Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Aug to 25 Aug 2006
W. J. Walters: My goal is to integrate Agile Development with Project Management.
Rajeev Arcot: Please add me
Mark Berger.
D. Shtainer: (Crytek GmbH, The Entertainment Engine)
Kristof Buts.
Rich Liu: (Ashton Development Group)
Adam Bullied: (
Justin Ricaurte: Its great to know there are many others who know how great flexibility and decentralization is for productivity, customer satisfaction, and increasing overall business value.
Randal J. Leistikow.
Anoop Nambiar.
Vehbi Sinan Tunalioglu: (Istanbul Bilgi University) I see that many problems which arise during software development are mostly due to obsession to tools and complicated and long planning. On the other hand, agile programming needs a broad understanding in programming which is acquired by a long period of training. Anyway, keep producing...
Damien Moody: (Audiodef)
Ilyse Kazar: (Datatude Ltd.) re "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" ... my philosophy as the owner of an application development company is: The success of a development project is staked not only on what set of features is included and how well they are programmed, but also to a large extent on the willingness with which users will adopt the new application. "Usability" is a facet of application development that ought to begin at the outset of the process, with sensitivity and intuition on the part of the consultant to all kinds of issues — human as much as technical, cultural as much as organizational.
Mike Fitzgibbons: In my current software development position, the management clearly values the items on the right (especially comprehensive documentation over working software). The result is a development process that is slow to respond to change, inflexible, and burdensome. I look forward to the day when I can return to an agile development environment.
José Moura: (tabularium) This is, in my opinion, the only form of creating continuous and sustainable grow in software development. Like this the customer is part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Galaga Gal: (
Christopher Yarde: (Dexter Systems, Inc.)
Daniel Sullivan: (Concept Dynamics Ltd)
Seyit Caglar Abbasoglu: I learn and experience agile ways to build better software. I encourage my team, my friends and others I met, to do so.
António Morado Ramos.
Leandro Torchinsky: (VMBC Corp) I am currently undertaking a course on Agile Methodologies at UADE, and after researching on the subject I must admit I fully support it! I will start implementing it at work. We can certainly give a boost to our development team's productivity. Leandro
Thomas BAECKEROOT: I hope that these initiatives will have enough influence on some big structures who have left themselves attracted by the sirens of the industrial standardization. Please, no more "strict" PMBOK for the IT projects, be open to other project management methods!
Rao Kachibhotla: (Inova Corporation)
Luis Sergio Oliveira: ( From my short experience I think that the Agile way is the way to go in Software development and even in other areas. Thanks to the authors for putting it so clearly and succinctly. Its also great that this website was and still is kept as pure as possible.
Bryan Thatcher: (Fusebox) We have been practicing Agile development for sometime.... unfortunately we still get caught in the overly documentation for some projects, generally due to client "requirements" we hope to eventually change that. A good example is a recent project a presentation system that we launched about a month ago, since then we have responded to the requests of the users and now we have a weekly push of all the modifications and enhancements of the site.
Saif Shahid: (RESPEC / POD) I am working on making a bridge between Agile and CMMI. Others with similar mindset are welcome to contact.
Chandra Gupta.
Joseph Savard: (Nexplore Technologies, Inc.)
Andreas Schreiber: (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
Edouard de Castro: (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) It’s nice to see that sanity and common sense are trendy! Like Monsieur Jourdain with prose, it looks like we're often doing "agile development" without even knowing it!
Krishna Kadali: (Nimaya) These principles and practices are natural and intuitive. Anything against it is more of bureaucracy.
Justin "J.D." Doak: (Los Alamos National Laboratory) I work on a team that develops tools to detect, analyze, and respond to attacks on LANL networks. I am actively promoting Agile development principles for use by our team.
Pirmin Braun: (BRAUN Unternehmenssoftware)
Jim Webb: (Solutioncom)
Rajashekhar Durgadmath: (Wipro Technologies)
Lucinda Khalu.
Frank Falla: (Finalit-StoneCare GmbH & Co.KG) Steinreinigungsmittel, Imprägnierungen, Alles für den Naturstein und Fliesenbedarf
Finalitti: (Finalit)
Ray Yu: ( Through respect and courage, with developers and customers, we shall make sweeping changes in our organizations to create world class software!
Mihir Panchal: (TechMahindra Pvt. LTd ( India)) I fully support the approach to involve people rather than processes. Instead of developing through documentation, software should be made through discussion with individuals, implementing the discussed ideas and testing them. Documentation takes the fun out of development, it makes for a more paper-work oriented work culture which serves little purpose.
Ruchith: (hSenid Software International)
Srinivas Ramshetty: I really impressed with Agile process, hope usability in agile process overcome challenges and Amalgamate to give usable product.
Federico Ferreri: ( I fully support the Agile Manifiesto. Simplicity and effective communications are the key for succeeding in any software project.
Sergej Jundt: ( I am a very firm believer in Agile- I have seen it work with my own team over the last 4 years
Tim Cox.
Jorge Polo Contreras Paredes: (UNAM - CATED) Considero adecuada esta metodología ya que (como muchos otros) la he estado adoptando y desarrollando sin un sustento formal como es que ofrece este manifiesto.
Walter Hesius: ( Added value lies in working applications, not in documentation

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