Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 08 Dec to 15 Jan 2005
Anthony C. Brewer.
Benoit Ouellet: ( Planning by two-week iterations has litterally changed our development perspective. What's most important for the customer is completely different from what's most important for the analyst. If you are still using MS Project for planning software development, think again: embrace change.
Ing. Ruben Carballo Macklis: I know RUP, CMM and other's, but that's burocracy, waste of my valueable time and resources. So simplicity it's the best way for good software.... A Crazy MEXICAN....
Agustin Gonzalez: (Townlake Software)
Jignesh Panchal: I totally agree with the Agile Manifesto. It is a very good and new concept in software developing world.
Aidy Rutter: Agility has improved my skills, knowledge and software that I have built and tested.
Mike Blake: ( This manifesto has helped focus my original passion for creating software. Software should make are lives easier not more complicated.
Uwe Hegemann: It is amazing to see how the people in our process build on the principles of the agile manifesto begin to deliver working software of real value that is driven by what seemed to have doomed out of our faces a long time ago: fun! It seemed to be a long, stony way (completely replacing an exiting old system - do i have to say more?) - but now, things rapidly become clearer to me, just like driving up a mountain on a foggy day and suddenly breaking through the blanket of clouds getting a perferct view around.
Scott Livingston.
Umer Uzair: (niit) i want to learn and practice Agile software development process as "Only the Change is Constant"
Dominique Plante: ( I believe that the underlying values of the agile manifest do in fact encourage producing better software than traditional approaches! I highly recommend everyone to try as much of Extreme Programming as possible - in particular Test Driven Design, Continuous Integration, Merciless Refactoring, Pair Programming are all *great* practices that should lead you to developing better code!
Chet Haibel: In medical devices, the FDA and other regulatory bodies have enshrined the "waterfall model" which assumes the requirements are known (or even knowable) before one starts to develop a product. This is a breath of fresh air to allow some reality and admit we learn as we go.
Jonas Ekstrom: (Sweden .NET User Group) When will they ever learn that time is the 4th dimension.
Branko Jeremic.
Tomi Schuetz: (
Eyal Ben Ze'ev: (IBM) "It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err." - Mahatma Gandhi.
Bruce Hutfless.
Luca Botti: (Antlia srl) I think it is time for IT operators to deliver real value to our customers. I believe Agile methodology is the correct way to deliver.
Michael Branson.
Stanislav N. Samolenkov: (Enterprise Information Systems)
Flávio Leal de Siqueira.
lior sion.
Karen Hackett: The ideas behind the Agile Manifesto strike a chord in most of us who have endured enough angst from failed projects despite our best efforts and felt the exuberance of successful projects.
Gino Marckx: (Xodiac) Focus on people, focus on a team. If the team is feeling good, the rest will follow... Do not dictate a way of working, let it emerge instead.
David Smalley: (Progressive)
Vivek Awasthi: (ISTS Worldwide Inc) We support and encourage the Agile development process. This is something that is practical for usage among real-world programmers, and can still maintain 'dignity' in the corporate world. Overall, agile is practical, and we would do all to help it's reach further.
Giovanni Caristi: (Vodafone Italy) Revolution, then evolution!
Darron Jennings: It's simply amazing how obvious this methodology is, and yet contrary to every management principal. Developers love it, customers love it. Managers and Executives WILL love it, eventually.
Jim Yarlett: (Thales) Bringing order from chaos!
Frank Peterson: This is the only way to fly.
Philip Bremner: (Visual SAP) The "Agile Methodology" is characterized by a pragmatic work ethic focussing on the customer and quality while respecting the synergy of a software team and the creativeness of a software developer. This methodology does not let the process rule the people.
David Batic: (Iskratel Ltd.) A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step and can only be taken one step at a time. -- An old saying
John Krol: (Square Mile consulting) my interest has been improving our own internal development methodology for applications. I think that agile methodologies have been good to keep in mind.
Paul W Woodman: To me this is the "one best" way to not only develop software or make any change.
Igor Dedough.
Jim Watkins: (Texas Instruments) Jim has managed software projects for over 20 years and sees Agile principles and practices as the path to solving many fundamental problems with developing software.
Chris Patteson: (FedEx) I continue to nurture and encougrage Agile practices in both IT and "traditional" process worlds. As a degreed industrial engineer, I truly believe understanding the Human Factors (and constraints) behind delivering results on projects is key to improving and enhancing the delivery process.
Jim Jones: (Tom Thumb Software) This is essentially the process I used on a NASA project 15 years ago. We even convinced the customer to have a representative at a desk near our desks so we could have close daily interaction.
James Caristi: (Valparaiso University) Nothing else makes any sense.
Dondy Bappedyanto: Agile development is the only way to make a piece of software that has good quality
Scott Worley: (Freelance Consultant) Agile Practitioner of various methods, depending upon the clients needs and screnario. Currently focusing on applying Scrum and MSF4 Agile/formal to Business process and project management outside of Software Development. Acting Mentor to various companies in US, Europe, Canada, Hongkong and Mainland China. Evangalizing Agile process in China, and anywhere else I go. Currently based in Shanghai, Frequent travel to HK, Beijing, Canada, US and UK. To be successful in Agile process eductaion, one has also to be agile in approach, knowing how to do Agile process is not enough, you have to become it!
Jun Du: (Atlantis Systems International, Inc.)
Thomas Quas: (Self-Employed) Most people do understand that planning life from baby-age to retirement is an impossible thing to do. Some people realize that life evolves in directions unpredicted with each decision made. A bunch of people recognized this is true for software, too. Hopefully, there will be more of those by the end of the day.
Mischa Christen: It is not perfect when you can not add anything, it is perfect when you can not leave out more. Perfekt ist es nicht wenn Du nichts mehr hinzufuegen kannst, sondern wenn Du nichts mehr weglassen kannst.
Rikk Carey: (plaxo) Been doing this for most of my career. Glad to find others that feel this way.
Stanislav Lisse: (VKK NVO) I am a beginner
Roy Osherove: (Team Agile) Thank you for making it all so clear and simple. There's a tough task ahead, but with courage, simplicity, feedback and communication we can accomplish anything. Israel is starting to realize this. We'll soon catch up.
Mituyoshi Kawabata: (Agileware) Test Driven Development is best!

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