Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 28 Apr to 16 May 2005
Markus W. Schneider-Kettiger: (Woodpecker AG) There is so much to do that we can't afford to lose time with bureaucracy. We have to change our way of thinking "wiki wiki" or mankind will disappear...
Cory Foy: (
Joseph Pelrine: (MetaProg GmbH) There's agile, and then there's Agile. We were here first!
Darin Archer: ( It does not take 6 months and millions of dollars to build systems.
David Wylie: (SolutionsIQ)
Bhushan Buchade: (AG Technologies)
Wolfgang Richter: I am currently (2004-?) writing a doctoral thesis about the relation between project management and agile software development methods. The work is based on my experience in participating and managing IT projects during the last 7 years. In my opinion the Manifesto describes the best, what software development is all about. Being flexible is one of the most important attributes of either an individual or a whole project.
David Parry: ( Pick right tool right Job
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock: (Wirfs-Brock Associates)
Scott Goodin: (CP Ships)
Marilson Campos - VP of Technology: (JP Morgan) Excellent way to provide structure without compromising innovation.
Morten Mertner: (
William A. Flynn.
Paul C. Anagnostopoulos: (Windfall Software) Eschew the "when in doubt, work on the process" software development methodology.
MUSTAFA ESER: perfect realistic
Gabriel Ciuloaica: (Intellisync) Hi, I'm in a learning and experiment period. I'm working to integrate the process in my team.
Tim Purcell: (Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services)
Jörg Kiefer: (objctive-partner)
Edmond Meinfelder: The argument for Agile is obvious to any software developer who has or is suffering a dysfunctional development culture. How to transform an organization's culture is the problem. Suggestions are welcome.
Måns Sandström: (Dynabyte AB)
Clarke Ching: (
Jan Snauwaert: (Information Quality Consulting) The quality of the (software) development - in ALL its aspects - seems a bit lacking to me in the Agile Manifesto, that, otherwise, I find very meaningful and intelligent.
Zeeshan Azam: (University of Leicester United Kingdom) I really appreciate the activities of Agile software developments,and i'm supporting its manifesto . i also want to develop new and useful software which are more powerful and userfriendly than ever. As i'm doing my Master of science in Advanced software engineering from University of Leicester in United Kingdom.The teachings of this university is excellent than any of the university in the world. thanks.
Lisandro: I'm interesting about taking more knowledge in this king of work. I'm administering some projects, but I want to know another methodology. Thanks a lot.
James Bergman: (SEGH Corporation) I have been a software developer for and now architect for over 25 years. I started on PDP-11's writing assembly code, moved up through Fortran and C then C++. Most if not all of my past projects have been at banks. The applications were developed using a form of Agile development methodology where we communicate face-to-face on aspects of design and development. Documentation was always produced, in parallel, using technical writers. First and foremost was always the delivery of a high-quality product (mostly for selfish reasons since none of us like production support roles). Recently the edict is documentation before development. The reason this has become some important is that since many of the development tasks are performed overseas with low priced labor. You always get what you pay for. In my experience, if its not spelled out on paper for these overseas developers, it will not be done. A recent experience proved this point. Error checking was not performed because it wasn't spelled out in the documents. Agile is awesome!
Alex Black: (the turing studio, inc.) We adhere to the sense of these documents for all of our client and internal projects. We've naturally found through experience that most if not all of these concepts are correct.
Joakim Holm: (Valtech AB) Valtech (Software consultancy) in Sweden uses agile software development as a company standard from now on. Keep fuelling the agile movement people!
Jorge L Mejia.
Alessio Saltarin: (
Ben Arledge: (
sisira: (RetailIT) I am interested in better analysis and design techniques with new ease of work
Leonel Auilo Espinosa: (PETROBRAS)
John Gómez (Colombia).
Luis C. Uribe: ( I couldn't agree more with the manifesto. Cut the red tape. It is really an acceptance that the usefulness of documentation has a limit and it always misses a large number of items that are only discovered during the development process. Agility and interaction with the user is what is needed, not increased processes, pre-development documentation and contract negotiation.
Mohamed Shamri Ahafurdeen: (Informatics Group) With the rapid changing of Softwrae and Technology i assume that the Agile methodology would work. This method more focus on Customrs needs in a little time scale(Time boxing).So i personnaly prefer AGILE.....
Eduardo Jose´Dorantes Becerra: (sigma tao software) Excellent methodology
Andreja Jarcevski: I'm a BSc in Computer Science candidate, and I've come to greatly appreciate the Agile Manifesto.
Marcello Pepe: (Tasker - Process, Project and Tasks Management) Every effort to bring more quality and more agility to software (and any project) development is also our main value.
Udita Singh: (Tekcno Creations Ltd.) Most reliable , realistic approach in today's World.
Dom Foulsham: (BrandTheory Ltd.) Customer driven performance and benefits over programmer objectives with people and relationships as the real objects of OOPS. Dom Foulsham Projects Director BrandTheory Ltd.
Mohamed Farouk Sherefudheen: Perfect
Khairuddin Azizi Mohammad: (King's College London) I support Agile Manifesto
Jesús David Cardona: (
Marjie Carmen: I've implemented many aspects of XP in previous companies with great and enduring success! Please add me to the list of people who support and believe in the Agile Manifesto.
harsha: (ckg group)
Sanjay: Agile/Effective Communication, Modeling & Development needs to be promulgated and practiced everywhere for the right reasons. They provide value to customers.
William E. SAM.
Diego Olivera: I think the code is better than the exhaustive documentation... code is the most real documentation!
Paul McKee: (Applied Minds) We fully support Agile Software Development. Furthermore, we see the application of semantic anf reasoning technologies applications to be beneficial to the agile processes by allowing change in business requirements to be rapidly reflected in software solutions.

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