Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 21 Feb to 10 Mar 2006
Nagendra Sastry: (Patni Computer Systems) I believe in the principles of Agile. I am trained & certified in RUP. However, I have neither executed nor was in any team that executed projects using agile methodology. I believe Agile philosophy is more natural in more ways than one. I am interested in collaborating with other 'agile' individuals & groups to experiment, analyze and further the cause of Agile community. Hail Agile! Nagendra
Ivaldo Carvalho.
Claude Needham: (XxaxxSoft)
Sajid Mahmood: I do agree with the Manifesto and have completed many projects in the past in this way.
Olivier Lallier: Object-oriented architectures for cooperative systems.
Kobi Vider-Picker: (KVP)
Joey Mullen: (Molecular Epidemology Inc.) The Agile Manifesto embodies the guiding principles that have used for successful software development for more than 20 years. Through movements such as this, the future of software development seems bright, fun, and exciting. It is great to start breaking down the stereotypes of a developer going through the black hole with the customers wondering if they will ever emerge again, and when they do, emerging from the other side with software that is broken, outdated, and doesn't fit the need anymore.
Donald W. Schiek: ( Thank you for the opportunity to be a participant...
Guillermo Villavicencio.
Salah N: (cccengineering)
Niket Etambe: The Agile Manifesto truly provides the fundamentals for building enterprise solutions crucial for ensuring business stability, enhancement and continuity by encouraging a collaborative thought-process through out - from visioning through deployment. Personally, I feel that Agile Software Development Manifesto provides the right approach to address issues pertinent to design and implementation of highly accurate enterprise-wide solutions
Oliver: I'll soon start my journey on Agile development.
Rick Urban: (Chicago Web Site Design )
Fabus: Harmony combines tone, balance, interval, frequency, relative scale, and natural sustain. Blend is the collective signature that produces identity and dynamic intensity. Great teams are like perfectly struck chords. In tune, clear, simple, absolute and beautiful.
Francesco Saverio Profiti: (Laziomatica S.p.A.) Working software first of all
Satish: (betterlabs)
R. Sankara Narayanan: ( The next generation software development process is nothing but the Agile Process. I somehow feel that this Agile Process has very much close relationship with Context Sensitive Development Process. Anyhow, that is debatable...
Christophe DUVAL: (CEPASIKON) Share what you know, learn what you don't. Thanks a lot for your work, you have a very interesting human approach.
Leandro Esteves Barion: (IME - USP)
Jussi Hannunen: (Tampere Polytechnic) To me, Agile development is about knowing the rules well enough to forget them. This allows me to concentrate on understanding the problem at hand.
Bill Dorman: (Semantic Circuit LLC)
Desiderio (Jun) Bueno: (NETELLER) The best way to go....
Hashim Abbasi: (Kalsoft (Pvt) Ltd.) We have been following a philosophy that is clearly related to the Agile software development. Since my team is involved in product development where we are the customers and the developers and requirements come from within. Following the formal SDLC life cycle, there is no way we can adjust new features such late in the development process without cost over runs.
Victor Manuel Hernandez Alarcon: (Instituto Tecnologico de Chilpancingo)
Ritesh jain: (CA(Computer Associates)India) Hi all, I am really interested in implementation of agile methodology in my projects i find its really great. Thanks Ritesh
Alicia Yanik.
Peter Kalmijn: (LogicaCMG) I learned to value Agile principles and techniques during my career as ProjectManager, Software Architect, Systems Engineer and TestManager. The principles are easyly integrated and flexibly combined with established Methods like Prince2, DSDM, TestManagement (LogicaCMG), RUP, etc. And it does combine really well with NLP which I use every day working with people and organisations. Peter Kalmijn, TestManager LogicaCMG and NLP Master.
Balazs Borbely: (Yak Communications) I support the agile alliance manifesto because it can give valuable benefits to the customer and to the developers as well.
Kent Smith: At last!!
Sami Baig: (SiliconChips Limited) Always have to accomodate the customer's need at any stage.
zhenlu zhang: Agile Manifesto is great!
Mika Piirainen.
Rodger Delp: (The ESP Group, LLC) Im in. I look forward to the future.
Joćo Bosco Lamarca Vitral: (Unisys)
Vaclav Pech: I agree with the ideas in Agile Manifesto and support them.
Robert Norton: (ThoughtWorks) Craig Larman has likened the acceptance of agile methods to the Copernican Revolution in terms of adoptance patterns and importance. Trying to build software that needs to readily adapt in a plan and process-driven environment is simply primitive and misguided. Here's to a heliocentric software universe!
Jeff Rodgers: (MiTek Ind. Inc)
Ravi Brahmbhatt: (Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.) its a gr8 and revolutionary concept :)
Stefano Altieri: World is complex enought to see it in a simple way. I loved UML distilled by Martin Fowler
Petr Steinbauer: (Logos a.s.)
Jason Southgate: ( Excellent common-sense ideas... Finally bringing software development out of engineering or conveyor-belt thinking. Convincing management is another story however. Good luck everyone.
Alexander Petty: (Jaxara) Agile practices have been a big part of Jaxara's operations for years. This is the way software was meant to be done!
Rafael C. Alvarado: (University of South Carolina)
Chris Tinker: (Magic Enterprises.Biz Limited) I am a Project Director (Siemens trained) now running my own business providing Business Analysis and Project Management services to the European Union. As an SSADM, DSDM, Chestra, PMI BOK and Prince 2 practitioner, I have been battling against the paper trail of Prince 2 methodology for some years. AGILE provides my business with a great new approach to fast track and quality development. Well done, I will certainly get my company to join the AGILE Consortium ASAP!
Clark Wise: It just makes sense. Why should things have ever been any other way?
Jaime Agudo: (Terra Networks, as signed in 2006) I've been an agile developer for all my life, even without knowing it! Developing applications for the internet and managing teams of developers since 1996 has made me realize this is the only way to do it in the fast-evolving constant-changing internet applications world. Finding this manifesto and all the people who support it proves that we are not alone.
Cuong Nguyen: (champasoft)
Hector Correa: It's four simple ideas but they are so powerful, simple to follow, and results are fantastic when used appropiately.
Edvard Bjarnason.
rajasekhara yennam.

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