Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 02 Nov to 23 Nov 2005
John L. Lopez: (International PDM Users Group) We are involved in the engineering PLM (Product Lifecycle Mgmt) / PDM (Product Data Mgmt) market segment. It is our desire to create better, more integrated, and more "intelligent" PLM environments for the full lifecycle of engineered product definition management. It is our hope through involvement with this forum, the International PDM Users Group, and other such efforts that as our involvements become increasingly international, we can capture the opurtunity of rapidly developing good, honest, and robust systems that meet the needs of a "moving target" global economy.
Vedprakash Mehndiratta: (TCS) As a project manager, I find Agile principals completely aligned with practical clint interaction and development environment. It surely leads to success for both client and vendor.
Jeff Fry.
Petro Verkhogliad: (Tanrei Software)
Steven Willems: (Delaware Consulting) As a software development consultant, making my way into the exciting world of software engeneering, I can only agree with the principles stated in the manifest. Most of them seem so straightforward and obvious, but unfortunately, reality learns me every day, it's not that evident. I'll continue applying them in my daily job and I hope I can convince some of my colleagues that don't see the necessity of it yet.
Bryan Davis: (Roll Coater, Inc.) Always looking for the best ways to develop software. Just learning more about the Agile approach.
Chingmin Jim Lo.
Francesc Pla: (qDevel)
Richard Lawrence: (Avanade)
Jakub Pawlowicz: ( I think there's no better way of writing computer software than following the principles of Agile and XP techniques.
Jorge Alvarez: (Informática 32)
Amitav Chakravartty: (Tavant Technologies) I support Agile way of developing application. Its gives us a prior idea about the weaknesses of the application.
Aurelian Urzica: (QuestaSoft GmbH) Now I know I'm not alone!
Kelvin Meeks: (International Technology Ventures, Inc.)
Wenmeekers: (JWES Solutions) Effective : do the right job. Efficient : use the right tool. It works.
Sree Yellayi.
Alexandre Vernille da Silva: (Assembléia Legislativa - SP) The more I am agile, the less I fear not finding what I need, because I know I will end up finding it or helping to build it.
Walter Macorig: (MACORIG ASSOCIATES) We have been using development methodologies since the glorius time of the structured analysis and the CASE systems in the 80ties. Nowaday we find the new agile approach is much more effective and we are successfully and heavilly using it into all our major projects for government institutions and big manufacturing firms.
Serdal Metin: (Komtas)
Ashkan Pourafzal: (Compuware/Morgan Stanley)
Saif Khan: (Speedimpex USA, Inc.) I like the manifesto. I must say this recent craze of "Patterns" is getting a bit out-of-control and perhaps one day we may have too many "patterns" than the .net framework. I missed the days of simplicity.
Emmanuel Gonnet: (GEM-UP CONSULTING INC.)
Bob Mixon: (
Syed Rahman: (The Free Software) I believe in agile. Agile acknowledges the four key attributes of software engineering (maintainability, reliability, efficient, and offer an appropriate user interface). I am also a big supporter of TDD method.
Pete Farmer.
Satish Penmethsa: (Valuemomentum) Often people miss the very purpose of why we create software, it is to enhance and support our capability to produce results. There are many good methods and practices out there to create quality software; however while practicing them people seem to get bogged down into the details of it and miss the whole point of why they were created in first place. What I like about the Manifesto is its simplicity and clear statement of the values/goals that we ought to have to deliver what we make best, software.
Idalgo Cantelli: (GESP srl)
James Riis: (Technology Parnters)
Gary Krall: (VeriSign)
satha: hai
Dennis J. Jackson II: anything that is done in response to a competitors actions must be done in an agile way.
Bilal Ahsan:
Peter Macpherson: (Consulting Services) We, the project managers, are faced daily with walls that stop personal development - by embracing Agile we that PM outside the restrictive box into the true would, that world includes our customers and clients. It IS (way past) time to re-learn what we need to do. Peter Macpherson
Doug Farmer.
Anthony Cimino: (
Althaf K Kandi: (Arwano Corp.) I truely agree with the Agile Manifesto & will be very much glad to be part of it & practice it at my work.
Aaron Holmes: (Gurix)
Jeb McIntyre: (AIt Inc.)
Matthew C. Valencia: (JHU / APL)
Tharun: (IBM) Yes in todays emerging IT Business what really makes the difference in new development initiatives is the People Involved..People make the difference..and thats what agile methodologies are driving forward..
Timothy Odell: I totally agree with this philosophy and for the most part have practiced this style of development for years.
Chun Wu: (Arithan Technology Inc.) The concept is simple, the practice is long overdue. It is time, we move from complex and cumbersome methodologies to a simple and straightforward process.
Dhanesh Khatwani: I have defined, designed, taught, implemented 'predictive' methologies and see no difference in quality of software / software development. I strongly support the efforts to innovate software development methodologies.
Gaz Collins: This method neatly ties together the way in which I've worked for years, and gives me some assurance that I'm not the only one.
Andreas Gut.
Zoran Milanovic: (AnaSoft Inc.) This is a recipe for success.
Ward Van Looy.
George Jucan, PMP: (Open Data Systems Inc.)

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