Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 31 Jan to 21 Feb 2006
Anthony Mathis: (Sallie Mae Inc.)
Carl Clarke: (Floret Limited)
Danilo Castro T.: Many people thinks agile means hacking. They are mistaken. We agile developers strive for quality while keeping an eye on the human factors of software engineering.
Adrian Marcu: (Océ Software) I 'm project manager and I have been using Microsoft Framework Solution like methodology for coordinate my projects. After I read some articles about Agile Software development I begin to use principle from MSF and Agile Software development.
Kees Broenink: ( After being 16 years in software development I couldn't agree more. Nevertheless most organizations implement only one of the principles. Then they call themselves agile to be part of the hype. But in fact they are still working the same way as ever. Maybe a good idea to add information about the fact that the principles are closely related. I am a real believer in these principles. Get in touch if you need votes or if I could play a more active role in agile community.
Gail E. Harris: (Instantiated Software Inc.) Learn, Do, Teach
John Barbieri: (Qwest Communications / Barbieri Consulting) Growing up with Dod-2167A and the associated rigorous processes and documentation, I found XP to be a breath of fresh air. The co-location & interaction of the customer with the software development team not only led to a better quality product and quicker delivery, but it knocked a few bricks off the wall that separates the "Business" from "IT". Thank you!!! Enjoyed meeting Kent as well.
Ashish Pathak: ( Having tried "process heavy" way of working, wish to try the Agile way of working. Ultimately, take the best of both worlds.
Dave Peterson: (EMA, Inc.) There is this age-old discussion of whether programming is an art or a science. Being a perfectionist I used to think that the goal was to deliver elegant and high quality code that would, upon review by any intelligent observer, stand on its own merits. While this may still be something to strive for, I have learned it is the journey (development process) that is more important. To this extent, perhaps software development is more an art than a science; artisans working together with the consumer/user to deliver executable code that provides the desired behavior, much like an artist who might engage the buyer in discussion while painting a mural and arriving at a result that pleases both. It is how you make the journey.
Yaniv Shmueli: (Texas Instruments)
Louis N. Kolivas: (Chordiant Software)
Baruch Ben-David: Agility in a business setting - a worthy goal, perhaps Quixotic.
Randy Menna: (The Newport Avenue Group) It didn't take me very long in my career to come to the realization that something was fundamentaly wrong with the traditional software development model. I've spent the last 15 years defending my development philosophy. I'm glad to know I wasn't alone.
Kambiz Khadem, Ph.D.: (SMLG Corporation)
Fabrice Plas: (happy baby A.S.B.L.)
Cedric ROUVRAIS: (Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking) Bearing in mind these points has always helped me bringing developer & client satisfaction.
Cheryl Davis: The principles and values of this Agile Manifesto are absolutely critical to the successful application of information solutions and the actual realization of the promised solution results.
Michel Parisien: Agile development is simply the next logical step in where software is going. We now realize that we can trust ourselves as long as we know more about software than just the coding of it.
Robert Beals: (Southwest Airlines)
Amit Jain.
Tom Raffa: (Atlantic Software Technologies, Inc.)
Bert Bril: (dGB Earth Sciences/ Unbelievable that we discovered most of this 'meta-methodology' the hard way. It feels like coming home; finally found a 'justification' for the way we work.
Shashank "Shanky" Tiwari: ( The traditional heavyweight processes tend to divert effort from software development to process compliance and too much documentation. Agile processes are both practical in emphasizing on people and keeping the focus on building the software. This also leads to better accountability and avoids the alibi of time consumption in creation of unnecessary documents, for delays and sometimes incompletion of projects.
Mohamed El-Refaey: (EDS)
B Ajith Kumar: I believe Agile Methods is the future of software development. I would like to be part of this great movement.
Evan Yin: (aspire-tech) software development is different from architecture, so i think " Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan " is keystone.
Fabrízio de Royes Mello.
Kathleen Stead: (CC Pace)
jos De Roeck: (FadeIn)
Hugues Lamy, Ing.: (M2i3) For many years I was the advocate for large specifications. I didn't start working until I had tons of paper on my desk. Each time I asked for paper, I felt that something was wrong and I wasted my time waiting for the specifications. Agile show me a way that fit with my style of development. From that I change to a faster, more reactive development. Now, I feel that I can create, deliver and stop reading/writing papers.
Luiz Mendes Almeida: (XtremeCode) I always had the same idea when building software for my customers. This make happens.
Tomasz Gabrowski: (
Margalit Gur-Arie: (Purkinje)
Shalini Sanyal: (Zensar Technologies) I fully support the manifesto I come across business cases which demand focus on solutions to address Global needs and collaborate with existing solutions. Hence, Software development process will need to have collaboration interms of GLOBAL TEAMS with huge complexities on interaction and integration of human intellectual capital
Tom McGraw.
Jeff Meszaros: Being in the Info Tech industry for over 20 years and providing consulting and software engineering skills and services for over 15 years has given me the opportunity to work with the full spectrum of solution delivery for a business concern. As an architect (Enterprise, Solutions, Software), the art of effective communication and collaberation take precendence in achieving agility. Whether a business concern is reactive, tactical, strategic, and in most cases a little of each, agility comes from awareness. What better way to do that than by helping others and raising the level of awareness. Sometimes the best solution may not even be a software effort but a process change. Communicating this effectively to a team of software developers as well as the developers having the opportunity to assit in determining the best solutions is a process change is a win for the teams and business. I like where you are heading and would like to assist and support those efforts. Thank You, Jeff Meszaros
Ram Arthanari: This is the wave of the future, and I whole heartedly sign this.
Ashit Kumar: I have been a regular practitioner of AGILE methodology for the past 1 year.I would like that more and more software developers follow this excellent methodology.
Alex Radu: (Center for Information Services)
Bill Fielding: (Alcatel)
Christophe Dupriez: (DESTIN inc.) The only sustainable attitude for knowledge workers...
Antoinette Burkett.
Richard Tews: (Asynchrony Solutions Inc)
Pablo Straub: ( After years of doing software, I became convinced of the need for agility, as a way of balancing the process, thoroughly tilted towards creating documents and following the method.
LYBAERT JOHAN: (ARDATIS) We at ARDATIS have choosen to apply the agile manisfesto on one of the biggest J2EE projects in Belgium (100 manyear) in building a complex administrative application for 8 social security funds
Kiran Kumar Patel: (eCommLink) Agile covers everythings and there is nothing remains beyonds it. It's simple, smarter and have base on grounds.
John Forbes: In its pursuit of a CMMI Level 5 certification my organization has added many layers of continuously changing guidance, procedures, policies, and boards. Despite four years of 'process improvement' we continue to experience repeated budget and schedule overruns. Our backs are now against wall, and we must innovate or perish. In a couple of weeks I will be participating in an XP demonstration project. Wish me luck!
Sebastian Pereira: (Fulfill Technology) These agile principles were some points that I was presuming while I was working and reading some material about agile. But the other day I listened an interview to Alistair Cockburn and I thought this is a great manner to gather the "feeling" of working agile. I try to apply it every day at work. Thanks
Ian Corper: (ABS Technology)
Satish Kumar: (BT UK) Hi, I do believe in agile process. We successful implemented in our project and found it very effective. Regards Satish Kumar Ipswich UK

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