Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 23 Mar to 05 Apr 2006
Bob Diss: (Follett Library Resources)
Melvin D. Protacio: (UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society)
Hans Stevens: (Pecoma)
Keith Braithwaite: ( It's taken all too long for the wheel to turn and these ideas return to the forefront of the industry's collective mind. Let's not have to do that again!
Rodrigo Ortiz: (SMB Consulting) This has given us the key to unlock a much needed and long awaited revolution in our market. Let us all support the waves of change.
Monang Setyawan: (
Nathan Clark: ( I work as a java programmer in Texas. The Manifesto just makes sense.
NirmaR: (Yahoo)
BAELI Dimitri: (Prima Solutions)
Harish Tejwani: (Nagarro, Inc.) I have been practising Agile Concepts in Current Enterprise Appliccations Programs I am leading and found the productivity gains accrued using these far outscores traditional waterfall models even for large projects
Elias Wyber: (Exploratory Technology Group) As I see it, Agile methods offer an approach which results in successful delivery, as opposed to documenting exactly why successful delivery was not possible. The surprising part is how hard it can be to sell the idea (even after all these years).
Berke SÖKHAN: It is the reality...
Rhowella Macay: (Deltek Systems Phils. Ltd.) We must dare to think 'unthinkable' thoughts. We must learn to explore all the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world.
Vishwa Kiran: (Dell) Software development from the heart, thats what is needed
Jaimee Spencer: (SirsiDynix)
Tim Coulter: (Florida Tech)
Mirela Cukovic: I have been Agile SW development 'evangelist' ;) for almost 2 years. It's not always easy to get people believing enough to really give it a try; however, those who do, see many benefits in it. Cheers, Mirela Cukovic
Rocky D Souza: Believe it or not some kind of methodology / process has been followed for every software development project, when it combined and shared by many it becomes a standard methodology, out of many methodology Agile is one and probably becoming best today and next couple of years, so lets use it and get best out of it.
Fábio Augusto Falavinha.
HOUDAS: (Alcion Group) I like this concept. it 's the real world.
Christopher Idell: (Pursuit Software)
Mark Windholtz: (ObjectWind Software) Agile all the way !
Janne Lavia: (SenseBase)
Tim Babbitt.
Manne Laukkanen: (Fifth Element)
Saurabh Birla: Its Awesome...
Clark Valberg: (Epicenter Consulting) Thats the way we do it!
Theysan Kasirajan: Hi, Thank you for the privilege of writing to you. I am a software quality practitioner who believes in the The Agile Software Development Manifesto and Extreme Programming as a meaningful software engineering culture for non-safety-critical software development.***End***
Doug Carter: Agile development is the most unique, creative concept in IT today. The idea of self-directed/organized team is in itself the natural way of a team ecosystem. The organization and project management concepts used with my Dynamic Development Zones (DDZ) is based on the concepts that a team develops in a natural order i.e. a DDZ team is a living, growing organism. In summary, the DDZ is an Agile organizational methodology.
Paul Villanueva: (Intelligent Designs NY) No guts, No glory. The iterative process helps ensure that we do not deviate.
Jarkko Viinamäki: (TietoEnator Corporation) Agile practices are the way to go!
Samant B. Jain: (hp)
Patrick Ewing.
Phillip Shoemaker.
Bo Huge Andersen: 10 weeks ago I tried XP for the first time, I know it won't be the last!
Christopher Mahan: (Health Net, Inc.) * Individuals and interactions over processes and tools: It's about people. * Working software over comprehensive documentation: Working software of high quality rarely needs a lot of documentation. * Customer collaboration over contract negotiation: Involve the users, not their lawyers. * Responding to change over following a plan: If the plan is obsolete, and the software follows the plan, then the software will be obsolete.
Timo Rantalaiho: (Reaktor Innovations) Agile values make my work as a software developer more meaningful and better. Thank you!
Morten Gregersen: I have just completed my first agile development project and have found a new perspective on the entire process. I hope it will not be the last one!
Aram Gharib: Big old good ideas love to appear bigger new better innovations. There is a constant need for B2B initiatives to moderate. (B2B=Back to basics)
Daniel Smedegaard Buus: (RHESUS B) An eye-opener!
Richard Skellam: (University of Gloucestershire)
Ton Biegstraaten: (Haagse Hogeschool)
John Wingate: This is very interesting. Who started this thing?
Martin Rygaard Nielsen: I am still a new-comer to the agile world, but my journey so far has been great. I believe and hope that I will get the opportunity to keep working with agile methods in the future.
Santosh Belagaje: I wholeheartedly support this manifesto.
Michael Hüttermann, Cologne, Germany: It works!
stephen Mallett: (L3) Customer collabration is the search light for proving the usability of a design. Keep it turned on and you can appreaciate what other want. Pointless milestones, delivering known bugs is my present but that will change.
Farshid Zaker.
balaji venkatesan: Always felt close to the manifesto and the principles. Never before have I have seen this summarized so crisply. Cheers, Balaji.v
Brad Nordling.

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