Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Dec to 16 Jan 2006
Charles F. Munat: (Munat, Inc.) Finally, a software development system that I can get behind. As an advocate for user-centered design for many years, I believe that the Agile method is the closest thing to software nirvana yet discovered.
John D Hill: (Manugistics, Inc.)
Alex Piner: (Rails Forum) I came across this from reading the pdf version of "Agile Web Development woth Rails". Very human centric and usabale. Many tenent to go with, hope it grows.
stefaan lazoore.
Manish Pratap Singh: Its a very good initiative.
Victor Rosillo [Mexico]: (Fractalgrafics, s.a. de c.v.) Individuos e interacciones por encima de procesos y herramientas. Programas que funcionen por encima de documentacion comprensiva. Colaboracion del cliente por encima de la negociacion del contrato. Responder al cambio por encima de seguir un plan.
Christophe Louvion: (Shopzilla)
Ado Salada.
Peter Buitenhuis: (Isah b.v.)
Ashish Joshi: (KPITCummins Infosystems Ltd) Hoping for a matured Software Development community across the globe. Sharing vision and best practices across.. may we able to estimate correct and able to educate and indulge the customers for a collaborative approach towards software development. Make everyone understadn the importance and necessity of Agile Softeare Development techniques and philosophy as a whole.
Tim Purdie: (Entertainment Publications)
Miguel Merayo: (Aiqei Software)
Eric van den Hoek: (NVT CornerSoft)
S.RAMANATHAN: (Mastek) It started with a small consulting assignment for a client of ours on a SCRUM project. Amazingly the traction and amount of interest is very high from both internal and external customers. I am proud to be part of this group.
Akhil Jain: (CSC India Pvt. Ltd.) I am in total accord with the above mentioned Agile Manifesto! and truely beleives that it will definitely bring a change and a kind of revolution in the way softwares are developed.
Kanwei Li: A small step towards greater success.
Dennis Faust.
pnreddy: (Ergonomics)
Angel Ferrer: (
Dr. Kofi Nyamekye: (Nyamekye Research & Consulting) I am very interested in creating the scientific principles for creating an adaptive distributed enterprise system.
Dennis Faust, Zenteka.
andres hurtado: (
Gerry Nesbitt: (UCSF/Immune Tolerance Network)
Jonas Muliolis: I realize now that this is the methodology that has been used in all of the most successful development teams that I have worked with in my career. Nice to know there's now a name for it!
Michael Sandberg: I gladly add my "John Hancock" to this manifesto!
Ernie Leseberg: (Emphasis Development)
Cosmin Bucur.
shimhyun, lee.
Steve North: (ThatFish) In this Digital Age both IT and web services are now a critical component of any successful organisation. An organisation needs business agility to react to the changing landscape of this exciting age. Agile Development should therefore be considered a 'no-brainer'.
Max Murphy: ( The agile manifesto has changed my professional life!
Jean-Marc Lagace: (m2i3) It's amazing that it took so long to go back to the basics... we claim we do software engineering altough our methods are closer to those of the master and apprentices. I read this manifesto as one of the base stones that will help our craft develop into something we will call engineering some day. Jean-Marc Lagace,
Gautam Wadhwani: (Infosys Technologies Ltd.)
Eric Kubitz: ( Yes, I will support this manifest every day in every project. First of all: "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools".
Kavitha ShanmugaSundaram: (Premier Evolvics Pvt Ltd) We are working on Embedded Software Development. We are currently using RUP for incremental and iterative approach. I wish to be a part of the Agile Think Tank!
Olivier Albiez.
Greg Tutunjian: This is where it's at.
Kay Stanke: (Valtech GmbH)
vinayak: Agile value add to just do it processes
varix patel: (Par infotech)
Siddhartha Khullar: (Bisgen Ltd.)
Murali Krishna Devarakonda: (Crystal Ball Corporation) The Agile manifesto to me is akin to democracratization of the software development process. Instead of unrealistic edicts (i.e. requirements and timelines) to be followed that have been issued by the powers that be, Agile lets a process of "democratic" interaction between all concerned parties, who all have a say in it. Thus, the Agile manifesto leads to a system that has the greatest chance of achieving the best results for all stakeholders, all the while focusing on attaining the highest quality within a practical amount of time. The Agile Manifesto has my whole-hearted support - both in spirit and in deeds. -Murali Krishna Devarakonda Crystal Ball Corporation
Alison Vincent: (NDS Ltd) I have always been passionate about people and the belief that given the correct support engineers can do amazing things. The Agile Manifesto fully enables these beliefs to translate into the software development of my organisation. Early days for us in terms of implementation. But for those teams who are trying the techniques, their faces glow and their energy levels have increased !
Bernie Berger: (Test Assured Consulting)
Jorge L Mejia: I have and continue to practice the Agile Software Development Manifesto. I support it 100%
Jay Conne: (Jay Conne Consulting) With over 40 years in the software business, I rejoice in this Agile alternative to a history of institutionalized self-deception in software project management. It's the simultaneous humanity and productivity that is the appeal. -- Jay Conne -- Lean-Agile Coach and ScrumMaster
Marc Dostie.
Erick Dovale.
Markus Buehler: (bbv Software Services AG)
John Ladino: (PSL S.A.) We have to change the way things are doing in our industry. We need to ask respect for our work, our profession and for our time. We are here to help our society, but at the same time we need that our society help us to do an excellent job. We cannot forget our responsibility and the fact that software not only involves money, but people's time and dreams. We need to keep in mind that software is made by women and men who have a life beyond the computers.
Bas Kok: ( I've seen too many mismanaged projects that could only be rescued by agile programming.

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