Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 30 Jul to 12 Aug 2006
Manfred Pérez: (Metodus) I’m greatly influenced by this common sense for developing useable apps. Particularly today, where time to market is critical and had highest influence on any stage of the project development life cycle. Yes! I support the Agile Manifesto.
Giovanni Riccardi: Agile Development = A solution to the complexities of our modern world
Lorenzo: (SRP-MIC)
Rhommer Varilla: (SysLogic, Inc.) If I were king for just one day. I would give it all away.
Katriana Hutchison: I work in a very agile environment as the Lead QA and I'm also looking for better ways of testing and developing and project management.
Hari Bawa: (Sallie Mae)
Steve Banks: (Salenca Ltd)
Mark Jaeger: (CNSI - MI MMIS Project) On my last engagement, I had a role in helping IT staff at the Toyota Technical Center better appreciate how the Toyota Production System functions, and how it might apply to them. [Think poke-yoke as a proactive alternative to debugging.] As my current employer seeks to become agile, I am hoping to assist them in seeing how TPS can provide a roadmap to making the Agile Manifesto work for them.
Allen Lenth: (SentryTEK, Inc.) Hooah!!!
Mike Lloyd: (Carbonflame) For the last 20 years, IT has let business down by delivering insufficient returns for the investment it absorbs, creating uncomfortable long-term constraints and taking management focus away from what is really important. Agile is the most promising restorative to ensure IT dependably delivers flexible solutions that enhance the businesses it serves. We at Carbonflame are dedicated to delivering exceptional IT solutions, and we have consistently used agile methods for seven years now.
Benjamin Ferrari: (blog) This is not a new religion or hype, but the most pragmatic, natural and efficient way to think about modern software development.
Alan Cyment: (
David Moye: (CC Intelligent Solutions, Inc.)
Ryan Hadd.
James Cook: (Mitchell1) Fantastic! I didn't think of all these points myself, but I have been minimizing work, developing iteratively, and delivering customer satisfaction for years, without knowing anyone else was interested in doing it. It's good to realize that in your art, there exists a center of satisfaction and accomplishment.
Roshan: (Wipro Technologies)
Jens Himmelreich.
Naresh J. Hirwani: Would like to receive if there are any regular sharings being done by you,
Chaley Warne.
Michael Pape: (Intuit, Inc and Instructor) I think agile development, implemented correctly, is the perfect way to work in the current age emphasizing "time to market" actions within IT.
Stacia Broderick: This is unparalleled in innovation. I thank you guys immensely for this!
Hananiel Sarella: (
Peter Adriaens: (Abp)
Daniel Mihalache.
Cyril Adrian: ( I work for a big French company that is totally impervious to such obvious concepts. Evangelization will be long.
Victor Kane: (AWebFactory) Building software must be built around real human needs, and neither the product nor the process shoved down people's throats. The need for software and the need to produce that software must be framed in a process (the process mirrored in the product - Hudson), is optimized by open, flowing structures reflecting those very real needs and their most excellent solutions. Obstacles imposed by greed and the need to defend privilege must be removed. Working people who produce and use software must together manage that process themselves, worldwide.
Kimberly B Clements: (Chesterfield County Department of Building Inspection)
Ward W. Vuillemot: (The Boeing Company) I have worked as aerospace engineer, software engineer, and Japanese interpreter for Shingijutsu consultants. I am also a certified lean improvements facilitator at my current company. In this light and with my many opportunities to work in a variety of production environments, I have observed that the same core set of principles guide us all. I believe this manifesto, at its core, contains in it the same set of core values that guide any lean production system. I am proud to sign this manifesto. I believe it is the right thing at the right time for our industry. (My endorsement of this manifesto is, while both professional and personal in nature, is not meant as whole-sale endorsement (or to infer, rejection) by my organization.)
Emilio Le Mener.
Dan Mork.
David Duckworth: (WorldRider (Independent Contractor)) Finally, trust that allows great developers to thrive.
Greg Alvord: (Knowledge Architect) Agile practices add dignity to the way one treats the people of your company and the people of the companies that are your customers
Vinko Tsui: ( I had always believed in the iteration process of software development. Over the past 17+ years, first developing software for the Mac OS platform and publishing articles about doing so in various Macintosh Object Oriented Framework magazines, then managing teams of developers on web enablement applications. I had practiced these values stated without formal designation. I support these stated values and would assist in spreading the spirit of their meanings for the whole.
niranjan kumar pandey: (STMircoelectronics) Hope the drive succeeds in achieving its goals !! Best of luck . My sincere best wishes . Hope more material on methodology are available on web so that it spreads widely . XP,SCRUM,Crystal etc .... Community participation build Linux where it is today !!
Clemens de Leeuw: (DaVinci ICT Development BV) follows (SCRUM RAD XP iCase code-generation optimization)
Charles Prakash Dasari: (Schakra Inc.) Passionate about the values, and keen to implement them.
Yongming Duan.
Joseph Kim: (Moody's KMV)
Francis Sanger: (Freelance) I claim to be agile, I advocate being agile, I help others to be agile. It's time I signed up.
Prasanth Nath: In my 5 years of industry experience, I gained the following wisdom. I noticed: Clients were never clear about what they want. Clients are finicky, their needs and wants change. No amount of brain storming could enable one to come with a plan that would ensure a successful product in the predicted timeframe. As Holmes would have it; "When you have excluded the impossible development methods, what remains, however improbable it sounds, is the solution".
William Doyle: (Dexter Systems) I support the Agile Manifesto. The authors have succinctly captured the concepts that I have believed for years. First, software is a means to an end, a means of solving business problems, not the end itself. The practitioners of heavy methodologies often lose sight of that. Second, it's not enough to have "satisfied" customers. Successful developers want "happy" customers. And nothing makes a customer happier, or amazes them more, than seeing their needs, wants, and change requests delivered in working software in days and weeks, rather than months and years.
Dominik Wei-Fieg: ( Having worked as a programmer for 7 years now,I have had my share of failed projects due to ignorance of the basic values the agile manifesto proposes. I have switched to development using an agile process about 3 years ago,and though it is no panacea, besides improving the projects it is used in, it also greatly enhances my work-satisfaction, since less friction increases the time I can spend in the flow of programming.
M. Xane Alam Raabid: ...the way I have been thinking for last couple of years......almost same thing i found within the Agile Software Development Manifesto.....let us uncover, develop and go further....Thanx to all.
Brandon N. Burk: ( Embrace Change!
Don Bresett: (Global Project Results, LLC) Somewhere in between always lies the truth. I believe you can have both sides of the equation, but to do so the organization must be mature and well led. I support the Manifesto as far as it goes, but I believe there is never a perfect way to do something, only ways we can incrementally improve over time. At the core is proper systems thinking, understanding cause and effect and taking appropriate action at the correct time to make the system better.
Tilak Sarkar: I am a recent convert to agile development methodology and an witness to the triumph of prgmatism over conventional wisdom of 'processes set in stone'. To identify projects suitable for agile development and to facilitate the ones that are identified and got buy-in would be my most cherished goal and to convince the managments that one needs agile qa for agile projects would be my most-cherished goal.
Doug Mills: I’m in complete support of Agile and will promote it wherever possible. It’s the best of both worlds, cutting out the formal methodologies to focus on fast effective results while empowering the developer with more responsibility and creativity.
Mauro Jose Ferreira: (ESATI)
Brian Cary: ( We are united, we won't back down. Agility in life, business and pleasure will bring us lasting rewards. Stay true and keep it real - we are agile now and forever.
John Grygorcewicz: (Bispro Consulting)

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