Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 24 Nov to 14 Dec 2005
Lucas Machado: (Borland)
Gunther Verheyen: (Cronos - 4C Technologies) - As a certified Scrum Master I fully support the ideas and philosophy expressed in the Agile Manifsto. My initial acquaintance with Agile methods was through the use of XP-practices (eXtreme Programming) in a highly critical project. Because of the short elapse time I was given the freedom to experiment with the methodological framework. The results were so overwhelming that both my management was convinced and I became fully devoted. After my certification as a Scrum Master I specialized in combining the Scrum process with XP's practices (as engineering standards). I consider myself as a 3rd level practicioner, according to Cockburn's scale, with the addition of some custom elements to our Scrum/XP approach, including a flexible Product Backlog tracking tool (lightweight Excel).
Jeff Marcus: As a refugee from PSP/Waterfall/Chaotic processes, I can state with heartfelt certainty that agile is more conducive to the business of software development and more in line with reality than any other methodology.
Bruce Thomas: The more we can all be agile, open, and free, instead of just being "assets" for a few, the more value we each offer all of humanity.
Dem Pilafian: (Center Key Software)
Rob Sanheim: (
John Jones: (Pathfinder) I didn't know that Agile Software Development was its name, but I have been doing this and establishing teams like this since the mid 70's. Naively I called it the 'No Plan' approach. While not strictly true - there is always a plan - the important concept was flexibility and agility in reaching the destination. Also, when the destination is remote accepting as you get nearer you need to become more precise about exactly where you want to touch down, tested anal planners beyond their comfort zone. Choosing people, suitable software, and appropriate tools to support this mindset often felt like a lonely road. Interestingly using the same approach in general management has similar benefits to those sort using an ASD approach in software projects.
CaoWu: Agile software development is a new technology that whets my appetize! I really look forword to mastering it
Bill Hammen: I have found the disconnect between business and development to be amazing. By using the processes the group preaches, it has helped me communicate with both groups effectively and build a better team spirit. As I learn more about agile processes I am more convinced this is truly the way to go.
Andrey Platov: (xored software, Inc.)
Cagatay Catal: (TUBITAK) I support Agile Development & manifesto which simplifies software deployment.
Maruis Marais: (Orbiz Ltd.)
Blaine Wishart.
Michael Scharf: ( The Agile Manifesto contains a lot of truth. I have seen time and time again, that highly motivated developers acting responsible can be very productive. Software engineering is a social act done by humans with individual needs and motivations. Organizations that ignore the human aspect of software development are much less efficient.
Ekkehard Gentz: (Gentz-Software) Software development and architecture is the heart of my work since more then 20 years. Agile software development and agile project management changes my work since 5 years now. and I have to say: its much better then before now ;-) Its really fun to go the agile way... togehter with MDA and MDSD even very complex business software can be developed with less people in less time and customers are also satisfied. let us see what the next 20 years will happen...
Mauro Talevi: (Agilesque)
Steve Maldonado: (CyberGuard Corporation) Director, Global Information Technology CyberGuard Corporation
Jim McFarland.
Jason Pettys: (Pettys Consulting, LLC) Working hard to press on.
Pranart: (ThaiSoftware Enterprise)
Nihal: (EuroCenter DDC Ltd)
Christian Schultz: (BenQ Mobile) Gogogo! Best initiative ever. I support it completely.
penicela: Agile modeling is very interessant!.... I think everbody should use it!...
Clarence Wooten: (CollectiveX, Inc.)
Mike Smithson: (Ford Motor Credit Company) After using Agile Estimation/Planning/Development/Testing techniques on a new project, I went from skepticism to a fanatic supporter! Agile Practices just plain work, period.
Arman Kamran: (Ontario Teachers Pension Plan) I have used modeling in Software application design since mid-80's and have always sought faster and lighter ways to do it while maintaining its matching level to the real world. I have been involved in over 30 Enterprise level solutions from Oil Industry to Municipalities. The level of burden of life cycle spent on modeling in those volumes are beyond belief! Agile is revolutionizing the industry and I am so happy to be in the first wave of its practitioners. Huzzah! on a job done so good!
Anna Rodeghiero: (KlinK srl) Great! I really like the Agile Approach.
Ronnie Barker: (Vitec Group Communications) Inspiring stuff - These are the beginnings of a true industry. Software development enters puberty...
Stefan Linecker.
John Sturgeon: (Hewlett Packard)
Rami Habal.
Tim Gifford: (Gifford Consulting) After years of internalizing the concepts, I realized I hadn't signed the manifesto...better late than never.
Sharath: (Mafoi) I will support..and will try hard to follow these principles...These will bring out the best out of any individual..
Tiran Dagan: (6FootMedia) The value of direct interaction with stakeholders and simplification of the processes that take place in development is one I wholheartedly subscribe to. Tiran Dagan, Sr. PM 6FootMedia
Lafsihi Said: (ETS - High School Tech) I think that the agile methods can be adapted to the developpment of video games.
Arvid Svensson.
Colin Scroggins.
Tobias Mayer: (Agile Thinking) I like the simplicity, and non-judgemental wording of the Agile Manifesto. As an educator, facilitator and Certified Scrum Trainer I work with teams and individuals, encouraging exploration of IID and Agility. The Manifesto and Principles serve as a solid pivot point for such work, guiding and informing each stage of development.
Luis Contreras: (Webidata) Develop customized software, integrate solutions using (CAD) geographic systems and/or Business Intelligence applications
Stefan Ogonek.
Paul Lester: I've used this method before, and believe me, it works! When I used it, though, it was in a form by Peter Coad and was called Feature Driven Design, where we delivered, frequent, tangible, results, not documentation.
Phil K. Scott: (Neudesic, LLC.) Neudesic is a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner, specializing in business software solutions in Southern California and Arizona. We support the Agile Software Development Manifesto, and work to educate our customers and software teams in its values.
shatanfar: (shatanfar Ltd.) I am a agile fellow.. and want to be more..
Derrick Fountain: Heard about this on WE05 podcasts. Keep up the great work!
Sushil J. Cherian: (
Andrei Oprea: ( Every day I meet some programmer doing things he never though he'll ever do - customer negotiations, meetings about meetings, plans to fix an issue rather than actually solving the problem. The Manifesto comes in handy, it is the way to a better, more creative and ultimately more fun life.
F.S.Chowdhury: (Shatanfar Ltd.) It's really great...Feeling proud to be an agile signatory..
Fahd Shehzad: (Student(Researher)) I accept it that it is very difficult to collect the rqiurement very early and understand the project, and rather than gathering the reqiurement i will prefer to work sitting client next to me and other developers as well and having the quick discussion and goes through the problem.
Edward Garcia: (Alliance Enterprise) Is time to think in the people before that in the result

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