Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Apr to 28 Apr 2005
Catalin Hritcu: ("Al. I. Cuza" Univ. of Iasi)
walter Idem: I am a Java programmer who would like to harness my skills to higher advantage.
John Gordos: I agree completely! We've become lost in process, and consequently, that drives up prices, and devalues individual skills.
Ram Dongre.
Buks Hanekom: (Kwikpay)
Jeff Brown: (
Kiran Kaukuntla: ( I strongly support and believe in agile process.
Michael Scudiero: Amen.
Paul Guyer: This is how it ought to be done!
John Kavanagh: From structured code to structured design, from structured analysis to Information Engineering, from Ed Yourdon to Tom Demarco, from James Martin to Clive Finkelstein, from JAD to RAD to XP. Where will it end?
Dan Schrimpsher: (Applied Data Trends) I use it. I love it. It has made my coding more productive, more fun, and easier to upgrade
André Lara de Moraes.
Andres Calviño: (TCS) I find very interesting the fact that for me these statements are the only reason that make software development a funny thing to do.
Arvind Handu: (Datavibes, inc.)
Narayana.D: ( Delightful to find a methodology which simple and robust.
Frank H. Ritz: (Software Engineering Ritz) Agile methods are less about software construction or software engineering and more about humans working together and communicating. Effectiveness - do the right things; Efficiency - do things right. No matter what field you're in, there's something to learn here.
saad rehmani: TDD delivers results.
Steven Bonacorsi: (George Group) I am a Senior Consultant and Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. I have been propoting Agility practices for the past 2 years. I have learned that the Lean Six Sigma Quality tools (vs. the methodology) can be very useful in helping teams learn how to conduct VOC (Voice of the Customer) and VOB (Voice of the Business) requirements. Other tools that have been very useful have been FMEA (Risk Analysis), Pugh Matrix (Solution Selection Criteria tool), and QFD (Quality Functional Deployment) in prioritizing critical customer requirements.
Rodrigo Falcó: Im convinced that agile methodologies are the best approach for developing quality software(functional, in time & budget, simpler to use/mantain)
Mylene Trasmanas.
Rob Machin: (Concise)
Vinod Panicker: (Wipro technologies)
Ajit Dubey: (
David Chiang: (Avenue A | Razorfish) Utilizing Agile has completely changed the way our clients have delivered their own internal projects. As a team, we have been able to consistently over-deliver on our inital committments throughout all our projects. Our clients have been able to embrace the rewards and grow as an internal organization after working with us. This has aided our recognization with the client as a true partner.
Sam Owen: (ThoughtWorks)
Markus Hjort.
Robert Moskal: (Most Media) The manifesto describes the attitude and practices that make for successful software development. Take it to heart or learn through bitter experience!
Dave Waterworth: (Richards Bay Coal Terminal) It's refreshing to find a voice for the principles I've tried to live up to in my development career. I find that technology is too often chosen as the vehicle with which to drive the process, rather than the reverse, which should be the case. Developers need to deliver the simplest and most appropriate solutions to the customers' functional requirements.
Coray Seifert: (Large Animal Games) Great community you guys have here. Keep up the great work!
Cindy Sanders: (Novell, Inc.)
Deven Tolia: (ThoughtWorks India) I have practically zero experience in the IT Industry, in fact I am still in college.However, I have gone through training in Agile and XP methods, and that coupled with my reading has enhanced my confidence in these. The most important feature is the lack of bureaucracy.If this is ever compromised on, I fear that we will lose our effectiveness.
Shashi K. Sopirala: (Software Imaging Ltd) Best practice to deliver fast and effective project. Agile is great to apply in to small companies. I support Agile development. Works out great.
Guy Rutter: (Fabsec Ltd) The principles embodied by the agile philosophy are so natural when you work with them you realise this is the only way. Adopting the agile pholosophy as I set up the software development department for Fabsec transformed their experience of software development from one of late delivery and poor quality to one of timely delivery with greater than expected functionality.
Mohammed Ansari: (ClearBrain Inc.)
Masa K Maeda.
David Chilcott: (Outformations, Inc.) Agile collaborative design and development is simply more effective.
Mario Gleichmann: (MG Informatik) 'Process' is derived from lat. 'procedere', which means to move forward to a designated goal. Thanks for showing us such important values, which could guide us to a right, clear direction of software development........ (I also appreciate: common sense over stereotype, personal responsibility over management, trust over supervision)
Gabriela Martinez: (Universidad TecMilenio) I, as a software development and project management teacher, find sometimes difficult to try to explain to my students that they must "follow" a plan and requirements, when I know from experience, that most of the times what you once analyzed is no loger accurate, because of organization changes.
Ravindra: I am understanding Agile methodology and impressed about results seen by many. I have been using traditional development processes , now I look forward to change and embrace change...
Joel Montijo: (Little Duck Solutions) Im co-owner of a new Software Co. We are just seven member's in the organization but, we support the Agile Software Development. I go to Academy Groups around my comunity for talking about the benefits of the Agile Software. Im just a rookie in the ASD, but i can make the diference.
Antonio Reyes: I completely agree on the principles mentioned here. In fact, I have been uncovering and practicing these principles since I got hired by my company Norand Corporation, now Intermec Technologies, which is a leader technology provider for automatic data collection & identification projects. I work in the area of software developing & maintenance, and it is a fact that we are involved in a very competitive environment, working all around the Latinamerican market, and that we must drive our projects very agile, otherwise our clients are not going to take decisions on our favour
Janete Pereira do Amaral: (Faculdade 7 de Setembro)
Paul de Vries: (The Hague University) Good initiative the Manifesto! With AM a students quarter falls 10 times faster.
Scot Weber.
Rob Park: Agile processes are invaluable for producing better software. Agile makes sense and it's fun.
Shubham Nagar: (InfoAxon Technologies UK Limited) We have been using Agile methodologies successfully with our Projects. Its nice to see a formal charter to support the methodology.
Vincent Mulkowsky: Keeping it simple...
Luis Melo: (FINIBANCO)
Philipp Schumann: (mokka'logic Interactive)
Kaustabh Debbarman: (Nokia) Its all about common sense!

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