Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 Mar to 23 Mar 2006
Kaan Altunterim: (Pargesoft)
Marc Alier Forment: (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) I usualy behave as a project manager, software enginnering teacher and lead developer and I suport this manifesto!
Tony Blanco: There is beauty in the simplification of complex problems. Agile development allows me to simplify complex issues within my projects. I would not want to develop any other way.
Mohd Ekmal: ( I support Agile Manifesto it helps a lot in development of software.
vadim: (IBS)
John Wafula: ( This is an interesting perspective in Software development. It is certainly Business-centric and provides more versatility; an ingredient that has been wanting in the previously methodologies.
Graeme Mathieson: (Rubaidh Ltd) Rubaidh Ltd produce all of their products and services using Agile and test-driven development methodologies, working closely with customers to deliver exactly what they are looking for in the shortest possible timeframe.
Greg Newman: (Unity Information Systems) Unity will be actively using and promoting the Agile principles.
Robert S. Kearney: (Delphi) Amen, brother.
Alan Richards: I have tasted the kool-aid and have become a real fan of Agile/Scrum methods. Having highly interactive teams over micro-managed teams is truly the key to success!
Viktor Jensen: (KVJ) Independent PLM and ECM business consultant! Supporter of the manifesto!
Nigel Barker.
John R Diehl Jr.
Guruprasad S: (Coreobjects) I am impressed with Agile way of doing things. My project is following Agile methodology
Satish Narayanan: I extend my support to the Agile Manifesto.
Wong Chin Shin: (Nascence Technologies)
Gabriel Shirley: (BigMind Consulting)
Kley Reynolds: (TurtleFire)
Ivan Aaen: (Aalborg University) A much needed wake-up call for the software engineering field
Stéphane Cardin: (Ubisoft)
Emran: (Hasib)
Kevin Williams: (Bantam Technologies LLC) Time is money. Technology changes quickly. How else will you keep up in this world unless you are Agile?
David W. Curry: What took me so long?
Edwin Beasant: For the creation of a statement of principles to help those at both ends of the value spectrum to work according to their preferences, and most importantly, so that we can work WITH each other and use our best aspects to produce a productive and performing team. Balance in everything, as extremes just try to fight each other.
Nicolas Mommaerts.
Ivan Klianev: ( I am happy to express my support. Manifesto's values led us during the design of our platform for process-centric Web. I believe the best way of support is to create software, enabling and promoting implementation of principles of agile development, or identify such platform and promote it among your colleagues. Let me propose one addition to principles: Show business people that agile software can produce processes beyond their imagination, open to accomodate non-existing so far business models.
Dennis Stephenson: (Insyt Management Consulting Inc)
Martin Read: (Deloitte)
Jose María Alvarez Rodriguez.
Martin: (LogicaCMG )
José Soler: (COM-DTU)
German Dominguez: We needed some change. We need to continously evolve. In a changing world, we need to develop an agile way to work.
Pierre Feldbusch: (
Gilbert Martinez: (Ticketmaster)
Bruce A. Conklin: (EDFUND) Agile methodologies have smoothed our development process and allowed for more rapid development. I am also teaching my students the principles of agile development even though the curriculums still cling to the waterfall. We CAN do better!
Erik Peterson: (Wind River)
Richard Griffin.
Chuck Crowell-Taynton: (Computer Engineering, Inc.)
Tanton Gibbs: (Harrah's Entertainment)
Mike Barone: (Nontoxic Group)
Mehmet Karabiberoglu.
Paulo Eduardo Tuasca: Is there any other way to build software? I gave up on methodologies a long time ago. I think best practices are the key to a good software developing organization. I don't agree with many practices on many agile methodologies, but the core concept and principles stated by the manifesto's authors are the base for any software development effort.
Claudio Biancalana: (Università degli Studi Roma Tre) Build projects around motivated individuals... I Agree.
Professor John McManus: (University of Lincoln (UK)) Those involved in Agile Development Projects may be interested in reading some of my papers in this subject area - they are based on my 15 years experience in software engineeing and development. Papers include (1) Agile development - Opportunity or Threat (2) Agile Development -A point of View and (3) Team Agility. You may also like to read my views on project failure in Agile to Extreme. My book Information Systems Project Management looks at software development issues - Good reading to you John McManus
Ivan Florentin: In the end it is all about being happy with what you do most of the day...
Daniel Guimarães Ferreira: (UTFPR - Ponta Grossa) As a student I'm a very entusiastic of this Manifesto. I hope you get more midia and this "dream" come true =). Hope and Luck. Daniel
Jimmy Ipock: (Federal Government) Bravo.. I think what you're saying might be revolutionary. This manifesto could cover far more than just software development however. The software development methodology that you're trying to overcome didn't just happen, it was driven by a business thought process that is far worse than what it did to the software development process.
Dennis Heaton: (Softura, Inc.) With over 25 years in the software development industry, I've been exposed to much of the challenges development teams are faced with. Fortunately I was involved with manufacturing applications at an early age and explored the agile manufacturing methods which I immediately corulated with software development. I've gone the waterfall route and then the MSF route...agile is where it is at now as we all have matured as software developers.
Hans Kull: (Informatic Technologies)
Christiano Milfont: (CMTech)

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