Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 22 Mar to 09 Apr 2005
Oliver Irlam: Whether developing software, or designing systems and network architecture, simplicity and collaboration have always resulted in success. I am proud to add my name to the list of signatories to the Agile Manifesto.
Emilio Costa Giomi: (IBM) Change is possible!
Ray Schweighofer: (LiquidHub, Inc.) Agile Approaches work hand-in-hand with Service Oriented Architectures toward the continuous improvement of IT Economics.
Ted Gaunt.
Nathan Cornillon.
Clifford Johnstun: (Silver Star Consulting) Finally a concise statement of software development principles that makes sense. Having just survived a SEI CMM Level 3 DOD project (Nightmare), I'm pleased to see that others share my disgust with those who put process ahead of everything else.
David Griffiths: (Leicestershire County Council) Agile methods affirm that principle precedes process and that the true value of an organization is in the interactions of its people.
John Weathington: (Xlint Software Consulting, Inc.) Embracing change is probably the single most important lesson any software development professional can learn. Agile methodologies are the most responsible way to develop software solutions -- period.
Duane Blanchard: (dlb Linguistic Services)
Gene Pope.
Martin Salias: ( Agile principles embody and make clear the practice of what I've doing (or trying to do) over more than twenty year as a developer and team leader.
Mary S. Marrero: Excellent!
Jere Krischel: (KPIT) The funniest thing about this is that any project that truly succeeds is using agile methodologies, even if they're not calling it out.
Rana Singh: (Global Softech, Inc.) Agile Software development has been found to work best for the innovative companies particularly startups.
Darren Scarfe: (VI Engineering Inc.)
Arvind W. Kiwelekar: (IIT-Bombay)
Francis Shanahan: ( Recognizing that software engineering as a skill and in some cases an art and not a commodity.
Mohammed Seyam: (Faculty of Computers & Informatics) I'm writing my Master thesis on "Agile methodologies in IS Development". It'll be great if i can find help from you.
Klaus Merx: Muehlhausen (Kraichgau), Germany
Atul Kamat: (Visionael Corporation)
Ravi Shanker: I have been practicing the Agile way of developing applications and products and have found it to be very effective. Although it becomes frustrating for my team to accept changes but following organizational goals we have to do it. I am able to deliver large projects in the shortest time possible with scarciest of resources by this method.
Mark Pettit: The agile manifesto is great set of principles that can help us as developers, architects and project managers, meet the challenge of delivering software to constantly evolving requirements. From this point on, we need to consider how to build systems, that once deployed can also embrace constant evolution.
Michael James: (ScrumWorks) We subscribe to these values at our own company and those we advise.
Jim Kaupanger: (Facilitation Enterprises)
Sunil Kejariwal: (SoftwareWorkshop.Net) The Manifesto says it all. In the world of software so much is being made of Processes and Tools - this Manifesto is a refreshing change. Not surprisingly, thats what's working for us and our clients. Treat your customers as your collaborators, treat change as fundamental to software evolution - from concept to delivery, and you have a winning picture.
Eric Sedor: (Blue Collar Objects)
ganes: (Rynet Cipta Tenology good job keep it stick together team
Kyle Gabhart: (Gabhart Communications) I have found tremendous value for myself and my customers by employing agile methodologies. I look forward to the continued development and refinement of our trade.
Suresh Jeyakumar: (KenPeople Technology Pvt Ltd)
Neil Henry: (TheraSense, Inc.) Delighted to find a community of like-minded operating folks. I have defined and implemented many of these principals from the Product management/Definition side with success across IP Networking systems, eCommence Platforms & Services and Medical Devices.
John King: (Raytheon) Quite simply - it works!
Brian Egge.
David Laffineuse: (Bosch Security Sytems, Inc.)
Cicil K Abraham: I very much support agile manifesto . I think requirement changes in later stage of development is to deal more with human chemistry than processes .
Lassi Immonen: These principles I will keep in high value.
Thomas Krantz.
Korki Whitaker.
Pablo Cipriani: (TEDINCA)
Kwan Tan: Have been working with a modified version of eXtreme programming methodology in the last three years. The software development environment is evolving and people are also changed in a positive way. During the improvement phases, many difficulties bubble up reflected from company acquisition impacts (3 times in 5 years), the outcome and learning experiences are still very valuable and many funs. The agile manifesto does describe majority of the high values that I have experienced with. One thing to continue learning about is how to manage a required front design first software development step (like architecture). It may be hard but doable given existing and currently technology.
Marcin Zduniak: (Zduniak IT Group)
David Johnson: (Dimensional Control Systems) Our development team has been following these principals for some time and I am glad to see others agree.
Andrei Maxim: (
Pranav Kumar: I really liked the concept of the development process. It makes out the best from an indivisual and adds value to ones picture.
Gibson Chimukoko.
James Billingham: (IBM) I have worked on many large dev projects and its always the change introduced late into the development cycle that causes the most pain. Any manifesto that fosters the efficent handling of change sounds good to me! On the question of communication a more intelligent person than me said - 'Communication is only possible between equals' - technical people who create a 'guru' aura and refuse to work in a team only hinder a project (apart from the odd time when they answer an obscure technical question, although they never tell anyone where they got the information from ;-)).
John Wagner: (AgileThought) The people who sponsor/fund software development projects already believe strongly in these principles. They want to be more involved in the development process. They want to see working software early and often. Now we just need to convince the "old school" IT manager types to let go of their waterfall workplans and let the developers and the business sponsors create great software together, iteratively. Embrace Change!
Yeradis P. Barbosa Marrero: (Y-Soft) Cuban programmer
Conch Chow (Shankhabrata Chowdhury): (SIEMENS)
Harsh Thakar.
Alberto Corona: (ObjectWave Corp.) At ObjectWave we believe and promote the Agile aproach to software development: - Simplicity - Deliver frequently - Respond to changes - Work with motivated individuals - Customer collaboration - Meet the customer needs

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