Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Oct to 02 Nov 2005
David Nguyen.
Davor Babic: Lund
Alberto Basurto: (Baspe Software) Good things come in a small package
Soursos Anastassios: (Orama Hellas) I support agile methodology, i work with XP.
Keith Watson: I've been writing computer software since 1973. Over that time (unconsciously) you get a feel for what works and what doesn't. This is the first time I've seen it quantified so succinctly. Take it from an old lag, this is not some theoretical construct. It works.
Yves Hanoulle: (
Bianca Geiselhart: (IBM)
Marvin Corea: (Esenai Corporation) Agile it!
Sarah Townson: (Circumference) The Agile Manifesto is directed at creating action. It's basis is about finding a flexible balance between order and process and chaos and creativity. It's about weighing risk against advantage. It's about communication and clarity.
Robert Morrison: (Komercni Banka) As a software professional with many years of experience in both development and IT services I endorse the customer focus of the Agile Manifesto and welcome any collaboration with my international colleagues towards integration of the concepts presented here and ITIL Service Management concepts, particularly in large banking environments.
Michael Zwicker: (Lockheed Martin)
Raymond T. Pronk.
Adam Swidler: (Vendavo, Inc.)
Constantin Syridis: Excellent site and Manifesto ! I couldn't have said better what I have been practicing for years. It is time that this approach gets better recogntion by professionals. Congrats ! IT Professional / Consultant / Entrepreneur
Jeremy Chan: (The Jonah Group, Ltd) We support agile methods because we have to if we want our projects to succeed. In the software consulting business, if you don't value customer collaboration, agile change management, and the knowledge of how your individual team members work together, you're lost. We probably value documentation a bit more than some of the folks here, but are in line with the concept of "as much documentation as you need to be successful." Working software is always the trump card.
Daniel Scott: (EDS)
Matias Pelenur.
Bill Kervaski: (HeavyLogic, LLC.) Agile works. Deliver fast, show benifit, change when needed. Hacking software evolved to professional results. Small and medium sized businesses can really take advantage of custom software using partners who practice Agile.
Ryan Tomko: (Tomkorp) Dynamically changing the code to meet the clients needs ensures that you will eventually reach the energy minimum for the system
Swarup Kurella: (Prosecon Inc) I believe Agile is a great methodology to bring in Business Value.
Arturo Caballero: (IIDEA SOLUTIONS) Better software throught agile and better process.
syed kashif shahab: It seems to be a powerful methodoloogy but i am not very well sure if its secured too. I am looking for security measures what agile provides.
Steven V. Morgan: (BD Biosciences)
wangyanda: (hatl) i work with thought works ,and i find i can learn many things,and i found agile is a very efective approach to develop.
Kalju Ruutli: (Trigger Software, Ltd.) There is nothing to add. Period.
Alexander Salamanca: (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Najla: computer master
Narmeen Adnan Ansari: (buyUae) Trying to get around it, sounds very much practical.
Joaquin Fernandez: (Felguera T.I.)
John F. Gnazzo PE MBA Green Belt: (Datacard Corporation) Datacard is dedicated to being the undisputed leader in secure identity and card personalization solutions through innovation and commitment to our customers. At Datacard, we believe that quality is defined by our customers. Therefore we are committed to providing products and services based upon our customers' perceived value, and resolve to continually improve in order to exceed their expectations. At Datacard we are using Agile Development methodology to produce high quality software for a state-of-the-art products.
Jack Frosch.
Kent Smith: (Smith Developing) I have been floundering in a sea of "process " and have been attracted to Agile methodology for months. I finally am going to put the principles to work.
Josh Charles: (Yggdrasil Solutions)
andrew kirby: (Blast Radius)
David Harris: (Harrisoft) Ultimately, customers know more of what they need than the developer does. Only through interaction with those customers and continually updating code can we ever reach a point where software actually HELPS business and personal practices instead of hindering them through a great learning curve. Agile development is the only way I can see software technology progressing as things move toward simplicity in design.
S.K.Simhalu: (Valtech) The branching in the line of thought is essential for the sustenance of the thinking process itself. Agile has stepped-in at a moment when software is being boxed into rigid cages. Agile 'am sure if researched upon would liberate the software world from the clutches of the tyrant and show us the path to freedom and liberty.
John Monroy: I been working with XP for a couple of year without know it, now is time that the good software developers share our experiences for every one
Jim Fuhring: (Amgen) I have been developing applications and providing process mentorship since 1988. I can tell you that this manifesto is absolutely spot on.
Walter Flaat: (HTTProjects BV)
David Porter: Great stuff guys. Agility IS key. You couldn't be more correct.
Obinna A. Kalu: (URS Corporation) Firstly, permit me to state that I'm a little bit amazed that those principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto, are only coming-out/being promoted only now. Bcos I would think they should have been obvious all along.
Raja.D.Singh: (Sirius Microtech Pvt Ltd.) We always believed in smaller, surgical teams that can deliver against high intertial teams to develop cutting edge technology. We think Agile Programming suits perfectly and matches our thought process. We at Sirius Microtech are prooud to be identified with agile manifesto.
Rob Biedenharn: (Agile Consulting LLC) I truly believe that there's no better way to deliver value to a business via software than to embrace these ideas and inject their spirit into every task.
Gerald F. Ehmayer: Good things come to those who wait.
David Adame-Leyva: (Infosoluciones de Mexico SA de CV)
Artel Devries: (St. Bonaventure University)
Dario Vonäsch: (HSR)
fCh: (CoSeMa)
Joao Jose Carvalho Pedrini: (Cop-Jr)

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