Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Aug to 11 Sep 2006
Joe Pennacchio: (Infousa)
Arkadiusz Labus.
Stefan van der Horst: (actOpus BV) I'm working as a professional software developer since 1986. I am founder and former owner of Class-Act BV, a firm that has always been looking for ways to enhance the process of software development. In 2005, after selling Class-Act BV, I founded actOpus, which offers agile software development and process consultancy. My personal understanding is that the focus of any software project should be the business process. I aim primarily at the dutch market.
John Tunmire: Agile the only true way to build realiable software.
Paul Parker: (Guidewire Software)
Frederico Gomes: (GVT) When I read the manifesto, I got really happy because we share the same vision.
Marc Gustafson: (Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation) Agile practices emphasize communication and people above all, and this is always the source of the greatest difficulty in creating a satisfying customer product. By aligning with the agile manifesto, not only are chances of success by ordinary criteria improved, but satisfaction with work is greatly improved since you can actually deliver what people want. As a developer myself, this is perhaps the most important aspect!
J. Leslie Booth: (NET500.CG) How could I have missed this movement for so long?? Beyond me. Maybe I wasn't ready - no matter - I've found it now. Great to be a part of it = in whatever way I can.
Tejinder Singh Virdi.
Sreemannarayana Kasi: (3M HIS)
Fayez Al-Naddaf: (COMPUWARE)
Jim Graehling: (State Farm)
Xeno Campanoli: (FreeSCOTER) I like to do good productive work. If software is reduced to "keeping positions" rather than making a product for a customer, then I'd rather not do it.
Nazre Imam: I fully endorse the Agile manifesto and looking forward to an agile future!
Daniel Wildt: (WareIT - Ready Solutions Made Simple) The, is one of the UserGroups supporting XP in Brazil.
Carl White.
Andy Kriebel: Spreading Agile concepts to anyone that will listen
Mark Tallman: This looks like the ultimate milestone driven methodology! WOW!
Nigel Davies: Agile is the only sensible software practice in todays market. Anyone that disagrees with it doesn't know software development.
Murat Tunaboylu.
Ray Fraser: ( With over 33 years as a developer peon following methods driven by tyrannical overlords, a more productive future spent pursuing four common sense values in Agile Manifesto is but a wish. Sadly there are way too many MBAs and PMPs trained to follow nonsensical processes creating pitiful piles of rarely read financial fiascos.
Anand Sankaran: Agile software development is the only sane way of doing software development!
Mike Fechner: (Consultingwerk Ltd.) We do support the manifest, cause we believe in the advantages of the agile aproach in modern software development and integration projects.
Martina Bach: (Inquiring Relations)
Scott Newman: (reed construction data)
Marcos Silva Pereira: Really, really, really "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools"
Paul Lear: (Paul Lear & Associates Inc.)
David Burke: (Xyea Ltd) People have worked with (enterprise) building materials for about 5,000 years. We have worked with complex mechanical systems for about 200 years. Software alas we worked with for only 40 years. We need to look to models of production excellence in other industries. A superlative model for total production brilliance is the TOYOTA WAY, a model for engineering management that relies on, in the main, on two principals, excellence through iteration and management courage. Both principles promulgated by the extreme programming paradigm.
Chakravarthy V Sayani: (Valtech India)
Rosie Sherry: (DrivenQA) Software test consultant finding new ways and approaches to testing.
Andreas Schönfeld: (Bitaro GmbH)
vic serafica: I support the manifesto. ;)
Richard Cariens: (
Andreas Larsson: (Programvaruindustrialisering AB)
Aad Smid: (Dutch Railways) In ths way it reailly works !!
Ben Wilcock: ( Surely Agile practices should be compulsory by now? :)
Robert Cikan: (RFE/RL, Inc.) An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.
Scott Lewis: ( Agile development will emerge as THE way to reliably develop quality software.
Gordon Rees: Teamwork and better processes are always going to work better than the solo artist
Mark Woyna: (Argonne Technologies) People, process, and tools. With the right people, just enough process, and practically any tool, great software can be built. After nearly 20 years in the software development field, I've come to appreciate the power and simplicity of the agile principles and practices through first-hand experience. I strongly support the manifesto.
Gordon Schneemann: (Kaman Software Consulting)
Alexandre Magno Figueiredo.
unmesh joshi: I find agile manifesto as the first document listing principles that really work in practice and make software development an enjoyable collaborative activity.
Aaron Harris: (Intacct) This is our engineering culture.
Adam Wiggins: (Bitscribe) I and the rest of my company have practiced the agile approach for years. About time I got around to signing this!
Werner Keil: (Creative Arts & Technologies)
Giuseppe Alemanno: I experience day by day what the agile manifesto proposes, and I confirm that "it works". Personally, I use an "Extreme Programming" approach.
Tim Browne: (SyntaxWeb Limited) I have been following these principals for many years with great success - I am delighted to see so many sign to the manifesto and hope to see many many more.
Rob Foxx: I've been a huge fan of Aglie / eXtreme programming I am a college student and have been using eXtreme since I started programming Java. To me agile / eXtreme programming is not based off of want but need.
Jorn Mineur: (é-accent ict) Wholeheartedly supported and a daily source of inspiration.

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