Software,Tsinghua University, Peking, China) I am an agile software developer.
Richard: (Craesol) Breath of fresh air as I see failing project managers dissapear into the abyss under a sea of paperwork. Given the levels of business change that we are dealing with today, the Agile is increasingly relevant, and potentially moves us towards a more transparent working environment.
Javier Fernández Mejuto: (Telefónica I+D) Software development must change. The traditional methodologies don't work in the real world, where they have proved to be inefficient in terms of time and money. Now we have an alternative at our hand.
Dave Draggon: (Intel)
Steven Shaw: (
Fernando Rincon: (Open Systems Development - OSD) Our experience has taught us to believe not blindly in fantasy methodologies, considering them stiff, bureaucratic and little effective, but more well doing with open mind to find the real requests and the pragmatic solution.
Ryan Peterson: (Creek Systems) My organizatoin has been implementing Agile development practices within large organizations for years. The results prove the methods. I always ask my clients how do they measure success. If the answer is working production software that produces measurable business cost savings, then the Agile processes are for you. If the answer is the thickness of the documentation folder, then stick to a big "M" methodology. My organization has the proof to backup the claims, and we've proved it in the real world for numerous clients. The software is produced on target, but more importantly the group dynamics and culture produced are staggering. I've never seen a more tight nit, cohesive development team then the agile team.
Christopher J Taylor: (Infogenic Systems)
Rich Greene: (InSource)
Bernard Fraenkel: Agile works
Sudev Mukherjee: (Sapient Inc) Agile methodology is for the developers, of the developers and by the developers. It is great to know that industry recognizing the value of having working software over rims of paper. I wish more and more people recon the value of it and the whole industry get benefited from this approach of software development. Thank you all.
Francisco Uribe: (Universidad de Chile)
Dr. Ernest Wallmueller: (Qualität & Informatik, Switzeland) People make processes. People are the key factor. Who communicates, wins.
Emilio: I totally agree on the principles behind the Manifesto. Only one doubt about documentation: also working software needs essential documentation.
Igor Kavilovich: ( Corp.) We support The Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
Pollyanna Pixton: (Evolutionary Systems)
John McKay: (McKay Software Services Ltd) I am in favour of precise communication between people and moving away from techical jargon and buzzwords. I also support incremenetal development. AGILE seems to help me to work along these lines
Graham Mingst: (JPMC Chase)
Niranjan Sarade: Very good motive

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